Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Review in English with Unboxing Pros Cons




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[Music] hello folks this is I Panaji from inspire cries dot-com and today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S ten light this one is a better performing phone from Samsung staples and the biggest differentiator in this phone is the fact that it uses a Snapdragon chipset if you talk about the building design it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection on the front the back has a very glossy kind of design and this one weighs around 186 grams so it's not really that much heavy and at the front in see that is the whole point style of camera at the top there is the noise cancellation microphone and you also get close into slot on the left inside that camera module also does not protrude too much so that's something good it supports a normal sim and one micro SD card or one motion on the right hand side is the power button and the volume rocker and at the bottom there's the USB C port along with the microphone and pinna bands and the speaker grille at around 8.1 millimeters it's not really that much thick now let's talk about the display on this one it has a six point seven inch huge Super AMOLED plus display it has a full HD plus resolution HD are endless supporting display and it's an always-on display I liked it a lot if you talk about the specifications it comes to the call comes fabric in 8:55 chipset and 128 GB of internal storage or 500 per GB of internal storage 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM your face 2.1 storage is present inside the smartphone and if you talk about the sensors and performance that's pretty good it's supposed level 3 cam 2 API so G cam runs on the smart phone I think one of the only smart phones by Samsung which allows G cam let's do an audio check the single speaker setup gets pretty loud so that's great about the smartphone and if you talk about white wine in one support is present on the smartphone now let's talk more about the performance etc so the V Dan a lot of benchmarks the snap we need 55 is a good performance if said and it's one of the flagship chips is from last year the rewrite speed also for the smartphone was pretty good because of the UF is 2.1 storage and overall this smartphone would be a slouch in any of the tasks you would be able to play HDR extreme gameplay on of G on the smartphone for an extended duration of Neyman and like the Exiles chipsets this smartphone would heat up at all even after long bouts of gaming all because of the fact that the heat management on the Snapdragon chips it's is much better compared to even the flagship Exiles chipsets so a lot of people might want to buy the smartphone only because of the fact that this has a Snapdragon chipset and it's made by samson the max temperature was around 37 degrees or so even after long days of gameplay so that also makes it a pretty good choice for those people who want a Samsung smartphone for high-end performance and gaming now let's talk about the camera on the smartphone it comes to the 40 MV prime II sensor a 12 megapixel ultra white sensor a 5 megapixel macro sensor and apart from that there's a 32 megapixels selfie camera sensor to the F 2.2 a poacher I like the overall UI design and the implementation done by Samsung the front 32 megapixel camera captures some really good selfies if the lighting condition is good and I found that the ultra wide camera suffers from a very small issue the issue is that when you're taking pictures the fisheye effect is too much pronounced so that's something which can be fixed via software in post and I found the dynamic range from the front camera as well as the back camera was pretty good the back camera shoots up to 4 is 60 FPS videos and the front camera shoots up to 1080p videos both looked good but the front camera video lagged a little bit of dynamic range and that could be seen in our tests if we talk about the experience in UI it comes with one UI 2.0 and overall experience is pretty good smooth and stable and a lot of people would appreciate the way Samsung implements things on their smartphones this also the smart menu which can be accessed by a left swipe on the home screen and it has an under display fingerprint scanner it's available for a price of around 40k in India and at such a price I believe it's a good smartphone for a lot of people who are looking to buy a Samsung flagship it comes to the 4500 mAh battery has support for 45 watt fast charging and on paper the smartphone is a good and even in real world experience it does pack a lot of codes and if you're somebody who's unwilling to buy any of the band and other Samsung loyalists will definitely like this phone so guys this was it for this video easy like this one don't forget to smash the thumbs up button to subscribe to inspire eyes for more awesome tech videos like this one please take care of your health please take care of your loved ones and guys no matter what you do stay inspired to rise [Music] you