SUG 8 Compete at all costs


Chael Sonnen


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I'm a little nervous for this show because I'm playing Joe producer on this and a lot of that is me playing Joe producer knowing that on Sunday May 12th three days ago that's what I'm actually gonna get the experience to figure out did I put all the pieces in the right place and it's gonna be live and there's no redo so I'm a little nervous show goes fantastic oh I should add for you Friday night when I am in Chicago for Bellator at midnight I'm two hours ahead of West Coast time hour behind East Coast at midnight I get a text from Frank Mir he's out now Frank Mir was a feature match and promised an effort he's out day before weigh-ins I go crazy I mean I'm lighting everybody up on my phone everybody you could think of got an invitation from Andre galvo to Roy Nelson to rumble Johnson everybody's getting an invite I send one to Matt Mitrione and almost didn't send it because I knew that was a waste of time because his opponent is going to be a 10 time world jiu-jitsu champion who also happens to be my coach Fabiano churner Matt Mitrione bad son of a bitch he's not he's not Joe grappling to throw him in there on absolutely no notice he will have just enough time to get to the airport board a plane and make wait that's it that's it that's just not gonna happen I'm gonna tight spot so I'm sending out I'm sending out these messages Mitrione writes back says I'm in I even looked down at my phone I almost blew him off and went back to work okay I'm talking to Roy Nelson I you know King Mao and I'm really it always says really you're in he says yeah I'm in some of the ticket let's do it tell Fabiana I'll be there wait about 260 I'll be in time to hit the scale okay so Matt Mitrione steps in comes out and this turns into an even cooler store so not only does Mitrione get full credit mitch rail says in his pre-fight interview I do not believe you can win at all cost I believe in compete at all cost and yes I haven't been training and no I'm not fully even up to speed on EBI rules but if it's an opportunity compete I will move my life around to give myself that opportunity and build those memories and try to get better at the sport that I'm really trying to pursue which is a Bellator career at mixed martial arts okay great but that's a cool thing that not only sounded cool I've actually thought about that for four days ever since Mitrione Center that is a very great line I grew up on the win at all cost it's not true it's a tough-guy thing that your coaches say you become a coach you go say to the other guys it's just a tough-guy thing that you say compete at all cost is a much more intelligent and viable statement and I appreciate that Mitrione gave it so back up Mitrione big hero award here's what happens he weighs in but when he weighs in at the venue this is Saturday they're not gonna fight until Sunday he weighs in Saturday at a mixed martial arts show as part of the show they're bringing all the submission underground guys and they weigh him in it's marketing it's great it's fun but that's what it is then they're gonna go and take to the Unified Rules and do some cage fighting very first fight of the night and they open with the weigh-in so Mitch all the guys are there all the guys they take their seats you're Allen burger and Pat Healy and Gilbert Melendez and shields I mean the stars came out right they all Diego Sanchez they all take their seats they're gonna show these younger guys on this regional mixed martial arts show some respect and the guys are excited they're there so first fight of the night is one of Fabiano's churners guys Fabiano churners whoo Matt Mitrione just faced off against and is gonna compete with the following day at the exact same venue in that very case first fight of the night is one of Fabiano's guys versus a fighter who has no corner Matt Mitrione Cece has no corner doesn't know this guy from the man on the moon and jumps up and sits down so now not only a cool move by Matt Mitrione okay something this young fighter is never going to forget ever but now Mitrione on a makeshift decision is cornering against the guy he's getting ready to take on in a day story could be any better super cool move crowd loved it uh fast-forward to the next day it's time for submission underground and really all hell broke loose I mean it really did the way that the way that EBI rules go and I will tell you we're Submission underground a lot of people said why don't you have your own rules I get asked that a lot why would you take Eddie Bravo's rules if you're a competing organization first off we aren't competing with Eddie I mean in fairness we are not we both live on fight paths we both will support each other but I want to answer the question the question is why would you not have rules unique to your event that's a problem of the highest of levels for me and I feel like it's so simple and obvious and I almost get surprised when I'm asked the question any other sport guys where there's mixed martial arts we go to the unified rules you set that damn cage up wherever you want the rules are the same any court in the world that plays basketball you can walk into any junior high any local fitness club any park any college if they got a basketball court the rules are the same and the same goes for hockey and football and tennis and volleyball and pull in right on down the line grappling for reasons unknown to me every organization has to have their own rules how do you build a division how do you explain that to the audience how do you crown a champion if the rules are different every time a promoter gets a license and sets up an event you can't do it I'm not here to tell you what the best rules are I'm just here to tell you without question we need a unifying agreement that we all go under the same rules so we could build the visions have rankings and ultimately crown a champion I will see guys go to Abu Dhabi and win it I will see other guys go out of Abu Dhabi by the semi-finals they're got they're done they're in the stands okay - and through I will then see - guys the Abu Dhabi champion versus a guy within that bracket who got eliminated on day one meet up at another organization under different rules and you get it totally different result some guys are very happy with that they think that's fair game and that's the way it's been from the beginning of time I am Telling You Now if you want grappling to grow if you want to have rankings and divisions if you want ESPN and Sports Illustrated the big guys to pick it up they have to understand the rules of which they are never going to even take the time to do if there's ten different rule sets on a more basic level okay I have seen this grassroots right in the gym I trained at gracie baja it is primarily a jiu-jitsu gym this is what they get ready for Fabiano churner has to run class then he has to take the guys that are going to the Abu Dhabi trials and put them over here he has to take the guys that are going to Pan Am's and are IBJJF rules and put them over here he used to have to take the guys that we're gonna compete under metamoris rules then he's got to take the guys that are training for EBI it's a mess to the highest of levels and no other sport does it any other sport you walk into any room you get a pickup game a pick up gate I'll use basketball cuz it's it's so fair and everybody understands it in every play there's more basketball courts than anything else I know that's what courts out do wrestling rooms at least fifty to one every Park every class some guys have them in the back of their house they put a regulation-size hoop up with the guys come over they shoot the ball around but the rules are always saying you don't even discuss with okay here's the rules that we're gonna do everybody knows the rules if you're playing street ball you're playing court ball everybody knows the rules you could people had a goddamn game about pig people know the rules think that grappling really needs to take a lesson from that I think that Eddie Bravo and the EBI and the EBI rules do solve the problem because many grappling events will either turn into a point system or for a while there they would go to a draw you cannot advance a ranking system build a division and ultimately crown a champion if you have draw so Eddie solved that problem in addition he great tremendous respect he did things right and professionally so if you're going to turn to somebody's rules it would seem very appropriate that you would look at those and I will encourage other people to consider that and do the same because I am looking to build a stable but I am not scared to Co promote and I will put my champions against the champions of any other organization the only thing we have to agree to is the rules