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while lady there gentlemen so welcome to our planets through nakshatra video of the week and this week we're going to be covering our video of Saturn in the sahaba nakshatra as in what happens when Saturn is in the sign of Capricorn and in the nakshatra of sir Alvin in your horoscope and I believe this Saddam nakshatra takes place from 13 to 26 degree of Capricorn ascendant but I am NOT capricorns and Capricorn zodiac sign but I could be wrong I'm very bad at the actual degree thing I just know it happens in the middle of this Capricorn sign and as always if we do not know if you have displacement of Saturn what other planets planetary next replacements you have for that check out the link share share my foolish illogical report including my books astrology conjunction aspects and Mahathir shows of the speed of light including all my consultations are disliked so let's get started with our saturn in saravana chakra video so Saturn in saravana Piatra see first of all what is Saturn Saturn represents our Karma's our actions it represents our disciplined structure organization skills it represents organization itself it represents our duty and commitment towards a task it represents manual labor symbolism wise it can represent you know iron coal steel petroleum many many other items many household items represent the represents basements this is Saturn and now you are putting Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn right where Saturn feels comfortable because Capricorn is a sign of stability it's a sign of governance E administration it's a sign of reputation authorities it's a place where your Karma's are performed it's the original 10th house at the same time now you're in the nakshatra of sovereign ruled by moon which is an outcast nakshatra symbolized by the year a year meaning ability to listen listen and to counsel its ability to hear the truth its ability to get dictation in our life and grasp that dictation and sahrvin is also the nakshatra that is symbolized by three footsteps and usually what you will find first of all and Saturn represents servants working class people you know it can represents beggars poor people politicians so first of all with Saturn in sadawa nakshatra these people will always deal with some chronic things related to listening either may they may deal with like tinnitus they may deal with you know not ability their ability to not really hear as well and what happens is early on with this person they become more curious about listening because they may start out not listening as well they want to listen more and this gives them curiosity towards Saturnian things ability to listen to subterranean things which can show that a person made love to listen to like detectives shows and police alarm sirens police radio these are the people that do love to get jobs in fields of being a spy because they want to work for the higher kingship government and they're the servants a turn their nakshatra energy is all about listening so what they want to do they want to listen so whether they're detectives listen to everybody else and making their notes and putting a Cathedral of information together or they can also be an advisor to the king they can make make political advisors because what happens is Saturn is a very slow moving planet and also you will notice what this particular etc a person may limp because represents the three footsteps but Saturn is the planet that lives and so this shows that whenever it comes to dealing with certain tasks the limp and they take time to finishing those tasks also these are the people that come out quite cold in nature because see we think of listening as ability to be like a psychologist somebody you know like that is a good listener like wow I can listen to people and I can help them these are the people that don't want to listen to BS they don't want to listen to emotional garbage they want to listen to the direct point so they can make a conclusion out of that Saturn is not a planet of emotions this is why in cancer these people can come out cold in front pattern in the next draw of the moon because moon is about our ability to grasp ting and nurture things this is why Jupiter and Saravanan or Venus insulin versus fairness that are one is completely opposite Jupiter is Robin will be the person who will professionally would listen and guide you like okay let me help you but tell me your problem first Jupiter and Saravanan will actually listen to openness odds of daesh's budgets they would listen to some philosophical you know information where Saturn wants information what it can make concrete decisions on this is why Saturn and Sara bond makes a better detective than a psychologist I'm sure you will find salmon psychologists but they will not they will be the people who kind of get agitated they want to get to the point they wanted you know not they're not as good as Jupiter and Salman so these are the people who want information direct straightforward direct information they want to listen to and go about their business so this is why again somebody who's in dealing in government information detective work political work because in politics is not about emotions politics is about okay I got this information and now I need to put it in a way where it helps my candidate whoever I am counseling so it becomes that process and also you will notice with these people they may be cheated by either if farmer or by the king somehow someway these people will misinterpret something where they will lose at one point in something and it could be as small as a betting game or it could be as important as a job interview what they will not listen to the instructions so well and they will lose their opportunity and I don't want to get into the whole myth of old Vishnu and King you know dealing with the whole three steps of the universe but I'm just I just want to be more logical with this see I'm acting like that and I want to be Saturn I'm being more logical with this because it's all about missing the element of the other person and quickly making it this is like best example of Saturn in Santa Monica throw would be somebody who signs a contract without reading the fine print and then they're like oh they're stuck with that contract now they're stuck with that deal because they felt drunk when they were trying to look at certain things so especially if you have Saturn in surah Baqarah and you have a big contract to look at you're about to sign for a job you're about to go to an interview just get a second opinion on everything get a second legal opinion that am I supposed to sign this or am I going to give some biggest bit like if you're a business person you may give a big deal away without even realizing because the other person will dupe you it's not your fault you are trying to do the right thing but other person will come in a way where they will try to deceive you with a deal so be very careful on that part including I are actually seen this Saturn as a seventh Lord in the seventh house inside of an extra table which means obviously this is a cancer Sun in person they have been duped by other people in business and in relationships but either it will happen once or three times so this is where they need to be more careful like whoever if you make a deal with whoever you listen to just make sure that you're aware you're awakened don't ever try to listen to some business deal when you're doing - two or three different things at the same time like oh yeah I'm listening okay yeah okay go ahead okay yeah let's make that deal no give your full attention because you could be so drunk listening to it that you won't even realize what they're saying and you'll agree to the deal this is why like it says if as above so below that nakshatra represents a story in the sky more real than any real story the mythical story of nakshatras rd a real story in the sky and you're getting that energy of the story you will have that story play out I'm telling you from my own personal experience and after learning under dr. urgent PI lessons on nakshatra because you guys probably think he just comes on my channel and we talk Nicotra no we talk in the background I you know talk to PI team once or twice a week to the through text message or email we discuss and through that I have learned one important thing is that whatever planet is in that certain extra drop pay attention not to the next chakra Lord okay but pay attention to the mythological story forget even the symbol read the mythological story your life will play out like that story so for example you you don't have your moon Sun at macaca or the ascendant in this nakshatra but you run into Maharaja of mercury in Capricorn in surah Baqarah for 17 years that story will then start playing out in your life so look for those stories and Saravanan is an action of truth these people know a whole lot more than they then the people think that they know they know some of the more hidden truth that they may not reveal it or they may just reveal it verbally to somebody so again read the story you'll understand why this person behaves that way also if you have a servant or especially let's say if a planet in this especially Saturn in this nakshatra is your atomic ark as an ant lord you or your servant will be part of Hanuman or you will love listening to buttons meaning like a choir I guess you can call it in a Western sense or listen to some religious music okay so guys this is my analysis of Saturn in the surah Baqarah if you're new in my son subscribe below and if you don't know where your Saturn is placed all my books reports consultations for that check out the link share otherwise we'll see you tomorrow ok [Music]