Samsung Galaxy M31 Review in English and Unboxing Pros Cons




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[Music] and of holds this sayonara from when spiralized comment today we are going to talk about the samsung galaxy m31 so guys let's go start with unboxing for the same this is of gel box to the samsung galaxy m31 inside you find this smartphone comes with a nice packaging and everything and the back has a very nice glossy finish inside you get the same projector tool Quick Start Guide for this one warranty card you also get a 15 watt charger on the inside along with the USB type-c cable and now let's talk about the brilliant design for the smartphone it comes with a glass front polycarbonate back inside frame the camera bump at the back is very distinctive samsung style there's a fingerprint sensor at the back and the back is polycarbonate it scratches very easily this is the Samsung branding at the back on the right hand side is the power button and the volume rocker it has a dewdrop style notch and overall I felt that the buildin aesthetic of this device was pretty good on the left hand side you get the symmetry slot for this one it's a dual 4G smartphone supports micro SD card slot at the bottom this is the 3.5 mm jack USB C port along with the microphone in the speaker grille if you talk about the displayed comes with the 6.4 inch full HD plus Super AMOLED display pretty good visible in daylight also so it's one of those brighter display is out there in this price range and I found that content consumption was also pretty good on the smartphone if we talk about the specifications it comes with the Exynos lines x11 chipset on the inside 128 gigabytes storage and you get 6 GB of RAM inside it's a ufs 2.1 storage and overall performance etc is good every sensor is present on the smartphone if we talk about the antutu benchmark xcode around 2 lakh and then to to benchmark the reader it's cool for the ufs 2.1 storage was also pretty good and if you talk about long-term gaming the given performance is good you can play something like Call of Duty on high settings with high frame rates and if you are an avid gamer you would find that this smartphone play is good but there is a issue with most of the Samsung phones which creeps up here as well the issue is that these phones with the Exynos chip sets do heat up after long duration of gaming we could play pubs even extreme settings as well on smooth and extreme or in ultra settings and as you can see it was easily going up to 40 degrees on some points and that's something which is an issue for a lot of people and if you are going to play for really long hours then maybe this will creep up it comes with limited support for camp 2 API Shoji cam bye-bye Tata the smartphone has a fast face and lock and the fingerprint sensor positioning at the back makes it convenient to unlock the smartphone easily so that's not a big issue here it comes with a 64 MP front camera sensor with the F 1.8 aperture which is the major upgrade compared to the samsung galaxy m 30 years it also has an ultra wide sensor 8 megapixel a 5 megapixel macro camera and a 5 megapixel tip sensor it's capable of shooting up to 4k 30fps videos and the front camera on this one is a 32 megapixel one with a f 2.0 aperture there are traditional Samsung modes etc are all present here I found that the image quality was good in some points I felt there was a little bit of over sharpening and the colors were good pleasing to the eye could have been a little better but still it was good considering the price range and sometimes in the selfie camera samples I felt the detail was pretty good this is because of the fact that it has a 32 MP sensor the videos taken from the back came out a little bit shaky and I felt that the stabilization could have been better it takes some time to shift focus from different objects far away objects to closer objects the video from the front camera appeared good NADP video but still the problem of an even stabilization could be seen here as well if I talked about the user interface it comes with Samsung's 1 UI 2 and Samsung has started showing some ads in the one UI which is really bad but still I feel that it's one of the more polished UI out there there are some pre bundled bloatware applications installed which you can install so it's not that much of an issue the back gets much easy easily and here you find yourself cleaning the smartphone all the time it comes to the 6000 mAh battery which is the biggest draw for the smartphone the battery life is terrific but the charging is just too slow you only get up to 40 percent in one hour with the 15 watt charger so if that was better things could have been even better for the smartphone it retails for a price of 15999 rupees for the 64gb 6 GB variant and 16 triple nine for the 60 B 128 GB variant at such a price it does compete against a lot of better smartphones in this price segment but if you know somebody who's a fan of AMOLED displays big batteries and the Samsung style of doing things and you would certainly like the smart phone so guys this was it for this video in case you like this one who put a smash thumbs up button to subscribe to inspire rise I hope you all are safe during this extended lockdown period and guys please take care of sanitization and all of the other stuff around and no matter what you do stay inspired to rise