SUMOLEX Corporate Video Presentation 10min English

water a precious resource one of the greatest gift from Mother Nature every day starts with the water in our day-to-day activity such as bathroom teacher gotta industries and many more places but do you know how this water comes to you yes it is supplied through pipe and thus read the piping people come into picture Sumer things we the piping people tsumo coloplast Private Limited are engaged in clamping industry with commitment to best quality since 1992 we are based in logical and manufacture CPVC at you PVC pipes and fittings we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company we are constantly improving our quality with innovations and technology enhancements achieve highest level of consumer satisfaction our vision is to give our customers 100% plumping and SWR solution to become world-class manufacture and market leader in high performance plumbing solutions for both domestic and industrial use by achieving maximum customer satisfaction a satisfied customer is the best advertisement our mission is to achieve availability of our products in each and every state and district of India we have a sound understanding of the market developments and hence we are in a position to satisfactorily serve the market rebalance as per the market demands with the backing of state of art infrastructure we are able to execute our orders successfully to ensure the same we have a full-fledged line of machinery 4/5 operations we have developed a sound infrastructure unit that is spread over a huge area and fully equipped with advanced facilities well constructed our unit is segregated with various divisions including manufacturing quality testing and research warehousing and packaging we have a team of highly experienced and skilled workers who are specialists in their form it becomes the basic necessity for us to select such input raw materials that accomplish the swirlix standards for high quality and delivered finest outwardly swirlix has high tech individual compounding facility for each product we have dedicated by extrusion for each type of pipe which are back to the dedicated holding machineries for CPVC new PVC fittings and pawn valve apart from offering unmatched quality product we provide customization facility attain highest level of client satisfaction to molex is a professionally engaged in the manufacturing of C PVC and you PVC pipe and fittings for over a decade our product range he composes C PVC pipes and fittings you PVC pipe fittings and ball valves and SWR pipes and fittings we have 100% in-house manufacturing facility for all our products we are using high-grade imported raw material source from the leading vendors of the industry our products are appreciated for the supreme quality durability performance resistivity and easy installation being a client and colleague the centric organization we take an average step to manufacturer flawless products all products from Chamonix have been developed to establish a new standards in plumbing Suba ranks have a full-fledged welded QP research and development division gently improved innovation and to engineer in developments our RNG activities need us abreast with the changes in the industry enhance prepare us for the future challenges we constantly upgrade our processes and technology our products are nested in Huelva cube computerized laboratory to offer 100% quality that sumo legs we believe in providing the best quality of CPC corner we regularly test our finished product by testing its resistance to him depth and pressure is well as other ASTM or dentist in addition we regularly test by randomly select from the marketplace various testing method like I do Mori and Ivan Sun shaking wrapping rusting press shortage before he professed his religion test and other tests are cleared out regularly interval to pick quality very high subbu likes has developed found understanding of the market develop entity and is hence the position to satisfactory the market requirements that are Esper the market demand we are offering a wide range of C PVC pipe and fittings UVC pipes and fittings technical the Besser pipe and SW our pipes and fittings so we can proudly say there tsumo let's read the piping people we have full play the real experience team of marketing professionals to explore the market potential throughout India and expert world when our high quality standard have contributed in a big way in the success of the company it has brought to the companies that is where customer and help included such a strong bond of the trust that the company has been front-runner in the industry throughout Luminex is offering a wide array of complete laughing systems which are available in various sizes and type you see PVC coupler see PVC and IgD CBBC elbow 45 degree CPUC rusty CPVC unclear CPVC brass activity CPVC active CPUC and galley CBBC Julia CBC tank adapter CPVC reviews and table CPVC reducer bushing CPVC reducer feed the CPS evolved on CPCC heavy-duty solvent cement see PVC pipe suma like CPVC piping can be used for both hot and cold water application uPVC products are used for old water application you PVC coupler you penis and ninety degree in you piece elbow 45 degree you PVC t you PVC plastic new PVC and TL u pv c-- brass empty she appeared you please eat and can you be civilian you PVC tank adapter you can see the user cup not you PVC reducer bushing uPVC reducer t uPVC Poli Poli you PVC pipe so electronics are 100% eco-friendly exceptionally saved - and tremendously cost effective being a regular contact with sumo legs I can assure that shamanic serve trustworthy by regarding product quality sumo necks ensures consistent performance which therefore results into customer satisfaction the most important feature in a sumo lexer is its efficient deal no matter how good the quality of piping material is if installed incorrectly there will be problems understanding this fact sumo necks have piping specialists who are always available to offer any help that would assist for the perfect installations at Zoology we are regularly provided with high quality training and workshops from the experts a significant property of someone at a PVC pipe is that there is no leakage due to which RCC structure does not get damaged through any kind of moisture they are having very good characteristic of heat resistance so that they can easily carry hot water and even maintain the temperature Samanas power is all the quality consistently then why are we can say that someone s 355 are ideal for any plumbing system I have seen some elections long time and I have never noticed them compromising with their quality but along with consistent quality they rate their product with efficient pricing and thus the combination of quality with pricing makes selects a perfect plan for molex is a trustworthy brand as I had never faced any problem regarding leakage nor any complain I am using sumo Lakes products since longhand they are very easy to install come on exterior pipe have very long length of more than 50 years and are durable smooth and extremely high resistance come on HDTV files are hygienic to carry drinking water and have excellent resistance to corrosion chemical and aggression and he'll excellent performance pink door condition yes why I can stand dead stimulus is a better simulates are constantly striving shock we achieve excellence that forms the basis of our organizations success stood thus we can proudly say similar we the piping people