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[Music] what's up you guys and welcome to team edge this is kobe i'm brian this is bobby and this is jay freddy today we're doing the giant punishment pong talent so if you guys have ever seen cut pong water pong we did this one like a year ago maybe but we made the cups even bigger and the punishment's even better i hope they're about 15 gallons bigger per can what does that mean 15 gallons let's say it's bigger so there's punishments in each one of these red solo cups and every time your opponent makes it you have to do one of the punishments let's get started with teams teams what are the teams what are the teams teams people versus for sure i want kevin on my team i have to say we played college basketball they didn't they got the height advantage well yeah because they're literally like that toss it just like drop it in there they're just like why is there a leaf blower oh i don't know we got the praying mantises you're the the giraffe and the prime answer yeah there you go dang it that ball a little too heavy for you we got the praying mantises well you like it like that yeah i like it like one level wait do you want to go first or i go first i'll go first whoa you blocked it far away throw oh you're not from there i'll tell you yeah oh yeah of course you take the easy one i'm not looking forward to what else is in these things so i gotta throw this this rubberized ping-pong ball over yonder here we go you ready all right you stink a there it is so close dang it you guys suck natasha we got to eat a spicy food yeah we or me you why me you picked it up dude i can't do it not after the last challenge for our next one slow down oh i'm feeling good i'm i'm wrecked man if i do the spicy one if there's anything gross you're doing that one oh yeah i can't do anything you can't make me just do all the spicy and the gross stuff okay i'll just give me the spicy stuff whatever i don't care one ah gosh he's so touchy all right so we got a ghost pepper i just inhaled the fumes and fumes whoa all right brian do it you got this oh you got to clean the bone boy oh you can see it's steamy oh what he's trying not to think about it hey dude take it you got this i'm observing my name no makeup oh brian doesn't like it when he gets slapped whoa oh now he's struggling with the hot sauce here we go oh no bobby oh yeah i should have teamed up with like a basket those are two basketball players right there no oh come on they don't have to be the same cup can we get a re-wreck can we get red rag please brian's struggling now bobby we got to get we haven't gotten anything please bringing out the whitney today baby let's go whitney whitney face what are you doing get your face out of here that's right baby that's the power away knee right there 20 pound medicine ball i'll do that one are you man we are killing you guys i'm pulling out some grandpa oh oh so close how many throws do i have to do with that [Music] oh dude hey i was passing it to you dang bobby it's right we still got a chance let me point my face the other way i wasn't even trying oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire punishment what's lid two turns that's good for us though no it's not no how is that good we put a lid on ours no we put a lid on that's a punishment bro like this ah i'm gonna smash that lid go for brush smash through the lid oh oh i knocked him over no that's a strike that counts that's a strike knockover's count this is not bowling bro what are you doing hey we're gonna go for the spare now knockovers count in regular sunday school water palm you have to pull the cup yeah and the punishment through these three yeah these three all three fell over the reef fell over wow i think so three fell over just like that we're back in the game these are ankle weights that we have to put on our wrists and ankles no just ankle or wrists this is the only way they're gonna win are you ready for something i'm so weighed down got a post-it note that reads lid two turns damn oh yeah yeah two turns and it's got a ah spicy food yeah okay i do have to say that kevin and i are complete wusses when it comes to spicy food oh no oh i'm literally gonna die how about we do some rock paper scissors we've decided we're gonna rock paper scissors to see who has to take the whole punishment best out of one yes yeah rock paper scissors scissors shoot all right rock paper scissors shoot [Applause] guys i'm gonna eat this and immediately poof hey no don't do that hey can you get some more hot sauce okay let's go let's go let's go no bro i have way more than that on mine it's shaking it's stunning oh yeah and that last bite right there oh yeah just take that and you're good that's good all right that's good oh he's going to eat the chicken eat the chicken get some it might help my dog right there okay all right well i'm good to go all right put your face on [Music] fire these little muscles don't work your hands are a little bit closer into the left i would have made it in all right it's getting spicy now oh i was expecting the medicine ball what a little i'm gonna bring out my inner richie builds [Applause] did i almost [Music] bounced out how stupid is that it doesn't count yeah no it doesn't count we're better than you yes what is that one that's you you gotta do it we got a rock paper scissors no we don't everything we have what is they've been sitting in here for three days smell that smell it's been sitting in here for three days oh that's some tuna in there oh dude [Music] the first time every tune i threw up oh that's nasty that smells bad they're beating us all you guys need to start telling me [Music] what do you mean you can't do it i'm literally going to blow up dude i can't do it even you can't do it bobby hey bobby's got to do it no i can't you there is anchovies there is mackerel and there is a pig that was thrown into a blender and basically it's in there [Music] chug yes all right back to our sides oh it wasn't on camera since they technically just won the game we have one chance to rebuttal oh come on joey oh this is it [Music] yes so you guys have to do all the remaining punishments okay give me the flat hands so they have to do the remaining punishments this one was just a far away throw means nothing means nothing this punishment was yeah you can watch us do it if you want no now you guys have to get slapped by this one oh yeah i'll go look okay oh joey's final punishment we're going to load this thing up with powdered sugar oh that hyperglycemia is going to go crazy i'm going to take my mic off oh so they're putting sugar always coming out the base see student man shake it bro these good degrees man [Laughter] oh oh yeah wait i can't tell you guys go watch this video right here that youtube recommends just for you johnny and go watch the video right here this is our vlog channel don't miss it it's the best stuff on youtube and it's true go to our merch store right here we got some dope stuff on there peace bye peace