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real personal story here real fast or on a personal note a story real fast but I'm in Vegas and a number of months ago and I want to call it a year ago but I don't think it was that long I think it was more like seven or eight months ago I had a group of college teammates and you know you get real close with your teammates you guys could relate whether it was college or whether it was high school you never forget you know you're it's your teammate and there's something special there but the other side of the reality is time goes fast I haven't seen these guys in 20 years and let's call it eight months ago eight or nine months ago I get contacted and they say hey listen we're putting the band back together we're gonna go out to Las Vegas to this senior nationals the toughest tournament and all of American wrestling and we're gonna enter something called the master you know what the Masters is real simply as you must be 35 years old to enter okay so some of those younger and faster and hungrier and busier guys so these guys on scholarships I don't have to do is go to class and wrestle twice a day they're not eligible it's further a little bit of the older guys okay and they're looking for Coach I thought I was gonna be asked to be asked to be on the team the ringer of the team if you will no they didn't ask me to do that they asked me to be the coach I said yeah of course absolutely and you know there was very little work involved just get organized with USA Wrestling get your Federation cards in get your flights get your hotels but then we wanted to have some uniforms we wanted you know we wanted to look the part we wanted to memorialize this and get singlets with our names on them and team names on them and so okay we did the whole bit great we're out here in Las Vegas not actually the point of my story it's not actually the point of my story the point of my story is today is weigh-in day so on weight cutting day it doesn't matter if you're in the masters or you're in the seniors or you're in the juniors or you're in the cadets if you got a cut weight it is not a fun experience so I got six guys and they all had to get a few pounds off and one of the things and this works for me as well but one of the things when I'm cutting weight whether I'm in the sauna or I'm in the bath or right if you're doing one of those salt baths or you're on the treadmill whatever the circum stance might be you're hurting and it's very nice to have somebody talked to you for whatever reason whether it's just the company whether it's just to listen but make sure you hear what I said it's nice to have somebody talk to you not to have somebody to talk to you do not want to have a conversation you're hurting you're low on energy your mouth is dry your mind isn't working as fast but your ears are there and if somebody can just visit with you and tell you some stories put some stories together all of a sudden those minutes go by pretty fast so this was a situation today at six guys and I start telling them some stories and I get done and we get to the weigh-ins and we come out and Matt turns to me Matt pal turns to me says hey you got to tell the stories on your podcast those are good stories I really appreciate them you helped me to make weight but you need to tell them and I thought well what the hell maybe I will tell them because one of them has to do with an MMA fighter now guys you might have been reading about this but I need to put this in perspective for you I live in West Linn Oregon I went to school at the University of Oregon which is in a city called Eugene that is two hours from my front door okay so when I was pursuing my dream of being a mixed martial artist and making it to be a professional mixed martial artist it's very tough to get into the UFC at that time now I can't even tell you Bellator I can't tell you Strikeforce I can't tell you the professional Fight League or the world series of fighting or alley Dexy or anything in between they didn't even exist I couldn't even tell you the WEC I'm talking about the year 2001 when I graduated and it was kind of in some of my athletic prime coming right up you know College and a Division one program it's trying to get into the UFC Nelson I'm watching a UFC one day and a guy comes out to fight named Gerald screaming out of Eugene Oregon not this time I'm living it back in West Lim I'm gonna win at a Eugene Oregon I lived there for five years we don't even have a MMA gym in Eugene Oregon I was far and away the baddest dude in Eugene Oregon Portland okay now we might have to have a conversation in Eugene OR Eugene okay cool I'm gonna cheer for this guy but I'm still at a loss I I don't I don't know where he would have prepared or trained or where he came from or how we didn't cross paths down there either way he goes out of fights fights a guy named Josh Thompson now not for nothing and not to embarrass Gerald streambeds is his name not to embarrass Gerald in the least but guys to tell you the story the way it happened Josh Thompson threw a punch that missed by a Texas mile and Gerald streebek collapsed to the canvas as though he was unconscious that punch had more air in it than popcorn and when they replayed it they replayed it on the screen and you can clearly see the punch never lands so the interviewer at the time says to Josh Thompson tell us about the punch and Josh Thompson's watching it on the big screen and he's like man this isn't on me and he simply says like live into the pay-per-view audience camera it missed he tells the truth it missed so how's that gonna work at the UFC you you you fall unconscious to a punch that never landed you're not fighting the UFC anymore okay great this is just the story and I'm not kicking I'm just telling you guys what happened so a number of years later I would say roughly 10 that would take us somewhere around 2011 2012 Gerald is still fighting and he's getting ready to fight in England and he comes up to Portland and he trains with