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[Music] you men from the Vale the people [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] my phone off the part-time [Music] thundercar what do you make of it they must have been shipwrecked it's strange the sea has been called for more than a month why that man is an officer in the guards of the Raja of SATA why here I go Rondo it was like a terrible nightmare they made a landing at night first they massacred the garrison at the port and then they attacked the palace of the Raja how many whether at least a hundred they were all English we held out against as long as it was possible but they were using modern weapons a machine gun that cut us down as if we were so many blades of grass and then what where's Raja Hassan they're holding a prisoner and the others and the Roger's wife the Maharani the dead body of the Maharani was found later and one of the princess she was killed too I think that night the palace was an inferno of raging flames in terror listen to me Thundercat the leader of those adventurers is named John Burke drive him back into the sea the people of Sarawak are waiting they have faith in you go to their aid What did he say his name is Burke I think that soon this Burke will regret the day he took it into his head to land in Sarawak reverse course we're sailing for Sarah [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm alright to better project catch the manner through that vowel catch of Luton words will accomplish nothing that sundar can is typed in the circle if we don't break through it immediately we will double the numbers yes and then you have to have other sentinels to keep watch on the sentinels all the way to infinity no lieutenant it's not this system that will bring about the solution of our problem another bomb exploded and not 10 feet away from a book in a month the English investigating Commission will be here do you know what it will mean if they find that we're still fighting the guerillas you don't know well I'll tell you it will mean that the English government will no longer recognize my sovereignty here some water it would be better to anticipate the Commission I myself will write to the Viceroy in Bombay to tell him that a rabble band of pirates I wouldn't do it Lord Berk in Bombay they know quite well that the piracy of sandakan is nothing more nor less than a manifestation of his Malayan nationalism well in cutting is now safely in our hands if he advocates in our favor then England will no longer have any right or excuse to stick our nose into this affair at times I have does it's your intelligence there's no earthly reason why Houston should make me such a present there are any number of ways of convincing a prisoner that it's in his interest to make presents ah the only thing that has him would willingly present us with would be his death and I don't want him to become a myth ha don't you have a better solution than that if you'll permit me Birk I'd like to make a suggestion you see I've given the matter considerable thought in my opinion the first thing that should be done is to capture this most mysterious sandokan and hang him at once but to do this we will need a great many more men and additional weapons in India you'll find it still possible to procure trained mercenaries and modern machine guns do you think you'll have the either the present to the veins of or along the Canton river produced large quantities of gold without counting the treasure which is so well-guarded in the strong rooms beneath the palace please continue the young India is about to weigh anchor it's a merchant ship that will be sailing under the Dutch flag [Music] on it yeah there's no reason here to be afraid mistress I'm here with you come let's go [Music] you can buy balls why would Ethan cough in company rebuttal [Music] I must take the lady straight to her cabin my mistress is not well hurry there move along come aboard quickly [Music] what do you want here is the captain aboard ship he's below resting but these soldiers are not allowed to come aboard stand aside there move over there [Music] these lizard scales cooked you mine our specialty you will not find in any other town in China Rock what garbage eat it the Chinese are sensitive it's very important for it to be seen here I couldn't get to you any other way to warn you what has happened FERC has requisitioned the young India they're loading cases of gold honor which they plan to exchange in Bombay for mercenaries and more weapons they want to eliminate us before the English investigating Commission arrives the ship must be stocked I'll have to find a way to get on board here's an embarkation tag it belongs to a sailor who's a friend of oxy The Pianist is complaining about being kept idle there'll be plenty for him to do this news will be exactly what he wants to hear Oda Yanis and tell him to set sail immediately our appointment will be at the shoal of ACE I'll signal with the lantern but how will you do it the ship is well armed you know don't worry about it all night and trim all night he should already be here yesterday but Dayak handed me this message I have seen the rock where the Falcon takes wing tomorrow night in the