welcome everybody it's me Miranda today I have a really special video for you it's time to reinvent my channel do something brand new the best way to do something new and original copy someone else Shane Dawson switch places with Trisha Paytas the porn goal I also seen people doing oh well my grandma's clothes for a week only one Walmart for a week so I'm gonna combine the two ideas and do the best video ever I'm gonna switch lines with a baby for a week I found a baby who live some really easy lines people feed him he gets to go potty in his Pam he doesn't have to work he gets carry and everywhere he goes and the best part he doesn't have to talk to anybody so I'm gonna switch lines with him cuz it sounds like pretty much the best life in the world I'm gonna look like him I'm gonna talk like him I'm gonna live his life being his clothes be with his family and he is gonna live like me a queen he has to go on tour he has to write books he has to make videos the whole shebang but if he makes any money I'm keeping it all cuz he's baby he doesn't deserve it so I'm back to head over to my new family's house let's get started welcome to your new son honey he has anymore I'll just take this she's a huge youtuber so when she said that she wanted to collab so excited but then I didn't realize that she wanted to take my baby this house isn't only big enough and there are week too many siblings but it will have to do Gandhi or the beans I'm not sure first of all she's really really not scary I can see you I know you're behind the pillow is not how to play people knock alright and I just did a huge puppy who wants to take care of it no way what did you rat me no I'm not doing I had to change it it's very hot my favorite onesie I don't get what the big deal is it's just a boo-boo feed me I'm starving okay here comes the choo-choo train open the tunnel choo-choo 20 charade plans that tastes nothing like a choo-choo train if you feed me something nasty and will end up on your face call mom at least he was getting fed she you know my food she got food in places I didn't know existed okay Ramiz story please I've always wanted a sister would you rather be a bullfrog no Lauren be a butterfly neither I want to be myself we need the book rights and tell me would you rather be a hammer or a knee I don't like tools broad-base stop deuces a doctor like this the end no no no no no wait how long do we have to do this I need your help I need about but she did teach me on its dad keep patting my back [Music] Oh got it out finally burps right bunny only something I've been looking forward to naptime but I gotta get rid of these birds Oh Jacob I have a buggy can you get it please didn't really help to clean up her girls me this is the biggest honking boomerang or even hand I clean next it's not gonna do the trick got it alright I've been acting like a baby for like 15 minutes at this point and I miss Austin so I want to check on the baby and see how he's doing let's go have you made any videos have you gone on tour have you been talking to my fans have you written a book or giving me the cold shoulder is that how it's gonna be don't smile at me don't give me that sassy smoke I've been pooping in my pants I've been eating your nasty clothes I've been dealing with your siblings you haven't done anything yet you're not doing you're in the bar mean I'm not doing my old a silent treatment real mature baby no I don't want it back don't try to give it to me I don't want that I'm not watch you have to dealt with this my roots well that was pretty much a miserable experience so make sure to subscribe to the Ballinger family and tell them to get a new baby also subscribe to me make sure you preorder my book my diary and check me out on to move on to write to you guys next time [Music]