SUG 8 Jake Shields vs Mr VanZant Jake Ellenberger vs Diego Sanchez


Chael Sonnen


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submission underground eight matter of days away May 12th right around the corner exclusively on UFC fight pass let's go over some of the the main featured matches listen right out of the gate Craig Jones who I believe to be a top three grappler alive I think it goes Gord Ryan I think it's got Craig Jones I think you put Vinnie and I think there's a few guys in that argument one of the top grapplers alive Craig Jones returning for his third time undefeated in submission underground competitions to take on former number one contender Abu Dhabi veteran submission ace black belt anything you can do in the sport Dennis Hallman has done they're going to be competing 5-minute match with EBT bi overtime rules now that's relevant to the story five minutes of anything goes and then they will go into the EBI format very compelling particularly when you look at the new style Oh Craig Jones there was many years where Dennis Hallman was ahead of the curve not only the best at what he did but he was ahead of the sport Craig Jones now represents that in many ways particularly with what he can do in guard what he can do in half guard his bottom game is absolutely incredible you're still talking about Dennis Hallman been there done that seen that Craig essentially has five minutes to tap him and if he doesn't do that he then goes into the rules into the overtime now you're talked about strategy now you're talking about a totally different deal not you not just about who's the best it's also about who's the smartest at that point very compelling match Dennis Hallman always willing to take on anybody Craig Jones thrilled at the opportunity to take on in what he said himself is a legend we've got a rematch of many ways Jake Ellenberger versus Diego Sanchez to remind you guys this match already happened but it happened in the UFC mixed martial arts rules it was pretty clear to the participants to the fans watching on if ellenberger can land that big power on his feet he can have some opportunity if this goes to the ground Diego is called the nightmare for a reason it never got to the ground Ellenberger did land those shots it never sat well with Diego Sanchez he thought he underperformed that night I'll tell you as a viewer I thought he underperformed that night that's a very real thing in sport but now we are coming into Diego's world okay Ellenberger had no prom except to the match he didn't care who the opponent was he wanted part of the car nothing personal had nothing to do with a personal grudge or even with bygones on Ellen burgers part for Diego's part Diego was supposed to be in the Middle East he was supposed to be overseas doing something a seminar and a parent something he canceled it he said absolutely not I will do whatever it takes to have that match I will fight Jake Ellenberger on May 12 any rules you want that's a quote Fabiano churner 10 time world champion Brazilian Jujitsu is going to be taking on Frank Mir to time-to-time UFC world heavyweight champion I believe Frank Mir fought for like four or five World Championships but he can't capture that crown on two separate occasions he's also the only fighter ever to finish Big Nog two different ways once with knockout but once with also submission very well known for his ground game that's where he started high school wrestler went on to become a black belt in jujitsu compete in jujitsu terms before he came into mixed martial arts this is a very compelling match when you look at the strategies of Fabiano shiner who's now a coach active competitor but now a coach he understands the strategies that's what coaches do they understand it not only for themselves but they then teach that to the masses right Frank Mir he is as mean as they come I put him in Josh Barnett in a different category of meanness they will get a lock and they will send you to the hospital and they will not apologize after they will tell you those are the rules we agree to the end very dangerous match and close to 600 pounds of athletes between the two of them gonna be competing for for the victory there then you got to go and look at the main event Austin Vander Ford is taking on Jake Shields now everybody seem to know who Jake Shields is and Austin's from right here in Portland and some people even said I heard this I heard this narrative out there I haven't the foggiest idea where it came from and said well Jake Shields is coming to town to take on a local guy a local guy in a condescending dismissive way first off for those of you that don't know Austin Vander Ford is married to Paige Vanzant Austin Vander Ford he is eight and OH in mixed martial arts with five of those wins coming by stoppage and five of those stoppages four of them came by way of submission for one for two he's never lost a grappling competition for three he happens to be a former national wrestling champion he's assigned a fighter right now signed a fleet under Bellator MMA he is on the rise he is soon to be into the toughest very compelling matchup on one hand you don't just have two great grapplers you don't just have Austin versus Shields in many ways you've got Bellator one of their up-and-coming top 70-pound 170 pounder is taking on pfl top ten 170 pounder in many ways you have a Bellator vs. pfl match main event you do not want to miss it may 12th submission underground exclusively on UFC fight pass