SameSex Penguin Couple Incubate Egg Hoping to Become Dads

these penguins are proud expecting parents and they're making history at the Berlin Zoo skipper and pin are the first pair of male king penguins to incubate an egg the staff at the zoo says they've been a couple for some time and they've been showing their parental instincts for a while now together they've tried to hatch stones and even a fish after a female king penguin abandoned her egg zookeepers thought skipper and pain might want to adopt it once keepers put the abandoned egg in front of them they jumped right into father mode and knew immediately what to do in the wild king penguin couples share incubation responsibilities and that's exactly what skipper and ting have been doing the zoo staff says if the egg is fertilized and they continue to care for it as they have been they can expect it to hatch in September fulfilling their dreams of becoming dads and raising a family together for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Vera Montalbano [Music]