SUB 대학교 기숙사 입사날 VLOG ㅣMy First Day in My College Dorm

Last Day Before Going to the Dorm how do you feel now that I'm leaving? little cousin: I don't know... please hug me I love you~ kiss! (my aunt who took care of me for a year) aunt: call frequently goodbye~ goodbye~ little cousin: call me~ little cousin: call me~ ok~ I always take this road when I go to Seoul for work but now that I'm leaving.. it kind of feels different goodbye Busan it's my first diary that I'm writing starting from May 1st finally I came to college you've done well *pat*pat* unpacking my stuff first is this clean slipper because the floor is very dirty also put on mask because of my allergies scalpel~ *grab* (dirty) now I'll try to video chat with my aunt Aunt: HEY~~ little cousin: I want to see~ Aunt: It's big~ Yeah~ it's okay and big Aunt: after staying there for a few days Aunt: oh my gosh~ Aunt: this place is crowded so it's better here I'm so tired.. next day my blanket has arrived haha wow it fits perfectly it's so cute~~ wow I think I can fit in here my stuffs from Busan has arrived I'm finished Lastly I'm going to open this huge package that I got from SANDBOX (Youtube agency) I was really curious and wanted to know what's inside but while moving the package I heard Cocoball sounds what's this? "Dojin's morning breakfast cereal" It's amazing~ my prediction was correct but I didn't expect it to be this big also there's another one WOW! It's that thing! you put these cereal in these containers and they'll come out wow.. it's crazy what's this? wow they also gave me this it's a first aid kit that has " I hope you don't get to use this Dojin" written on it Wow it's so cute what's this? ooh~ the history of K-pop book college freshman survival guidebook this will help me with my college lifestyle wow Wow~ There's also a training wear ㅠㅠ I can't believe it I love it so much~ I'll put these on and wear this and take some pictures "This is a sleeping kit that'll help you sleep well" it's yellow wow this is for Summer I think I'll be wearing this so much that the color will turn to mustard yellow I'll wear this till it has holes in it oh my gosh I'm about to cry "We support your bright future Dojin" next is~ "Dojin's I live well by myself" it's a cereal cup~ there's a picture of me as well and a sandbox logo on this side I think this is a cereal spoon what's this? it's a USB "Check the file in the USB" I'm shaking.. "It's already past but still 500,000 Hello Dojin I'm creator DDOTTY Congratulations on getting 500,000 subscribers continue to lead a good and healthy future as a creator I truly support you Dojin good luck. Bye~ wow... DDOTTY mentioned... mentioned me.. what's this? this looks like my sister "Dojin's forever soulmate" "Doyeong's message" hello Dojin it's your sister congratulations on 800,000 subscribers in my letter that I wrote to you during your birthday I wrote for you to 'become an excellent person that can't be compared to me' I think that's coming true so as a sister I'm very proud we came this far on this journey together let's continue to go forward and I hope you continue to move forward good luck, bye~ my clothe got all wet haha SANDBOX did too much this USB I'll cherish it forever I'm still tearing up first, thank you so much SANDBOX for taking care of me so much I don't know so much about our work and I might not be so good but you were always nice to me I'm preparing fun contents with SANDBOX so stay tuned for those I love you now I'm tiding up my clothes.. haha I like it how is it? it's good now I have to do my college assignment it's writing 50 things for my bucket list and also write at what age and how I'm going to achieve those before I graduate college I want to get my drivers license oh~ Class 1 drivers license take the test on a truck then I'll take Class 2! and for my Youtube subscriber I'll hit 1 million subscribers I'll open a mini concert on 2021 I'm always sleepy when I open a book washing my face the first time I came here my face was full of pimples but after getting use to this place I think it got better today I'll go to sleep with my mood light everyone goodnight~