tavern of HO Chen tell me what it means for three weeks now tremble Naik has been beating the jungle to discover where Burke has hidden Hussam you think he's found him I'm certain of it if he didn't specify where he is it may be because he's afraid that Dayak would be captured if this is true we'll make an immediate attempt to liberate our Raja first the ship if she comes back with those arms this time it'll be all over for us [Music] hey I have a feeling that I know you let me take a look at where have I seen that face of yours [Music] [Applause] [Music] hurry before they throw our escape [Music] [Applause] get moving [Music] you rascal you did that on purpose I'm sorry I didn't see you you're lying but now I'll give you a lesson you won't forget what's going on here this imbecile dare despise filthy water on my uniform remember I am a soldier of Lord Burke and I am a mariner of the queen of Holland keep in mind that as long as you remain on this ship your guests and unwelcome ones Abed therefore your respected discipline on board did your embark its how to work yes captain its ROI in that case I'd my even more loyalty to the flag of Holland those soldiers made their way on board by the use of force and by using force they could throw us overboard I see it would be better to avoid unpleasantness you'll be on duty in the cabins accept it as a promotion thank you [Music] stop mistress calm yourself now I beg you it's only I come amore there's no fire any longer you're safe at last and now we're going away I'll go and get you a cup of hot tea it will do you good come in I brought your breakfast sir put it down there what do we have to eat this morning for Easter I know how to prepare it in the Burmese style very well then let's try the Burmese porridge you look more like a pirate than a cabin boy to me the day you happen to meet a pirate you'll realize the difference you seem convinced that sooner or later I'll have this meeting we're at sea sir everything is possible that will do give me my sword what's going on leave my mistress alone I tell you what is it one of us why have you come to annoy me in my cabin who are they please excuse me lieutenant we came in because this cabin boy says that woman died yes it's the truth this woman is the daughter of possum be very careful of what you're saying we happen to know that the princess hada is long dead she I know her very well no she is my mistress the wife of the merchant Prince Kadeem I swear to you who are you speak up now answer me are you the daughter of has him what's wrong with her she seems amended no it's only that she's suffering from an illness and doesn't reason I'm taking her to Bombay to have a tree she's feigning don't believe him it's harder she's not the wife of the merchant Kadeem the boy is lying that's enough from you I tell you that ladies might list all this excitement is suspicious confine the two of them in that cabin if what you have told me is true you'll have much more than that it's true my lord it's true we'll speak about it again later now run along and you too I wish to be alone [Music] what happened if the rudder to change with the slipped off this way the ship will be adrift as if we didn't have enough trouble stop the engine oh the anger captain the ship is in danger of running aground the channel is very shallow here there's nothing else to be done by aye sir to repair the rudder tell them to get it done quickly there's someone with a boat and run away to repair the rudder tell them to get it done quickly understand [Music] there's the signal order all the men off the problem Ifrah going to border certainly but only after we've had a good long swim let's get started I hope the water doesn't put my cigarette out [Music] come on fire down there out of commission you may be sure it was not one of my men this is a clear act of sabotage I'll give you half an hour to get the ship on its course after which you will wait along with the others until the necessary repairs are made that is however unless you're too impatient and would like to act as a rudder yourself quiet in there silence what is this which would be good enough to tell us what's going on nothing please sir try to keep calm now go back into your cabin what happened nothing you're something serious have to stay away no one is permitted to speak to the prisoners do you think you're a rifle keep swimming [Music] [Music] stop at a memoriam what do you think they're doing you how is it that you I hear I can't explain now come with me for this is going away don't you recognize me I'm sandokan she can't recognize you her Minds used to function during that terrible night come come quickly before they get here [Music] in here due to no one will look for you here no matter what you may hear you mustn't move and keep quiet we'll divide up now with me [Music] Oh [Music] Oh fire those shots what is happened they're looking 10 it up on the bridge give yourselves up the shipper surround him at once as you see lieutenant you've had your meeting with the pirate Wyatt fund okay but that's impossible capture that man stop this cannon is aimed at you and in another moment the ship is going to be attached what is it you want I'm not interested in the ship captain