oh my goodness oh my gosh I'm so excited hey guys it's me Miranda and this is gonna be the best video I ever done I'm so excited this is dumpling my most favoritest video I ever did in my whole life I just came by and I'm doing this Cassandra compiled I am though I have this super fan that I put in my videos before and he's brilliantly but he gets me one subpoena last time I did a video with him we've got over a million views and dip really really good like so even though he's annoying I love to do charity work so I'm gonna invite him over again today and I'm gonna do something big something special something amazing and I thought to myself what does every four-year-old need in their life a brand new car the aints family bought one of their subscribers a car phousi bought one two subscribers a car shane dawson bought his hand or a car Jay Paul bought a Fanta car so it's my turn because I'm the queen of YouTube so how have I not done this and so I invited this little boy over to my house he's my number one fan and I'm gonna surprise him with a brand-new sparkling incredible car let's see one things I'm so excited I love charity wah [Music] oh hey how are you come on in come on in I'm still signing in here honey are you just gonna sit on the floor and make yourself at home all the time hi Parker how are you so you're my number one fan you watch all my videos what's your favorite one oh that's a good answer so Barker uh um I invited you over today because I want to do some charity work and I know that you know you're a nobody so I want to help you out I was thinking I could give you a present so are you cited yeah are you only my friend because of the views no I didn't even tell him to say that and am I paying you to be here yes no no no I'm I'm not being him yes you are no don't tell them I'm not being you good that was good he just wants to be here has he such a big fans yeah do you want to look around the room and try to guess what your surprising yeah oh do you have anything you want to say about me since I'm so nice no you have anything you want to say to my fandom you thank you which picture this one yeah that's funny about there my mouth is totally normal I don't know what you're talking about what do you mean oh thank you without compliment no ok so Parker I'm about to do it I'm about to give the surprise so if you could have anything in the whole world what would it be nice to Jack that children your life scream and high heels okay well but you mostly won a car right [Music] thank you you're welcome think I didn't scream I thought you're gonna cry me baby cry it'll make me look good you cry because if you crying it looks like I'm a really good person so just turn like the carrots and then cry it's crying so hard it's okay and just such a good Samaritan - gee [Music] all right what do you think you want kids yeah is it so great alright well times up it's actually to get out go home no you don't know this is mine I'm keeping this I'm just minding you driving it for a minute I'm not gonna give this to my fam you would join me didn't know I have to clean it [Music] [Music] thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe to New Year clothes videos all the time I'm on tour so we tickets and pre-order my book my diary and subscribe to him too you know you don't get the key berry no I said I was surprising you with a call I didn't think you get to keep the car it's my car I bought it for me there's a dog pill you can have mad [Music] that's really ungrateful I'm giving you something okay bye guys [Music]