Saturns Moon Pan Has Strange Amazing Features

what's going on YouTube it's your buddy will from the what's up in the sky 37 Channel online ww-what's up in the sky calm you see I got my 3d glasses on if you've got these blue and red 3d glasses go ahead stop the video right now go find them if you find them in most kids films like if they have a I think I got both these real cheap on Amazon and they came with a case and everything but I'm sure you got so much your house somewhere grab them if you can you're looking at pan this is a basically a moon that goes around Saturn it keeps to get it sits in the a gap and actually the what's nice about this is I actually have some some figures to give you how big is it well it's 17 miles from here to here the mean radius is about eight point five miles or eight point eight miles it holds open let me show you I've actually got the picture here here we go that's tight in here Saturn plus I like this one down here you can see where the a ring is kay here's the EA ring that's about 200 it's 200 miles wide and this is 17 miles wise which is I mean the shape of it is crazy cool which we didn't look at the other pictures I have of it and then all these bigger satellites here which are basically the moons and there's so much we wanted to find out from all the especially Titan Titan this seems to be where they think actually might be habitable for us but this thing is very interesting no matter what it is so basically they say this is responsible for that inky that a gaps called Anki e NK he was a TN ck e yeah it's in the a Saturday and basically this little thing rocks around Saturn every thirteen point eight hours so that thing is supposedly acts as a shepherd moon and it keeps that 200-mile radius open okay so that's a that's a pretty big gap and this thing's only 17 miles wide so they call it wakes in the ring material on the other side of it stripes to basically help keep this thing over and sometimes it causes these gaps to develop throughout the ring every as like 100 miles or so and not all it does do it all the time but it's interesting little thing but we got these close-up pictures of it once in the world here's one here's one I've sharpened them up just a tad he was taking these were taken by the Cassini and we got to remember usually we're looking at big huge planets this thing's only 17 miles so we're looking at something that possibly a and here's lost telling you about the 3d glasses if you've got them that's an amazing shot right there make it as big as I can for you you can really see how it gaps in here how this comes up how the look of it actually seems to be for just they say that this was created by Saturn grabbing these and this Neil basically as Saturn's rings had particles in it they formed nests this is you know what was all punched together in a ball which just didn't make a perfect circle obviously it's a very interesting piece I wish you could see that 3d so if you have the glass and some we're not come back watch it again and I've so we showed you this now let's take a look at some of these a little bit more intricate first thing I noticed you know were these dis dis kind of like chopped right through the center of it thinking it could have been new photography something like that maybe it was the way it came back also know just how sharp these gaps are you know how how sharp this like it just looks like it's very well done and I guess that could be from particles hitting in it like I'm not saying that you know humans or anything we're on there or but this one is subject to to maybe who knows you know this thing starts getting strange around here this is the this is the side that followed basically it's just like our moon for some reason it shows it all the time so this is the side that should Saturn idly this is the underside of it that's not and check out on here you can see these two and they're definitely what's interesting is the sun's lit okay this is lit up here this is lit up your shadows over here shadows shadow the shadows here you've got some strange stuff but one of these two spheres they look like two Spears and then I right over here you've got what looks to be I'm gonna bring it up close see how it even has the little darkness behind it almost like you can see the shadows of it this piece here has the scene it almost looks like a walkway or something or an enter spot and if you turned it like that you know on a side I'll take it from here sure would be interesting to see which they have done a force and also you have some interesting stuff down there now I think that we had a war nor civil war in our solar system our solar system looks nothing like it used to be I think we've probably proved that on my channel at least in Mars had life on it at one time a lot of people sit there and say it still has legs on it I haven't you know lumps on to that theory yet but okay so let me see here we've got these striations are here as well if you strike one two one two three four five six let's check see where there are in this next picture so this looks like that's it over here so one at the backside have those as well see the backs I don't see to have those but they've got two of those little nodules let's see if we can find this two now see there's two nodules here are they in the same place let's see no because look there's not all the other stuff above this so this is a D other side I guess of the DISA - downside I believe but once again I just thought it was curious you've got these really nice sharp cut yeah this is the back okay let's just one more time let's check that part this so this would be the back part here okay that's going to match up to that it sees weird I see how these like bubble up flex this almost looks like something that's coming across because you have the strangest should be dark especially with the shadows that are coming on here since the sunset from there all right like this like this is this is like just amazing what could be out there and this stuff could have been who knows once they were making spaceships and stuff out of this stuff you know what better to make a spaceship out of then then some party up there and working and flying around and I say that you know tongue-in-cheek because God is what is least it looks like something that was modified here again we've got a single sphere and it's up pretty big I mean let's take a look at that this is going to get for you know blurry but you can see it's there and under it is a shadow just like here you've got this and under it's a shadow so actually here's that walk up piece would look like we could saw see earlier from the earlier picture I do believe that sit and uh that what looks like an entrance or something well right on top of that there's a piece that has that let's go over there and check that out see wasn't it so maybe I'm wrong so maybe it's been chopped out definitely under here you see him cover this piece is interesting you know what let's brighten this up because I wanted to do this with the whole time anyway and then go ahead and use some contrast see what we get actually the other word that way we're gonna scoot exposure it's that it's that thin I did this earlier that's pretty dimmed let's you dispose your pump it off that way just kind of see what's around it you this is pure darkness and sub JPEG artifacts I don't know pretty let's see what's interesting is everything seems to have symmetry to it like these all come out like that that comes across these pieces come out you know they're this piece right here has symmetry to it all the way to top this looks like a corner and then we just figure let me cancel it make it bigger I don't know I love this one now and I wanted this is one of the ones I wanted to get back with you guys on and have it all the links will be below see and the best of here this this we took buddies and I were sending this around this was a story from spring of 1931 like you see Saturn right and look at this look at this compared to let me see that one would probably be the best job to look at but I was pretty small teach the guys out stop hassle time on anybody who's used that screen player this bingo pretty cool who would who would ever thought even with a little bumps in it that's why I thought was kind of cool that little Ridge when I saw that in the mailbox I was still over I like it it tell me if these people didn't see this in the future the wonder stories quarterly I'm sure something you can remember that if you are is the older realm or maybe your grandparents had some coffee others laying around whatever it was it was 50 Cent's back in 31 50 Cent's a lot of cash so alright guys much love it's good to get back to videos for you guys I'm going to make another video just talking about what's up the sky what we're doing with it what I'm doing with it as well some other projects I got going on and let's start making more videos against decide there's really busy with work I really have no excuse now it's time to get back in it I got boosting my guys but I lost some guys under me at work so I decide to do some retraining everything's worked out perfect so far and now Homewood will be making videos three four week again alright peace