but in what they load it on board in sarawak order your mound is to withdraw at once Benedict's all of you you would throw that order I'm in command here I won't expose my men below decks [Music] everyone to the bow we'll try the banking to the team [Music] I'm here at sambuca [Music] you must try to keep calm because there's no need to do this comeback [Music] what is our next move we've got the silence that connex-killen don't give us covering fire [Music] at last you recognize me yes it's really you Thunder girl don't worry everything is all right this goal could not arrive in Bombay I understand I would like you to accept a part of it in order to repay your company for the damage done to the ship and to the passenger I thank you send a young begin transferring the gold onto the Provo go ahead very well Tiger Janus go below and bring the princess Hyder on deck will embark immediately I'll say goodbye I wish to express my admiration for you [Music] we pass through the Straits have never seen if we continue like this we'll be there in one name if we continue like this I'll have to give up smoking for a midnight swim then all that shooting now it's the win yure Ando don't be no and make me a cup of tea by the way come amore how is the princess better she's improving rapidly Thunder Khan I know what you're going through all my family scattered or dead my father taken prisoner I understand harder but I remember you as a young woman of great courage it's hard to believe two years have passed but these last few months have weighed upon me like a century I thought of you that frightful night as I fled for my life through the flames of the burning palace I hoped I would see you appear suddenly out of the darkness to come to our aid to save the life of my mother as they were murdering her right before my eyes and then oh it was so horrible Thunder Khan what will become of my poor father and of all my friends and of the people of Sarawak the fight is not over in Sarawak nor will it be as long as one man is still alive but now I must look after you and leave you in a safe place no don't leave me I'd beg your Thunder Khan the only time I ever feel safe is when I'm near you anyway where is that I can go now all right you'll come with me to Sarawak [Music] greetings to you quad and to your village have you seen any of Lord Berk soldiers the jungle is entirely free in the region of quark as far as the pagoda there the loyal home at keeps watch upon the road that leads to the region of Brunei and Sarawak Thank You Kwan prepare to March we're going to the pagoda during GU you go ahead and Mark the trail here on tho follow his rear guard [Music] [Music] well preserved to be more than three centuries old it seems to me that home ed has chosen the safe place keep your weapons at the ready a signal signed Oh God hold on let's go Sandow can at last you're here I didn't think I'd see you again and the ship were you able to stop it it won't unload gold at Bombay only disarmed soldiers carry the weapons inside how much do you recognize me your highness it's you Buddha is great in his wisdom we thought that you were I know tell me my father do you know anything I did it for happy he is alive your highness but there's only one man who can tell you any more cream all night what have they done to Tremmel night they deported him to the labor camps along the count on River it's impossible to get near him Burke is unsparing and the number of soldiers he sent to guard his gold mines there we'll have to liberate him so he could tell us what he knows of the whereabouts of happy yes and we mustn't lose any more time Yanis in those labor camps the prisoners died off entirely too easily I'll go but this time it won't be to the service entrance what is your plan for shipwreck Iran gue get ready to leave with me tonight but sandakan we'll discuss it later will you eat with us [Applause] I think that by now I should keep well away from the palace someone there might recognize me how can I keep in contact with you and the port you will find the drunk of ruin is a fisherman who is faithful and eager to help us good why not let me go this time even though my race is different I'm certain I can manage it father what's the matter it's a desperate undertaking thundergun I know you'll never accomplish it you'll be with your father soon and you what will become of you don't worry about me I'll be alright now go and get some rest [Music] look there [Music] at last [Music] your clothes have arrived you have been very quick my compliments to the tailor thank you your highness all the other suits will be ready tomorrow if you're feeling better now Lord book would be very pleased if you were dying with him this evening you may tell him I shall be honored to sit at his table good morning your highness how is your wound today ah you struck hard and so did you dress me now I had it constructed in the shipyards of Liverpool certainly there is no one except the English who know how to build a good yacht and mine was superb but the storm was more so that dashed us against the reefs of madruga if you'll permit me I believe I can guess what you're thinking if you'd like to try your thinking who is this man really whom I've invited