Safe and Affordable Neighborhoods to MOVE to in LA


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hey what's up guys welcome back to my channel and if you're new to my channel definitely subscribe I make contents and a weekly basis that you guys are going to love so we're at that time of the year where a lot of people are moving to Los Angeles it's winter it's cold in a lot of cities it's snowing but LA it's pretty sunny like today it's sunny outside and it's a little chilly but it's not as cold as it is in the East Coast so what I want to discuss in this video are some of the safest and most affordable neighborhoods to move to in Los Angeles alright so the first neighborhood I will suggest as far as safety is Glendale Glendale is a very beautiful neighborhood it's extremely clean peaceful almost kind of like family oriented there's tons of things to do in the area some restaurants there's a really nice mall in Glendale as well their downside about living in Glendale is that it's a bit far it's not really central it's not far in terms of the distance but in terms of traffic and get into the City of LA get in downtown get into the valley you get it to West Hollywood there's a lot of traffic just to get through that's another neighborhood I'll suggest is Burbank Burbank it's a great neighborhood a lot of history this is where you have a lot of the movie studios and television studios as well a lot of the homes were designed to house production crew who work in the studios nearby so you're gonna find a lot of affordable properties in Burbank not to mention Burbank is also a great neighborhood for students as well and it also kind of has like a community feel so there are a lot of like organic grocery stores some local gyms and local restaurants there are things that you can do in Burbank without leave in the area another neighborhood I would suggest looking into is Baldwin Hills Baldwin Hills is a historical and predominantly black community it has a lot of like Greek culture there are things to do in Baldwin Hills it has beautiful spots for hiking the apartments in Baldwin Hills are more modern and they're spacious as well so that's one of the plus size about Baldwin Hills next on my list is Venice Venice is a great neighborhood especially for artists it's a very artsy kind of be feel it's right by the beach so that's also that's also a plus especially during the summertime the downside about living in Venice is that there's a lot of crowd because again it's by the beach it's a popular tourist destination people go there a lot there are a lot of homeless people as well so that's another thing that's on the downside however it's a very safe neighborhood very beautiful neighborhood great restaurants and of course your by the beach how can you not win when you're next to the beach another neighborhood to consider is Echo Park now the positive thing about Echo Park is that it's very central to LA you can get to a lot of different neighborhoods just from Echo Park within 30 minutes Echo Park is a very community friendly neighborhood they have a lot of farmers markets and flea markets and things that you can do around the area lots of mom-and-pop shops small diners and things like that very beautiful and of course the rent is pretty affordable as well another neighborhood to consider is Los Feliz so Los Feliz is adjacent to Echo Park similar to Echo Park Los Feliz is also a community friendly neighborhood there's some nightlife activities some cool bars it's a very hipster kind of neighborhood so if you're a hipster you're someone who doesn't mind being around hipsters this might be a great neighborhood for you it's walkable tons of restaurants and it's close to downtown LA not to mention its kind of central as well so you can easily get to one point to another now another neighborhood to consider is Koreatown Koreatown is very close to downtown LA again it's central to Los Angeles so you can get to a lot of different places it within a short period of time they're very affordable properties in Koreatown you can actually find some creative loft spaces as well they're not that many but there are quite a few gems in Koreatown a lot of the apartments tend to be spacious but if you're more if your budget is more constraint you can actually find something smaller and super affordable the plus side about Koreatown is that the pricing is one of the best in LA and you're close to almost everything and there are tons of restaurants bars and things that you can do in Koreatown the negative about Koreatown is that there's absolutely no parking and parking is a nightmare if you live in Koreatown so if you're moving to LA with a car and parking is a concern for you definitely do not consider Koreatown because you're gonna hate yourself traffic in Koreatown could be a little bit messy again because it's central like I said so you're getting a lot of traffic from West Hollywood some traffic from downtown and these traffic kind of intersects in Koreatown next on my list is downtown LA Arts District now the Arts District is different from the other parts of downtown which could be somewhat sketchy but the Arts District is very cool it has that New York City feel tall buildings loft spaces creative people there's some art galleries and things like that bars cool bars really nice museums and things that you can do around the area so downtown LA definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA especially just to hang out the rent is somewhat affordable the cool thing about Downtown LA's that you can find some creative loft spaces and kind of use that as a live-work space okay so next on my list is North Hollywood Arts District again the Arts District is completely different from North Hollywood north some parts of North Hollywood could be pretty sketchy and North Hollywood is quite big so if you're considering North Hollywood you definitely want to look into the Arts District it's young it's hip is fresh there are a lot of young artists actors musicians dancers things like that a lot of people move to North Hollywood because of the affordability if you are in the entertainment industry if you're a dancer if you're a model actor or whatever North Hollywood is a great place because there are a lot of studios acting classes a lot of castings takes place in North Hollywood as well so you can live there and not have to move around so much because everything is around you and last on my list is Studio City also one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA Studio City is great because it's affordable the traffic is not that bad and you're very close to West Hollywood so you're super close to West Hollywood but without the traffic's to your cities more more relaxed it's family friendly there are also some young people some young artists here as well the cool thing about Studio City is that you have restaurant role on Ventura so there are a lot of restaurants that you can go to a lot of things that you can do within Studio City without having to leave the area it's a very community friendly neighborhood the only disadvantage about Studio cities there are a lot of the apartments are actually kind of older and if you want something more modern and newer you're gonna have to pay a premium price for that but regardless I think Studio City is a very great neighborhood for you to consider alright guys so that's it for this video if you guys enjoyed this video hit me with a thumbs up if you're moving to LA pretty soon and have some more questions or need recommendations on things to do some restaurants to check out definitely drop a comment as well and I'll definitely respond to you guys I'll see you guys in my next one