Saint Asonia Interview with Adam Gontier and Corey Lowery on Debut Album NN006

hey what's up I'm Adam Cory we are SATA Sonia and you're watching pure great audio well really the at the word a Sonia we were throwing around kicking around the studio for a long time act kind of means to be tone-deaf basically so we kind of know that was somewhat funny and ironic for a band name I yeah so that board was around for a long time and then I think it was just one of those things we were sitting around the table churning it's probably one of the hardest things about being in a new band is coming up with the name yeah so somebody just said saying so me I think to give it like that maybe a little positive vibe or whatever and it sounded good so you know hold on said I have the roll off the tongue good yeah yeah I mean it wasn't it wasn't even really an idea like I mean we mike reached out to me a long time ago and just just to do some right effort together we have no intention of really really making a band or a record even you know for that matter we just want to get together do some writing we're both you know just do their own thing so the writing process is went really well we just you know we gelled we much pretty you know pretty good and we ended up writing more songs than we thought we were going to I still had my deal with RCA so we you know we just had to make it 3 sonic demo so we recorded three of the songs that we wrote and yeah here we are you know we just ended up making a very organic you know maybe they were getting a full record when I first left three days grace which was rich had always so I've always known I've known for a long time just be in Finger Eleven you know come Canadian bands or whatever so he's always been around and and when I left three days he was always a part of what I was doing whether it was like an acoustic thing or whatever I was just hanging out with him doing stuff so yeah which you know was part of it for a while and we've all known Cory forever and stuff so I mean it was just it was a again it was just a natural thing where you know when you really think about it we just reached out to Corian every everybody knew each other from touring together for the years and stuff and I mean there's the big thing everybody such a big fan I've called Mike you know a few years before that I said hey man what are you doing at that time he was jamming doing the least a thing a thing and so yeah when it gave me the cause like of course I still want to play it and he kind of told me the whole scenario that it had have been been jamming some songs and it was like this guy's voice is you know one of the most unique in music so it was awesome you know come from Oakland I got my whole family singers I'm like this guy's got such a unique thing I still I set them in a band with him I still don't understand it's got like levels to his voices it sounds like one note but there's four notes happening at the same time I'm like what are you doing how you do that this is a little negative I got the employs this is definitely a different energy you know like I got different spirits on stage you know like that whole I mean he he's a giant coming your way yeah like 100 miles an hour and I remember first job was a rock on the range and ya remember we were looking at the video of it and there's this one point where both of us decide to just immediately run the other way we're like maybe they're kind of that but it seemed like riches to Mick maniac on drums I mean he's just our Lupe's a whilebut character animal you know and uh mousakas always like you know just bringing it in shredding it so you know the Energy's it's fun you know the first few shows I think we spend most of time looking at each other try that oh yeah there's the crowd you know look at that movie yeah definitely not a one-time thing my Spade again it's fanciness Tony's around for a while that for sure yeah I mean a lot yeah there's a definitely a lot of people mention you know it's a super group and normally that's gonna stigma attached it would be one record see you later buddy no this this record fair this band is here to stay for sure yeah yeah we've already got a lot of music you know that we've written that's kicking around possibly for the next five years so keeper D natural man who's you know it and they be working with Johnny K or whatever in the studio it just that he gave it you know his little tops or whatever and for Mike and I was just Mike just laid down what he does you know what do you depend I did the same name again it was pretty organically the whole know everything about this band has been very sort of raw and real and organic so we didn't overthink the sound or we didn't overthink anything you know pre-production all that stuff we have went either way to go for having some luck I mean I like that some of those lighter songs are the heaviest songs lyrical content it's a wide variety of songs are up tempo low tempo you know it's a variety so it's not a linear record at all and that's what's cool about the live she also just be great to me you know more than gonna ask for that like big crowds are awesome people are already you already know the songs are already singing the lyrics back and it's a great feeling so yeah it's just been response been really good the record turned out really well you know something that were really proud of so this mic I mean Mike Mike was with music and Adam with lyrics on this this record I mean they did such a great job yeah Mike would say to me some of the stuff they were doing in the beginning I was just blown away and you know these guys had a lot to express over the last couple years start building that where's my news story and life gonna be and I think Adam and Mike did a great job as far as reaching deep and really expressing themselves truly and not trying to let me write for this or that it was just really writing from the heart you know like I said make it a natural fit yeah for sure that changes nightly does cuz that you think because I think you get a group of people over here that are singing bluntly wide open and it gets you like it deeper into it and the other night like a dying slowly I mean these kids were like whoa I never so if you know you're like makes you feel like it's an anthem so that particular night it would be that song seems like every night I think let me live my life gets that's but let the Vienna absolutely at last night there yeah watching everybody just did entire crowd bounce and stuff and not though was a wasted time wasted time the lighter thing whether it's a big place to or small place the lighters and with this tour played some pretty small places it was so bright in the club felt like the club like Toronto like that's awesome I think let me live my life for me it's just it's just one of those ones that has I get you know as I kind of stomped it's not going on it's easy to sort of bounce to and stuff so it's got a good groove - yeah yeah and now you pull the knife of the back page yeah we've got this Jerry evidence the thing I think they see us have fun on stage and uh and we got so many inside jokes going on and stuff now not and they react the crowd reacts to that and it crowds the quickest to say that's fake or it's real and you know if the band's having fun they have them you know like looking at the sessions like is a very organic record it's a very drum bass vocal guitar that type of record there's a lot of loop stuff and it's going on in a lot of different even electronic dubstep stuff is being brought into the Rock and Roll world this was very organic and and and even some of the sound effects that are in the background it's Mike doing some weird kind of thinking it sounds like loops and stuff so I was proud of that it was like that's a killer too you know it's easy to put in a certain program of thing as far as the technologies are out which is awesome there's nothing wrong with that but it was really cool to look at everything all the WAV files and say well I was done my hands and you have a string or a noise that wasn't I could coolest technology things yeah was we have one song of it people would think that it's my clarinet solo it's actually Adam with a distorted mic and it goes into a harmony kind of thing with himself and it's an incredible and good luck I can see a lot of bands starting to use that yeah I was kind of following that idea from Martin sexing it is one of my favorite too and he's that guitar solos with his voice and steps alone but yeah I mean and as for the the writing process it was a little bit of both you know we'd like Mike extend stop to me I come up with an idea send it back to him but I think we got together maybe in total like three times before we went into the studio so yeah so we I mean we used you know we definitely used our own gear at home send ideas back and forth and stuff but yeah I mean if there was one I again I'd probably say waste my time because I think it's uh it's it's kind of a straightforward love song almost and it's just lyrically it's just yeah it it's pretty simple I mean but but it's for us I think for all of us it's a different it's a different type of song you know it's very just it has a really really cool sort of hokey weird rock ballad yeah what's he strange that's what we we were gotten to been together talking about all the old school since singer-songwriter bears that we liked you know the taxis half of taxi sitting on our bus every day certainly yeah Harry Chapin oh yeah so yeah I think waste my time would be the one you know it's a it's straightforward it's simple but it sighs yeah big less is more a lot of times you