Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Review in English and Unboxing

[Applause] [Music] hello folks this is ID energy from inspire eyes dart comment today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note in light let's start with the unboxing for the same this is official box for the galaxy note in light and inside you get the smartphone which is a smaller sibling of the galaxy note in and inside you also get the same projector tool for this one you get documentation the warranty guard regional log guide and a lot of other stuff and the TPU cover is something which will definitely get yellow over time and if you look at the mood in light even the building design feels somewhat inferior to the galaxy note in you also get a super fast charger on the inside which will charge the smartphone really quick you get in-ear style earphones on the inside along with the USB type-c cable if we talk about the bending design for the smartphone I found it inferior to the normal galaxy note and in note n + this is the power button and the volume rocker on the right hand side and you get a lot of antenna bands sprinkled throughout the smartphone at the bottom there is a thief environment Jack along with the USB type-c port and the Galaxy S Pen along with the speaker grille this is the center slot on the left hand side which houses a hybrid SIM tray slot and at the top is a noise cancellation microphone the camera bump on the back is not protrude out that much so that's a saving grace now if we talk about the display for this smartphone it comes with a Super AMOLED display but it's not a dynamic one as seen on the bigger sibling understand always-on display HDR display twenties to nine aspect ratio the whole bunch launched on this one is really small minimal bezels I particularly like the color reproduction and everything else but still it's a slightly inferior display compared to the new N+ and now let's talk about what's on the inside come to the exiles 9 at10 chipset which was a flagship chipset once upon a time it does have support for NFC does have support for USB OTG has almost all of the sensors which you require 128 GB of internal storage 6 gigabytes of RAM the storage on this one is ufs 2.1 compared to your first 3.0 which was present on the flagship models and if i talk about the gaming performance you can play all every game on this one without any hiccup with ease and something like call of duty also runs on high frame rate and high settings with ease no lags no hiccups whatsoever but there was one issue which was visible to me after long periods of gameplay which was that this smartphone was heating up to a certain degree if you want to play pop G you would be able to play pop G also an HDR and ultra and smooth an extreme framerate was also available on something like up G and the gameplay was flawless no issues whatsoever I was able to play for an extended period of time without any lag whatsoever and the overall gameplay was good enough for anybody who wants the smartphone only for gaming but there's a caveat here the caveat here is that this smartphone would heat up to around 40 degrees or so if you're somebody who's going to play for really long duration at the back it was reaching up to 40 degrees on the front as well it was reaching up to 39 degrees which is not really that comfortable temperature right now summers are just approaching and once summers settle in properly maybe the smartphone would heat up even more if we talk about the benchmarks the internal read/write speed was pretty good and the antutu benchmark score was also good enough because the Exantus 90210 chipset is a fast one now if we talk about the other important stuff it does support Widevine l1 and it also supports cam 2 API to full level so that's good but you have to find some variant of G cam which would support X and O's chipset in order to run on this one and if I talked about the industry fingerprint scanner on this one it was pretty mediocre compared to the original Galaxy Note in or Newton plus and the experience was not really that fast the audio on this one was pretty loud so that was good [Music] if you talk about the camera on this smartphone it comes with a 12 MP f 1.7 primary sensor with dual pixel autofocus a 12 MP f 2.4 telephoto sensor and it will MP f 2.2 ultra wide sensor overall I felt that the triple camera setup is okay at best considering the price that you pay for this smartphone it's not really top of the glass and I found that the 32 MP selfie camera on this one with AF 2.0 poacher was good but not really best-in-class the only issues I found with this mod 4 in terms of the camera experience was the fact that it does not have really great image processing and just a similar smartphone from samsung which is the Samsung Galaxy S 10 light it had better image processing than this one I don't know what they are doing with the software what's going wrong with the software but overall I found that the images were ok but I took from the primary camera sensor all of those images work when she had good colors had good dynamic range etc the image is taken from the ultra wide sensor was suffering a little bit in low-light conditions but overall the images were all good enough but not really flagship level considering the price that we are paying almost 40k for the smartphone the videos from the back as well as the front camera can be shot in 4k resolutions so that's pretty great but what I found bad was the fact that footage from the front camera was shaking a lot now if I talk about the user experience on this one it comes with 1 UI 2.0 which has been refined to a huge degree and it has become a great skin by now it does not have that much bloat as it had before the s-pen experience is also something which makes this smartphone really unique from a lot of other smartphones in the similar price range the s-pen allows you to do a lot of different stuff and it also comes with its own sensors like it has its own bluetooth has its own accelerometer etc there are a lot of shortcuts which you can access where they spin you can also take images where the S Pen and do a lot of other different stuff at a price of almost around 38 to 40,000 rupees I find that this smartphone does back in a lot has a 4500 mAh battery fast battery charging or 25 watt has a good enough experience the camera is also good not really best-in-class but good and if you're somebody who wants this Samsung experience who wants the s-pen you will find that this is a good smartphone then if you really think about all of the other things but if you think about the fact that you can get something with much better performance like the samsung galaxy s tonight or any other smartphone with a snapdragon a true 55 chipset then that would be a better option for you otherwise what you get in this smartphone is a great display and a great experience so guys this was it for this video in case it like this wonderful little smash the thumbs up button and to subscribe to inspire to as more awesome and detailed tech videos like this one and guys no matter what you do stay inspired rise [Music]