to sit at my table whom I've clothed and entertained with such magnificence although you told me the Roger of Tama Putra in fact I did say that but I noticed that a slight suspicion is in danger of ruining your dinner which has been prepared with such perfection since you have brought up the subject yourself I confess that you have correctly divined my thoughts yeah it's true I admit I have a slight suspicion can you make it vanish I'll try to Lord Burke let's see now I could be an impostor or a madman and yet the shipwreck took place and the wound is a real one however a wound is not hard to come by but what could be the motive of this self-inflicted wound tell me yourself your interesting argument arouses my curiosity well this I didn't receive from your tailors it is a ruby of fabulous value examine it if you like even a person who is not an expert can see that this is so such purity I have never seen but why do you show it to me if I were an impostor I would not offer you this jewel which some people define as unique in the whole world you offer it to me with the greatest pleasure I'm at a loss as to how to thank you I've looked forward to knowing you for some time I too have looked forward to our meeting especially since I heard of the coup d'etat in Sarawak and the capture of Hassim an ineffective sovereign I had to interfere you have the gratitude of all Malaya since we know you had no duty as an Englishman to take action how teams rule was despotic and the liberty of a people is something we all have a duty to protect [Music] stop wasting time there just to work [Music] so to stop wagging [Music] of all the things that have to be seen in Sarawak this is by far the most interesting mining gold from alluvial deposits do you extract much gold it depends on the number of workmen but luckily the problem of manpower is one that doesn't worry us so I see I find it a good solution using prisoners to do the work 10 hours of labour every day in every sort of weather it's the best form of Correction I know it makes them as simple as land it's amazing all the rebellion you'll pay for this get a move on boy but as you can see they don't always become lambs you again now you will pay for the other times as well and you'll pay dearly try not to be punished did you hear what I said to the post be indulgent with the Lord burn I'm very sorry but this man is one of the most rebellious of all he has tried to escape several times before and is wounded two guards [Applause] [Applause] [Music] why don't you shoot there is only one bullet in the barrel he will wait to fire it until the prisoner pleads for mercy and if he misses so much the better for the crocodile untie the man my compliment you are a magnificent marksman your highness I ask you to excuse this little exhibition of mine but the temptation was too great I'm curious to hear what the prisoner has to say after going through such a howling experience well a Malayan how do you feel drink this tonight I'll pretend to faint it's really too bad Lord birth he's fainted if you're still interested in knowing his sensations you can question him tomorrow that is if he's over his fright by then carry him away take him back to himself [Applause] [Music] his heart could not bear up a man who died of fright didn't deserve to live in the first place proceed Lord Berk I would like to ask you to have this man buried in a cemetery we have here below us a cemetery that is so vast and deep for the millions to be dissolved in water means not only the death of the body but of the soul if it means so much to you and it means saving a man's soul he will be buried in a cemetery stop take the body away you know what to do and you tonight there's a ball in my honor I must be there [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Palmeri reserve of 1870 very difficult to find in Malaya tell me Lord Burke why are there so few millions among your guests you know with them it's difficult to create friendly relations why won't we collaborate if it were only that they refused to establish any sort of contact with us it's Jack as you said your highness if I had known that by coming here with my husband I would have found myself in such a state of isolation I would never have left Bombay we're living in a completely hostile country you shouldn't wonder at that after all your husband's landing here was rather noisy it's a hostility that will last only a short time lieutenant Clinic will bring back with him something that will effectively cool off all the hotheads in this country my lord will you excuse me your highness I will entrust you to my friends for a few minutes by the way your highness how is it the dress secretary is not here he detests receptions they told him there's a Tavern at the port where you eat well and which is very amusing [Music] you quickly make their grave here and you'd better keep awake your highness excuse me sir Lord Dirt request that you join him at once in his study forgive me I'll tell you the end of the story later [Music] you sent for me Lord earth put him under arrest Clint tuck since I don't believe in ghosts then I must assume that it is really you though the worse for wear due to your actions I admit I've had some rather