(VICTON - Subin) (D.I.Y workshop) Hi guys I'm Subin from VICTON Today I received this D.I.Y kit I've never done this kit before Let's first see what I got (Which D.I.Y kit did Subin get?) I'll unwrap it Right now, it's very late It's (Working hard, working hard) I'm not sure if you can see it Let me show it to you It's (It's past midnight) 1:48AM It's Saturday The kit I'll be doing The components look very fun It's like you're going on a trip Here is a ticket Today's D.I.Y I'll be making a gel wax candle (Tada) (Source: Two tone gel candle D.I.Y kit product detail page) The components inside are nicely bubble wrapped I have a feeling this is a perfume Here is a perfume (1. Perfume) Should I say flowers for decorating? Here are flower petals (2. Flower petals) I'll have to boil this later Gel wax (3. Gel wax) Oh? There is a lot of this (Huh-) What could this be? I don't know what this is It feels something like a soap (What could this be?) It's brittle Oh could this also be... Is it called soy wax? (Correct) (4. Soy wax) Something like that I first need to read the instructions for that I'm not sure what it is Next, it's for decoration Candle bottle (5. Candle bottle) Here is a candle bottle This is also... (Focused, focused) (Boing, boing) It's fun (Hehehe) Also, a candle wick (6. Candle wick) So that's all So that's what I have (Candle components) Also, in the box, there are other things too This one (Huh-) I think this is a free gift Classy Art D.I.Y Chopstick Kit I think this one came with it for free I think you will have to curve out the wood, right? This too! I'll open it too Wow~ There's this It's like a cloth (1. Cloth) There's sandpaper in it (2. Sandpaper) (What's this?) Here's some unidentifiable liquid (3. Unidentifiable liquid)(Camellia oil) 2 sticks to be made into chopsticks (4. 2 wood sticks to be made into chopsticks) This must be the chopstick stand, right? So that's it (5. Chopstick stand wood) (Chopstick components) Today the main item is the candle Let me start making a candle Let me read the instruction First off, a container, hydrangea It's a hydrangea, right? I think it's a hydrangea So this is a soy wax Soy wax Gel wax Perfume Next, candle wick Things you need You need time What should I do for 42 minutes? (A lot of time) (????) Pot for boiling Sci... Scissors? (Huh-) I don't have scissors though Scissors (I need scissors) (I need them too!) (Scissors, bodkin) I think I will bring this home after I finish using it Also, a silicon ladle? (Eyes shaking) I don't have that either Wooden chopsticks Next A lighter Instead of a lighter, I brought a gas burner For the recipe First, boil the gel wax (Subin's D.I.Y workshop is now open!) I brought a pot It's a pot from the dorm (A pot from the dorm) I'll put the pot on the burner I'll put it on the burner I'll unwrap the gel wax You have to use fire for this D.I.Y kit So please be careful when you make it (※Always follow safety cautions!! ) (Let me show you!) There's gel wax in here (What about...water? ) What do I do next? Melt it first I'll turn on the heat to melt it (Fire, fire, fire, fire) Number 2 Put the hydrangea in an empty bottle and pour the melted gel wax in it Okay then, the hydrangea I think I need hydrangea and empty bottle Should I go back a little? (Subin is adjusting the camera) Oh... look It's all lumped together I think I need to tear some out to use it Sadly, some parts are wrinkled It's because it got shipped here I don't have scissors... So I'll use my hands to tear it (>>4x speed) I've never done anything D.I.Y before I've only heard about it a lot But I've never done it The heat must be too high (The heat is too high...? ) (The same as before...? ) It melted very fast Speed is important (>>8x speed) (How do you use this?) Wait... wait a moment (...) There's more in here than you think So I think I should use only this much If I put too much, it may look messy (I'll take some out) (Is it too little...? ) (The wax is boiling... ) (Great!) It looks good Next Pour the melted wax I think the wax is all melted now Look here (Boiled and not melted the wax!!!) You can't see it because of steam But it's all melted Let's turn the heat off for now Right now... This is how the bottle looks I'll carefully pour