hey Miranda today I'm wearing my french fry shirt again to remind myself to stay on the healthy track Cantus french fries is my favorite vegetable so this shouldn't reminds me keeping me vegetables today I decided I need to stop inviting people over to my party because I just realized I don't have any party favor I don't want to just give out a little goodie bag with some erasers and pencils and fidgets pans I want to give out something amazing in since I'm trying to prove with my huge mirzee party that I'm the biggest celebrity in the wall I started thinking about what celebrities would give out at their party what does every celebrity have that I don't perfume every single celebrity has their very own perfume ariana grande Beyonce Jennifer Lopez Mary Gaines I actually old plain Rosie O'Donnell probably why don't I have a frickin perfume so I took it upon myself to make my very own perfume that I can give outta my big huge New Year's Eve party back to almost Lebanese why do I get to do science so what am i ever Fantas gave me this little ditty duty all right so we have Rooney fragrance I hate fruit so get out here green Frank Rijn literally it just says green so I don't know what smelling equals green perhaps gratis perhaps blows out so since I love YouTube and I am a youtuber I feel like I should use some of the green whoa that smells like played out yes playing soon squirt it on in here musk fragrance I love them us I always say that my uncle smells musky so this one might have to go in cuz Musk reminds me of my uncle that smells like under on the bed yes Daddy give me some Moss cakes we have so troves I'm not quite sure what that means it sounds French and fancy and expensive Wow I hate flowers but if they smell like dead flowers I am in that smells like a Barbie yes please let's see how we're smelling so far that's what these things are for hello it smells musty now schools Ali smells like YouTube in plastic I'm all the hips we have a good you to be plastic smell in here but we're talking about a Miranda perfume so I need to make this one step better than YouTube my plastic what's something I love listening we gotta get some lipstick up in this man majima this check it out there's a chunk elastic inside goals alright what else do I love meat looky looky I have cheese burger flavored chimps that's the most needy thing you can find these things with all the vegans out there so I'm just gonna take this throw my trusty sergeant along now we've got meat to endless stick inside of my perfume what's the last thing I want hairs so I'm gonna take some I know chunk of hair right here look and that looks like a mini lava lamp this is gonna be the new thing that's gonna rock the nation I've been wanting to make a perfume three years because every single famous youtuber in the universe has a famous perfume it's gonna be on sale right now we only have one available one last thing the packaging this looks great there are Dingling hairs from the perfume also this is beautiful I want cute packaging so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put my perfume inside of myself no I'm just gonna shove it inside then I'm gonna cut a hole through my mouth so now I just have to poke a hole mm-hmm and um you just like that this is revolutionary so like I said in the video um I only have one right now but hopefully I'll have time to make more before the party and then Italy after that I have more time to make more to sell to you guys but in the meantime while you're waiting you can buy some of my other munch you know Christmas or for your friends thanks for watching make sure leave a comment tell me which other youtubers and celebrities I should invite to my New Year's Eve party so far I've invited them lots of huge sly Bernie's you should check out those videos if you haven't already thanks for watching henkaa bye [Music]