ugly moments but the hope of having the opportunity of meeting you once again was enough to keep me alive and once again were face to face may I ask you how you were saved I was picked up by an Indian Clipper you've been most unfortunate the misfortune of one man depends upon the good portion of another there's something I can't understand what could be your motive for denying your guests the spectacle of the capture of sandokan your mortal enemy perhaps you would like to avoid admitting your ridiculous situation of having entertained a pirate why have you come here to Sarawak and it's quite certain you didn't come alone where are your companions hiding now and where is the gold on the young India you see it's useless Lord Berk you will find that other means are needed to make and speak up I wish should entrust him to me I consider the swamp an effective means of persuasion tomorrow there will be no expert marksman standing by to save you as you were when you save that rebel today now I know what you came to Sarawak for that rebel prisoner first you saved him from the crocodile and then you prevented him from being thrown into the sea who is he put on your weapon [Music] why'd you stop digging the grave get busy with those shovels we've got no time to waste they're not waiting any longer shoot only if it's absolutely necessary and be careful not to hit the diggers did you hear that someone was listening down there certainly you idiot didn't you know that ghosts always whistle like that during the night bring the coffin here hurry up you dog get moving stop him where he is [Music] [Applause] opening thank him out as carefully as you can and be sure not to damage the coffin I want to put that sergeant inside it keep still sambuca we have to fall back into the jungle what's the matter we've been discovered hurry Piron GU Hara no take from a night with you [Music] Mardon - son come on [Music] all we are but we owe to go after them we never find them at night in the jungle we'll make that man tell us where they are throw the rebel cur into the grave where's the pirate's hideout where can we find the others we were supposed to bury a man alive here tonight I see that we're still in time to do so boom-boom shoot me if I have to die but don't bury me alive I made you just a moment tell me where they've gone for the record for the cordon of quat lieutenant why waste a bullet when there's no need they should have arrived by this time what could have happened you mustn't worry mistress they'll get here safely yeah [Music] did everything go out like for you we lost Kushan in air duct we must look after him now take him inside and bring me some Eric we finally made it here he's a lucky man princess tada I haven't slept a wink for two nights [Music] Tomica is he dead no he's in a state of catalepsy he'll be all right [Music] so you decided to come down to hell - no they sent you back to us I've never seen a dead man and a debtor than you were tell me have you really discovered where they have hussam in prison the refuge of the Falken yes yes I have Burke has imprisoned the Maharajah and a monastery on the top of Mount faba room for two weeks I had to follow a monk through the jungle tell me more about this monastery how many soldiers are there at most about 50 but this is not the only difficulty we have Burke has chosen well the monastery has no road leading to it it's built on the edge of a sheer cliff wall maybe we'd be able to reach it by using a gas balloon all night do you know the Fabul room yes Tiger it's an impregnable mountain peak we'll need 10 men who are all familiar with the neighborhood and that will take me some time you'll have it Sam billion you go with him you'll choose the best men you can find there will be a full moon ten nights from now we'll wait for you at the foot of the mountain dremmel night will guide us there you can count on me let's get started the best of luck to you [Music] [Music] [Applause] all of them what are you doing in this place with them you are white man no one but a renegade would associate himself with these ugly faces they say that dawn is the best time of day for a man to die you will be shot by a firing squad immediately all of you take them outside no wait you have no authority to kill them and I forbid it Your Highness unda lighted to see you again Sir John who is this woman I have the great pleasure of presenting to you the pearl of the house of Hassan hada the daughter of the Exner Rajah lieutenant are you quite sure of what you're saying she was traveling incognito with her servant on a young India and now she's here in company with sandal Khan what better proof do you need better alone good luck don't torment her you've done her enough harm take them all outside and proceed with the execution [Applause] no not you I have something of extreme importance to say to you your highness [Applause] [Applause] against the wall don't tell Lord Burt that we're ready [Applause] your father will listen to what you say and place his trust in you he will also speak to him in the name of SantaCon no I can't do it you forget that I am a princess and my duty to my country must come first then I see you prefer to listen to the voice of duty rather than