us for a week I will tell you he was a hell of a nice guy and I want to say he was a brown belt at that time under Eddie Bravo I could be wrong and he was black but I knew the first day I trained with him and he was plain was gonna train with us for a week and he was gonna get on an airplane fly out to England be there for a week and then fight the following week I knew within 10 minutes of the first time I trained with him there is zero chance he gets on that airplane and there was even less of a chance that he's fighting in England or anywhere else in two weeks I just knew it well sure enough he came in every day was a hell of a nice guy good enough partner and sure enough he did not get on that plana he did not go out to England okay great that is my story and my relationship with Gerald's treatment well not so fast I put on shows at the Roseland theater out here in Portland and one day I'm not at the show and we've had well over a hundred events and I don't ever miss I missed a show and I get a phone call from my mother and she says look there was a fight and it was ugly and it involved Mike now Mike is a 68 year old man who actually with his bare hands built the cage so every show that we have Mike comes in and puts that cage together then he operates the door right somebody's got to open the door in between rounds somebody's got to open the door and the fighters gonna do they got to close it and then they got a properly security it's Mike that is his baby who doesn't let anybody else do it nobody's ever touched that cage but him and everybody knows Mike's cage Mike's rule somewhere Mike 68 year old Mike gets in a fight with somebody and Mike wins Mike wins the fight that's the good news and then it gets broken up well I come to find out it was against Gerald streamin and I'm scratching my head wait a minute this guy was a Marine this guy's 38 years old this guy fought and then UFC this guy's got a black belt under Eddie prop what do you mean Mike beat him yeah Mike won the fight it was real quick but Mike got on top and security stepped in and broke it up okay fine but if you cross Mike you are never coming back in that building so they escort Gerald out of the building and Gerald says hey I'll go but I got a bag downstairs now this is a three-story building so security has to go down three stories three floors to find Gerald's bag of which they find exactly what it looked like exactly where Gerald said it was problem it was unzipped it was wide open and right on top is a locked and loaded 45 Magnum Gerald has now got a lifetime ban okay and he was this close to going to jail but the owner of the venue didn't want that heat so he just goes beat it and don't come back and Gerald did have a carry permit I mean he was a Marine he did everything right the care permit but why in the hell he brought a 45 into the Roseland locked and loaded and why he would leave that in a bag unattended three floors to I have no idea the guy when I met him or what I knew about him he was a very nice guy for the fight game wasn't for him but he was a solidly decent person he served the country this is all I know about him okay let's chalk it up to Gerald made a mistake and move on move on with our lives that's where I think this story is going to conclude and I now know that won't see Gerald at the fights anymore and okay nope not so fast because two weeks later Gerald ends up in some kind of a traffic altercation in Eugene at 2:00 in the afternoon which is relevant to the store because now you're talking about broad daylight he gets out of his car the other guy gets out of his car that guy's daughter stays in the car this guy's in his late 50s again Gerald a black belt a UFC veteran a marine somewhere decides he's scared that right here in broad daylight with a nearly 60 year old man yelling whatever he yelled in traffic Gerald returns to his car gets the very same 45 caliber and puts one in the guy guy dies Gerald gets locked up now if I'm on that jury even if I like Gerald Gerald's gonna have to sit I just can't let that slide this guy is unarmed in broad daylight he is twice your age and untrained and you are a Marine cage fighting black but I can't let it go you gotta sit so Gerald sits Gerald then gets out okay he does like five years of like an eight-year bid because he claims self-defense and that's a really tough one that's a really tough one to go look this guy shouted at me and I was scared so I retreated to my car got a weapon drew down I mean really you went back to the car how much you get in the car shut the door and put it in drive and leave wasn't a whole lot of room there but there was enough room that I think he got like seven and a half to eight years and only had to survive ok great Gerald gets out within 10 months Gerald is back in handcuffs because in the meanwhile of being released he went and started teaching classes at the 10th planet jujitsu gym in Eugene Oregon and somewhere got handsy with an underage student so Gerald's locked back up with the whole reason I brought this story up and the whole reason I asked mat pal about is because Matt currently lives in Eugene and even though US MMA fans have been reading about this Bloody Elbow MMA maybe they've been doing articles on this from the beginning Gerald's in sentencing Gerald's in trial odd Carroll's locked up and he's going back in ok what I was asking Matt about it cuz I was just wondering if this was big news in Eugene where he currently lives and he said yeah it is he said I didn't know him for any of the reasons you just said about the Roseland and the 45 and the I don't know the UFC and marine I know any of that but yes he's been the front page of our paper and on our local news every single night for about 4 months now because of the trial and everything that he was going through so I gave him the backstory I talked about you know what happened in our our promotion I told him about what happened with the popcorn punch with Josh Thompson he thought it was a good story he told me I should pass it