hey guys it's me Marines and so a couple of weeks ago I switch lines with a baby and it was normal but for some reason you guys really liked it and you asked me to do it again so I'm doing it again but not with a baby because I hate babies this time I'm doing it with a cans I'm switching lights with a camp ring at first I wanted to try switching rise with a dead cat cuz that's my favorite kind but I couldn't find any so I'm gonna have to deal with the living one today I hope that's all right with you guys that means everything the cat does I have to do for a whole freaking day I have to do some litter box I have to eat his food I have to sit in boxes I have to be scared of cucumbers I have to chase random things that don't is in have to not let anybody touch me and if they do I have to hunt them viciously that'll be easy and do that anyway this is going to be a Saltine however it is a two-way street the cat has to do everything that I would do that's to make videos and that's one of my clones it has to go on too long the whole nine yards its nine yards I won't that's not alone 109 yards we're not hanging on why not 100 yards on the Frank came up with that phrase it means no frickin Saints alright let's get started you want oh this is the cat I'm switching plates it's wait stop yelling at me T she's very abuse and there's another cat too who might join in the fun by spree grumpy scratches along anyways oh yeah so let's get sore knee first things first this cat is always freaking pooping and peeing in a freaking box and very jealous of this I always wanted to poop and pee in a box but instead of the poop and pee no freakin toilet slashed sometimes add eyeball let's get started you did cut a hole in my onesie so that I hold on keep the freak out you're supposed to be beating me right now run supposed to be in here you want me pee on your freaking face you don't can't then I always see them scratching the walls another thing that pussy can't do is they leave their hair freakin everywhere now this one actually sounds really fun to me because I love hairs I love pulling out hairs and the plane with hairs so I'm a sign of to leave my hair is all over the house for my mom to find is it gonna be really fun can't love boxing this box is deep into my closet and this freaking can't go in [Music] cats are always scared of cucumbers this goes viral on the internet all the time so as you can see this cat when he realizes a cucumber is terrified so I need to do this now next up can't food so I'm starving so I'm really excited about lunchtime right now to a 9 1 e phone so it sounds like we're having Mexican for lunch right I'm very excited you cannot have any of this Thanks hold on don't can't hearing it Wow cats are lucky they're just gonna eat cans of meat this is really good hiding like the man the next thing cats do that's really dumb that I'm gonna have to do today is play with our stupid toys they do this for hours and they think they see things they think it's important I'm actually really excited about this one because I love to play with toys especially little furry balls so this one's gonna be really really fun for me I'm very excited [Music] [Music] next things next I'm always playing on the carpeted stripper pole behind me sitting in a pan and sleeping it scratch on me you know most times planes [Music] you doing in here you're supposed to be me right now go tweet something alright so now that I'm a K they can't meet someone like me so first we have the button-up stripe shocked like so it doesn't fit on her arms cuz she's too faint we have some red pants going in there stop she's walking away she won't keep it on its being a blank - freaking wearing the outfit she just wants to freaking sleep down okay fine they don't have to dress like me but they still have to do everything that I do here's my tinder accounts and so the cat needs to write something so that's all you wrote there no it's tweeted so you wouldn't jump right to me okay can't you ready for me because now it's time for you to make a youtube video okay I need to upload something today so please go make a youtube video thank you all right there you go I switch lines with a cat and it was horrible so I never make me do anything like that again leave a comment and tell me who lived the life better me or the cat I think I did a better job because kind of stupid and really annoying also don't forget I'm on tour Miranda sings don't come for tickets and pre-order my book my diary comes out this summer it's all my Diaries nothing together you won't want to miss this book it'll run along and I love following my fans who buy my books so anyways goodbye [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]