your own heart it's most admirable but not practical you are our miserable dagger twork you break every law of humanity but one day you will learn that there are sentiments and ideals that you will never be able to destroy with cruelty and execution my lord the firing squad is waiting for orders it's the last opportunity you will get the lives of your friends are in your hands alone a few seconds now and you will hear the sound of shots being fired then it will be too late for you to save their lives and you'll be left with nothing except remorse for the rest of your life make up your mind I'm not asking you to do anything that's infamous it's for the welfare of Sarawak and of its people who will guarantee that you'll keep the promise you've made me I have given you my word that is sufficient anyway you have no other choice left one of you is offered the privilege of having his eyes bandaged only one however bandaged my eyes lieutenant the renegade is more afraid to die than these savages here I'm not afraid lieutenant it's so that the last thing I see while I'm alive will not be your clean scrub white face Lord Burke I request that you allow me to get the order to fire there will be no executions perhaps one of these days when you're laboring in the mines of type on you will all regret this act of clemency with which I am saving your lives [Applause] [Music] [Music] Falls we make a stop here my kingdom for a cigarette what Kingdom huh or getting special treatment today where a whole day you won't get anything else we're gonna pass through the swamps take it eat it now but why the trail goes around the edge of the swamp right at the arms of the die axe who are making a collection a human has the idea marching through those swamps for a whole day up to my knees in mud and water has taken away my appetite and for me the desire for a cigarette there's not going to be easy to get a wink in here and it's going to be just as hard to stay get back there it's been two days since we've had a drop of warm now on you'll only drink at night what are you lagging here for in a move on forward I trust you have arranged a pleasant sojourn for our friends under your care according to your orders my lord I assure you were not hesitation that you may cancel from the list of your enemies Sandow can all his cutthroats in the minds of type on it is almost impossible that even the strongest man could hold out for more than a month and in this particular case I have cut to half their daily ration of water an excellent idea people who have a thirst for liberty are cured only with a salt diet [Music] [Music] [Music] you plums imbecile asked for mercy and the true son of the celestial Empire Tobar top our throw salt design if you don't want to have your head broken you'll give me a ration of water tonight I'm beginning to believe that if anyone survives this infernal place it'll be a son of the celestial Empire [Applause] we've only got three more days left now if we expect to arrive at the top of room at the time established I know we've got to find a way to escape but we'll never be able to do it alone how about the convicts we'd certainly have them on our side it's not so simple first I've got to get the better of chop on all the convicts respect him as their leader are you down there quiet you're here if you don't want to sleep let the others get some rest get up Copeland I know a good way to put you to sleep right now you must have gone crazy I'll break you in two [Music] [Music] [Music] very well you've beaten me there stay where you are don't move what else do you want I recognized it was the strongest isn't that enough that's not what I want then what is it you do want tomorrow we're going to escape with the help of you and the others very well you can count on my health [Music] [Music] [Music] everything is ready at the time [Music] [Music] I'll break your backbone oh no I want you to get your punch don't do it again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] the only way out of here is true there why do you want to plow through the mire when there's a trail that goes around it a die axe are there and you want to know that yes and what's more I know that all I need to keep a pack of savages at a safe distance is a good gun who's coming with me it's nothing but stupidity to leave a good trail to go in there among those crocodiles in the swamp let's go shall pine listen to me even if you're well-armed you'll never be able to get through the jungle there are coming with me I tell you didn't you see I'm their chief or nobody else let him go we can't afford to risk it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] sandokan hasn't come yet there's nothing to do but attack the rope bridge over the gorge has been cut and to scale that sheer wall no it would only be suicide take my advice and let's wait for Sun look we've been waiting here 18 hours for him I don't believe he's coming [Applause] SantaCon is coming signed oh can you finally made it water all the water you've got and the cigarettes for you oh no my friend this time it's water I want if that's the case it really must have been bad thank you are you ready yes but I have to confess that I doubted if we'd ever see you again