Sasha Banks Buries Ronda Rousey On Social Media

[Applause] hello there boys and girls of the internet what Culture wrestling's Adam clearly here with a bit of a quick news update for you know it's not exactly groundbreaking this one but well it popped us so we thought we'd share it alright so for all WWE talked about this new era at all these sweeping changes they're bringing in the one thing that genuinely feels different these days is how all of the wrestlers approach their social medias like in the last few months it's gone from being like can't wait for raw tonight come see me at this convention buy this protein bar you maggot to genuinely the best tool they have for getting over now it would be very easy to credit Becky Lynch with all of this very he's for me to do it especially after all she didn't bun to Charlotte off the face of the goddamn earth numerous times last year which led to the whole the man thing but it has been going on for a little bit a little bit longer than all that anyway I digress last night Sasha banks submitted an early contender for a savagery of the year to UK 19 quick bit of context for you on Monday night Ronda Rousey took to Instagram to say that the reason she thought all the other women in the locker room said such vile things vile things about Sasha banks was because they were jealous of her but in fact no she's learned that it's because she's an unappreciative disrespectful self entitled narcissist cosplaying as a boss now that's that's not great in fact it's a bit snide but anyway here is Sasha's response here's something you might already know about me Ronda Rousey I don't give a shit who's saying vile things about me truth is those are the same people who pump you up not because they like you but because of who you are and what you can do for them at the end of the day I do what I do for the betterment of women's wrestling and if that means calling people out on their shady bullshit or doing nothing for weeks on end because I choose to work hard on my craft instead of kissing ass in dark corners then so be it you see those women's tag titles that's what my desire has brought to this division you think I played you when in reality I've been the exact same person this whole time I respect respect respect for those who share the ring with you respect for this thing we call professional wrestling and respect for the ones who go out of the way when the cameras are not on to do everything they can to make things better for every woman in that locker room you got a little success and decided to disrespect me trying to show you who the king of the jungle really is I mean for a PG product that is pretty pretty pretty pretty strong isn't it very savage for somebody who's audience is predominately made up of small children wearing boss soin glasses but it also highlights just how much creative freedom WWE are quite happy for their stars to have on social media like that is way more engaging than anything the pair of them are doing on television right now and it's just they're on Instagram now yes as I said at the start of the video not exactly groundbreaking news that but a it's a bit of food and being adds a really interesting extra layer to their match at the Royal Rumble which most people aren't gonna see that the vast majority of people who watch those two on television probably don't follow them on social media so they're gonna miss all of that really good stuff like in the end of the day I'm no more interested in that match on Sunday for having read that and that's the whole point of a promo isn't it so yes there's an idea maybe just don't watch any of the stuff in between the matches on Raw and SmackDown and just follow everyone on Twitter and in store and whatever else instead anyway to thought let us know what you made of it in the comments below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe in the meantime though thank you very much for watching and of course be it out of Cleary and I will see you soon