the wax in it (Pour it straight it...? ) This is the most dangerous part So please be careful, guys (5 4 3 2 1 ) (GO! ) (Scented candle is science) (You are now watching the world's first!) (You're watching a new scented candle being invented) Melt the gel wax in boiling water (Hydrangeas... Sorry... ) I have a bad feeling about this (Fried hydrangea...?) (Why is there a frying noise...?) (???) (Hmm...) (Argh...) I'm hoping this is how it's supposed to look? (Not paused) This is not how it looked in the video I watched I don't think this is how it went (Ouch, so hot!) Ouch, so hot, guys Be careful (Making fragrant candles is dangerous, guys!) I don't think this is how it's supposed to turn out (Fried hydrangea) So... I think I need to do something to fix it (>>8x speed) (Taking out the cooked hydrangea) I think I poured it in when it was too hot (Seup~~) I think it burned I think I should wait until it cools down (There's got to be a way to save this!) I'll wait for about 30 minutes to harden Fixate the candle wick using chopsticks Number 4 Melt the soy wax and put the perfume in the soy wax I'll unwrap the soy wax and put it in here (Melt!) Soy wax and perfume, you need to put them, right? Melt the soy wax in here and put the perfume in the soy wax is number 4 But number 5 Put the soy wax in the bottle Wait for about 2 hours and pour all the soy wax After 10 minutes, pour the perfume is what it says... (?? ??) When's the best time to put the perfume? Right? Since it's my first time doing this, I'm having trouble already As expected, there's nothing easy in life (Subin learned a life lesson by making this candle) But since there is no right answer to this The flowers look a bit like dry flowers So they don't look bad But still... I want to make it legitimate So I'll use what's left over and decorate it properly I may not have enough (>>8x speed) (Picking up all the hydrangea that remains) Subin isn't skilled Guys I'm sorry (Subin put a lot of care into it though!) (>>4x speed) This guy This guy (Subin is trying hard, guys!) (Trying) Okay (>>8x speed) I think I picked up almost everything It's still very hot Let me put this in Would it burn? Ah~ It's not burning (Huh...? ) It may be burning Let me stop putting them in (Checking the temperature) It's very hot (How long does he need to wait...?) Let me fixate the candle wick After that, I'll use what's left to fill in the empty spots I'll do that I'll use the wooden chopsticks to fixate the candle wick I'm not sure if it'll work (Fixating the candle wick... ) (>>8x speed) 267 00:13:14,405 --> 00:13:13,860 I thought about how I carelessly used all these... The tiny little things All of them are made with care by mast craftsmen (Subin's thoughts) That's what I've been thinking about For the candle wick, I should fixate it when the gel wax becomes a bit hard I'll put it in now (>>4x speed) I think it will get fixated (Fall off!) (It fell off!) (Now, the candle wick...) (Did it fall...?! ) (Seup~~~... ) (Like a pro) (You are watching) (Subin making a candle with a lot of care) (Hehehe...) (Let's flip! ) (>>4x speed) Life is seriously so harsh and hard (Let's just put it in... ) It seems this will never work I hope this guy hardens fast Not yet ALICE will feel so frustrated watching this (Please harden) (Forgot about the soy wax!) I'll use lowest heat to melt the soy wax and put half of the perfume (Science time is back) I put a little more than half (Checking the temperature again) This is very hard (Sigh~ ) (Trying very hard to harden it) I don't think it's the right time to melt the soy wax It won't harden Guys, save me Save me Please Harden now I'll see you guys after this gel wax hardens Oh dear Harden already It doesn't look good right now Gel wax did harden But the wick is not fixated So it keeps falling down Anyway, I'll put the soy sauce perfume and let it harden (Candle wick, please come out) (The candle wick won't cooperate...) (It worked...) After 10 minutes, pour the perfume 10 minutes 10 minutes from now It's 33 minutes past the hour So I'll put it in at 42 minutes past the hour What should I do until then? When I'm alone When I'm alone in the practice room, it gets lonely So I brought a special guest Let me show you who it is (Subin's