I had some doubts too about getting out of that minor life with a little persuasion we made that soldier talk we learned that reinforcements have got to the monastery and with the Moberg clinic and a young woman who was heavily veiled perhaps that would be hada another reason to get to the father room [Music] [Applause] [Music] I tell you we'd all have to be Eagles to get up there to the monastery the platform is the only way up they'll order twice every day once in the morning and again at night and a little while it should come down I'm sure we can get there [Music] we'll simply make use of the platform but how can we you'll see tonight it's coming down [Music] come on Mike go and get him I'm trim all as well here you can heart no I'm coming with you they've got my mistress up there and I would have save her the weight of one person might deceive them but not of tool what's the use of stringing over that thing nobody here over going down tonight yes you're right Cunha is standing guard below in the valley let's gamble of your rupees [Music] he's going in now [Music] we can't go up with the platform any longer in what condition is the bridge over the goal is no way of repairing it doesn't matter we'll find a way to get across anyway let's go we've got to be at the monastery before dawn no harder don't be insistent as long as I am held here as a prisoner Dirk will be considered only a usurper of power it's impossible to construct anything upon blood and oppression the English colonial government had only knew the crimes he's committed in our country would remove him at once you're quite mistaken I assure you Prince things have changed since you were there ask your daughter if this isn't so yes it is true the people of Sarawak have become accustomed to a new regime they return to their work as usual they remember you always with affection but after what they've been through they only desire to live in peace I cannot tell what it is that drives you to say these things but I somehow have the idea that you're not being sincere you are wrong no one is forcing her she has only realised that had the others that Sarawak has no longer any need of you why is it then that you're so eager for me to sign an act of abdication if all was going so well your abdication would save the lives of a great many people and would be a means of preventing reprisals it's clear that you're simply repeating a lesson that these men have taught you what is it that threatens you nothing let me have one more night to reflect upon this very well then you will please have the courtesy to come with me not you lieutenant I would like for you to remain here as company for our noble guests it's an either very special importance you know if you are concerned that I might attempt to take my own life you are more foolish light fortunately they say the Oriental soul is difficult to understand therefore I take what precautions are needed I'll give you some good advice when you've become karma go back to him and make an effort to be more convincing one order for me to the minds of Typhon and your friends will be dead now return to your own apartment and meditate carefully on what I've said this is the last opportunity I offer you the princess harder may come and go freely to visit her father [Applause] [Laughter] sandokan father I felt sure that I would find you here we managed to escape listen to me we've no time to lose where's the Rogers apartment it's on the same cord on the opposite side oh but there are two soldiers standing guard at the door and there's Clinton ready to kill him at the slightest move yes there is a way though I'll go back in there but this time I'll be well-armed let me have your pistol no Halle mr. Machado Villiger click topes booyah astute oh no puede sorry Scotty no tenemos elección CK Ramos Alvaro meeting Italian pasar por la cabeza never start encoding later what as hell can see we're getting close now quick we're going to have to move fast we've got to get to the monastery or die trying we've let our pride dominators for too long father it's time to stop it that's all over I don't understand you you say you say things to me that have no sense to them father I want you to listen I've come back here to speak to you of the good that will come to Sarawak if you will only agree to abdicate try to understand father as a ruler you're finished the people prefer Burke a Rajah strong and youthful one who can bring back order to the country and legal stability don't move lieutenant Clinton and don't try to reach for your pistol father don't do anything rash we'll never get out of here alive your father's right don't do anything you'll regret open the window sound okay your highness I've come to liberate you [Music] [Applause] vasudeo primero no Raja [Music] freewill knife come ahead [Music] [Applause] [Music] you must speak of B now you and my daughter have a duty to save yourselves they'll get here it'll take more than a mountain or a broken bridge to stop them how about I tell you [Music] hold on tight [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] 90 [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Saro walk is once more a free country thank you thank you my good friend [Music] you