Saturn in the 4th house of D10 Dashamsha chart in Vedic Astrology


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so ladies and gentlemen welcome to our the samsung chart video of the week and this week we're going to be covering our video of saturn in the fourth house of your the samsa chart as in what happens when saturn is in the fourth house of your d10 the samsha and as always if you do not know if you have this particular placement what sign it's in what nakshatra it's in in the birth chart all your astrological details for that check out the links here check out my philosophical report and then my books consultations and link to my academy magazine astrology academy where i actually now have krs vlogs and i've already uploaded many videos i'm going to be putting a new video on the whole worldwide stuff happening and then i'm going to be doing the rahu ketu transit video there as well so anyway um please do check that out so saturn in the fourth house of the samsha and hopefully this is a good idea because i got a new mic okay literally spent 300 on this mic so hopefully this better give me results if not i may i'll be pissed man i'm going to be pissed man so fourth house of da samsha what does it represent it represents see fourth house of the birth chart is the home mother happiness comfort okay in the samsa chart it represents happiness from work peace of mind from your obligation to society so when you are out there doing your karma performing your karma is their peace of mind or not that's the fourth house fourth house also represents the private world of the professional world what do we mean by that well especially right now most of the people's fourth house is activated meaning working from privacy of your own space working from the privacy of your own home is the fourth house so now you have saturn there and one thing i see here um well actually i won't say it here because i know how you guys think you guys will be like oh my god this and this and this but anyway saturn in the fourth house most definitely will bring duty commitments and sacrifice on behalf of your career the peace of mind and the happiness only will come when you immerse yourself fully in work but especially when you follow the orders with the uh most sincerity only then peace of mind comes and most of the time people are going to be doing jobs people are going to be doing work okay although i'm not saying that this placement makes you only do work that's not how you look at that uh but when since most people are in jobs because if everybody's in business who's going to be working you know so such people they must follow a certain rules regulation regime to not break you know their obligation towards their commitment to their service and usually only later in life does the fine a person will find peace in their in their workspace because as soon as they start working whether it's at 15 20 25 even 30. they have to constantly work work and deal with the pressure and they will feel like why am i not happy why am i where will i find happiness well here's the thing with this position if let's say you're 20 20 years old instead of being in your mid-30s i can make you the superstar of hollywood or bollywood i can make you the prime minister of india and i guarantee you you will still not find happiness or peace in your work because the karma is for this person they just have to work first and they do have to take on orders and fulfill those orders because you have to understand here saturn is especially in this particular position is not only placed but aspects the most crucial houses in the samsha which is the sixth house of service your daily routines rivals and competition ten parts of your actual work and reputation in the society in dealing with authorities and the ascendant which is you and one of the things you will see because the um seventh aspect of saturn is on the tenth house you will get bosses that will demand more from you than anybody else they will ask for you to do more than anybody else and they may not even give you that same price they may not even give you that same value but also one good thing that comes here is that whatever hurdles competition rival this person deals with they all get dissolved they all get suppressed eventually they get all suppressed and this doesn't mean that you have to go through some saturn dasha or some good dasha to deal with it early on now early on you will face tremendous amount of rivals in competition you will even lose but you're going to have to cross at least 32 with this position in order to finally start winning things why because saturn dulls down a person's intelligence and how to deal with all these obstacles that arise so like for example if let's say before in my 20s i dealt with competitions and rivals you know i'm i if i look back i made stupid mistakes even on a basketball court when i would play i think about i'm like why didn't you do this why would you always do this why would you always go there when they come and guard you but now if i was to be on the court this works actually much faster than this because i know where and how everything's going to manifest where is my rival going and coming and where i have to pass the ball it's no longer about me making that shot when we're young we want to be the hero we want to be the one making that shot we don't care about the winning we want to be looking good and that's that's something that can take place with this is our personal resolve is going to try to be that hero and they will lose because they're not thinking properly and because saturn is dullness and slowness and looks at the lagna meaning the head the head of your body which in the samsa will represents the intelligence you have to use in your workspace will make you make a lot of mistakes you will not be able to think of that strategic you know proper plan of how to execute certain things so this is why this saturn is going to do that now on the other hand one of the great um assets of this position is that a person finds their seat of power through the help of the public through the help of the masses this can be a great position actually for even somebody to go into politics government and even if you're an artist let's say you're a music and you're a music artist okay fine maybe let's say when you're 40 you want to run for some office you want to run for some local political party well that's where the saturn is going to come into play now of course the sign placement of saturn the aspect on saturn can either show a good steady progress or definitely shows not only small rocks but big boulders in the way in trying to find your happiness peace comfort of mind and steady work so you know this is a particular placement of saturn that really shows its true colors like you will really feel saturn and your ability to just work and work and give your duty commitment sacrifice with this position you won't even do that as much with let's say even like the first sixth or fifth position this is that one position because remember fourth house is the seat of power the seat of power is the fourth house and saturn being there says if you want the seed of power you have to pay your karmas off and don't complain about the karma you complain about it you're going to be frustrated you're going to be upset you're going to be depressed and you're going to delay your work more but eventually a person will find the success that they're looking for if they just keep doing what they're doing okay so anyway guys this is my analysis of uh saturn in the fourth house of your the samsa chart if you're new to my channel subscribe below and hit the bell hit the bell button so you miss these type of videos and if you want to know where your saturn is placed all your astrological details check out the links here and make sure you go to contact section and fill out the uh the form the newsletter form which will also lead you to actually the link as well so anyway see you later bye [Music] you