special guest) It's my practice room friend It's Seungsik's Ryan lamp I brought it here (Let's wait... together...) So hard~ Making things by hand is hard Should I turn on music? (Anonymous Artists - Comfort Zone Art. BiNTAGE) (Stretching~ ) Is that how the color is supposed to look? I don't think so (Crying) Oh! Here are precautions If you don't have a silicon ladle, use metal chopsticks Frosting If soy wax candle or gel candle won't harden evenly, use a dryer to blow warm wind into it Shrinkage The wax may separate from the bottle so please cool it slowly Okay It's all my fault The chopsticks I just used Should I make them? Okay! How to make it A cutter knife found in homes... A cutter knife? (Not paused) A cutter knife... Do I have a cutter knife? Guys, let me go find it (Subin left to find a cutter knife) (Droop~! ) (Droop, droop~) (A nice and happy sound of having found a cutter knife) Thankfully, I found a cutter knife (Getting ready to make chopsticks) Since I have a cutter knife, while I wait for this to harden, let me try making this (※Be careful with the knife!) (>>4x speed) (Seup~) Good (>>8x speed) Has it been 10 minutes? Wow! It's been 10 minutes Let me put the perfume in (Turning off the music) (Focusing on curving out the chopsticks!) (>>2x speed) (Focused, focused) (You are watching Subin, a pro cutter knife user) (>>4x speed) (making D.I.Y chopsticks) (>>8x speed) (>>16x speed) (Almost a robot) (Hmm~ ) (Tada) This is that It's really nice Guys, let me tell you It makes me want to keep carving without thinking It relieves stress a bit as well (>>4x speed) It certainly is easier to curve along the texture of the wood It gets stuck if you go in the opposite direction (>>8x speed) (Is the shape okay?) (>>16x speed) (>>32x speed) (Done...? ) (Hmm... ) (Hehehe... ) (Seup... ) It's almost like a rod (>>8x speed) (Started curving out the other side of the chopsticks!) (Seup... ) (Hoo... ) I curved it too much (Bye-) Oh no (Feeling embarrassed) (Tap tap) (Hehehe... ha... ) What do I do? (Thinking of a way) (Let me first curve it... ) (>>8x speed) (Let me see... ) (???) (Subin is thinking of what to do since the lengths are different) (Cut it, cut it) (It's not easy to cut... ) (>>8x speed) (When will the candle thicken...?) (Shaking, shaking) (A bit more... ) (Destroyed it) (Got the lengths the same... ) (What's next?) (Smooth them out with sandpaper!) (>>8x speed) (You are watching) (Subin putting so much care into making this pair of chopsticks!) (This is good enough) (Camellia oil) (I should curve out a chopstick stand too~) (>>16x speed) When using sandpaper, if you have bad bronchial tubes, please put a mask on Wow... Let me show you, guys It was a bloody battle Hmm! Let's not show my feet So that's what happened As expected, I'm bad at making things with... my hand For things that require using your hands, I'm definitely not gifted in that area I have to work hard for it I have to study hard and practice and all I have to work many times harder than others You may have to work hard at one thing But if you think about it, you may be gifted at another thing, right? Anyway, so this is how my D.I.Y work is coming to an end I'll clean up and finish it off (Not yet) (Seup~ ) This Not yet (Candle wick, what's wrong with you?) It didn't melt though Argh It didn't harden I think I should leave this like this until tomorrow Okay, guys My Subin's D.I.Y Failed! (Hahahahaha) Anyway I tried to make something But my hands won't allow that to happen But still I worked hard (Memories passing by like pictures in a kaleidoscope...) I tried hard But next time I'll remember what happened today and try to do a better job My D.I.Y gel wax candle and chopstick carving The end~ Thank you for watching, guys Bye~ Also, for this, if you leave a comment, we will draw a lucky winner (Um... Umm... ) Would it be okay to give this? (Scratching, scratching) I'll give these to the lucky winner I hope there are a lot of participants Okay, bye for real now! Thank you~ Oh Still They look pathetic But I'll show you the finished work (Chopstick made with care) These are the chopsticks They are too short and too thin Next, right here... (Gel candle made with boiled wax!) Gel candle So they are the ones, guys Bye!