Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite NEW HEAVY HITTER

it started off as a rumor but it now looks like the galaxy s 10 light is a reality and Samsung are testing it right now so we'll be getting it soon the Samsung Galaxy S 10 light is a surprising phone despite the light naming this is anything but a light phone it looks to bring a list of top end specs and a ton of upgrades over the s10 II which was released at the start of the year and supposed to be the cheaper phone in the s10 lineup in fact the name s 10 light may not be the final name that Samsung give the phone when it's released but for now that's what it's being called last week we've got some benchmark results from a mysterious phone in the Samsung lineup with the model number G 770 F this is expected to come as the new phone in the galaxy lineup but compared to the Galaxy S 10a which has a tiny 5.8 inch screen the S 10 light will be packin a much bigger six point seven inch screen Android users love bigger screens and I'm sure a lot more people will be attracted to the S 10 light with its much bigger screen over the s10 II it will also continue with the hole punch design that we've seen in the ES 10 series the benchmarks are pointing to the use of the snapdragon 855 in this fire it's nearing the end of its lifecycle so it should be cheaper to put in the S 10 light and the base variant of this phone looks to come with eight gigabytes of RAM it looks like Samsung are replacing that s10 II with a bigger and more powerful device so it looks like Samsung are testing out the lines between low-end flagship and high-end mid-range files and the reason for that is at least with these more expensive phones the cheaper models usually sell best the cheaper iPhone 10 I was the best-selling iPhone last year and the iPhone 11 the cheapest in the range this year will outsell both the pro and the pro max the galaxy s 10 light will carry a similar camera setup to what we see on the galaxy a 90 it's tipped account with a triple camera setup with the main lens and ultra wired possibly a depth sensor in there too that is a very solid camera setup and giving a main camera with an ultra-wide lens does also mean it goes the head with the iPhone 11 it's also been tipped to carry a roughly four and a half thousand milliamp hour battery which is much bigger than the galaxy s tens battery and is ginormous compared to the galaxy s 10 s battery which is a paltry 3100 milliamp hours not to mention it's also tipped to get 45 watt fast charging which is the same as we find in the flagship note 10 range so the big question is why do Samsung want to make an S 10 light considering the S 10 lineup came such a long time ago well because the iPhone lineup has got really good sales this year especially the cheaper iPhone 11 moreover the S 10 ageist didn't sell that well it was a cheaper phone but it had a small screen which Android users don't really go for so it looks like Samsung are trying for a second time to give an iPhone 10 R or an iPhone 11 competitor with a big screen and good specs considering the S 11 series is not far off now this has to come at a good price otherwise it won't attract many buyers subscribe for all the latest tech news and everything to do with Samsung that's it for now but I'll see you in the next one