on to you guys but I had one more cuz we're at the weigh-ins for the US Open now this is more of a philosophical let me tell you guys what happened and let me tell you the philosophy behind it a number of years ago it would have been the year 2000 the reason I know is that year 2000 is it was Olympic year which qualified this very tournament the US Open qualifies you for the final Olympic wrestling and should you win the US Open not only do you qualify but should you win it you sit out of the mini tournament they have to go through a mini tournament I mean at the top eight guys whoever wins that then draws in to you you get to sit fresh and then you go two out of three so whoever it is that wins that is going to be exhausted and tired and beat up on before he gets to you that is your reward and that is your incentive for showing up and conquering the US Open in an Olympic year for the rules as they were back then okay great Matt Lindland this this the scales in wrestling I should add are extremely regulated and regiment hid and I'll tell you what I mean way in start promptly at four o'clock they put a great big clock in the weigh-in room it does not matter how many people are there it does not matter how many officials are ready nobody will get on that scale until the second hand exactly hits 12 and that clock exactly moves to four now that clock will continue to run and you have exactly 30 minutes to conclude the weigh-ins so you could miss weight you can miss weight again you could miss it again it's not like MMA where you get two shots over the course of the next two hours to cut the weight you have 30 minutes you could try 10 times you can try 20 times you can try no more times and give up right then but at 4:30 okay just like an Ironman competition they will pack up the table in the equipment and they will walk out it is over period does not matter who you are Matt linty happened to be the number one guy in the country Matt Lindland comes into that weigh-in for his second attempt at 4:29 in 30 seconds now new rule was implemented that year you must weigh in in a singlet you don't have to have briefs on underneath you don't have to have a jockstrap you must have a singlet you used to be able to weigh a naked should it come down to that you could do that for whatever reason they change that rule you have to have a single arm so Matt little 30 seconds left okay he gets on this scale he misses weight he gets off the scale he now has 20 seconds left Joe Warren happened to be standing right there Joe Warren was three weight classes less than Matt Lindland which meant he was a much smaller guy than Matt Lindland which meant he has a much smaller and lighter singlet than Matt Lindland and matt says give me your singlet 20 seconds left and ticking Joe gives him the singlet Matt gets on the scale there's eight seconds left and he is broken he is done and he says it his coach Anatoly Patrol of his standing right there I'm standing right there listening and Matt Lindland says I'm done I don't care what happens I don't care if I need to go up away I am done one second left he happened to be on weight he got off the scale when did the tournament the number one seed recovered by the next day made the finals one that sat out the mini tournament went on to the Olympic Games that got a silver medal so it is very interesting though and I happened to be there to observe this when he broke look anybody that breaks doesn't make weight Matt Lindland broke but he happened to be on weight and frankly look at all the circumstances that happened had Joe Warren not been standing there or some other athlete who could act that quickly rip a singlet off throw it to math because they knew the circumstance they knew that clock was ticking down they happen to be three weight classes lower this is a digital scale it doesn't just wait to the tenth it weighs to the gram and he was point zero point zero with one second on the official clock that would have scratched him went on to be an Olympic silver medalist everything matt did in MMA was based around that Olympic medal just getting his opportunity and I think Matt would have got it another way I will concede to that but at the time he got it Jeff Blatnick who was a fellow Olympian and Olympic medalist was the Commissioner of the UFC and Jeff Blatnick personally saw to it that Matt Lindland was given the opportunity and he took that all the way to title fights he took that all the way to a consensus ranking of number one he's now the highest rated coach in the United States of America there is no coach with a higher ranking than Matt Lindland and it's all because of that olympic medal one gram or one second would have changed the entire trajectory of Matt and quite frankly most of your listening go wow what an amazing story thank goodness Joe was there thank goodness Matt got that singlet on so fast thank goodness he happened to make weight in a second here man but you know what guys you all have stories like that to all of us do whether it's a girl you're dating or the person you're married to now how you met him you met him at a restaurant but you weren't even gonna go that night or you always go to the restaurant that night but the other person wasn't supposed to be there not whatever it could be happenstance and circumstance miss steps accidents and mistakes and luck that's what lights all about you could tell those stories a hundred times about I wouldn't even be here now if this hadn't happened and I love the guys that always rework the stories right I see guys do this but in business all the time nobody's more guilty of this than business you ever want to find out how some guy made it but he went wrote a book read this book enjoyed the entertainment and just know that was a whole bunch of misinformation guys do this in business all the time they make missteps they make suckers moves and five other things happened five other untanned Abul variables happen and they're suckers move bad idea works out I see it all the time but then they rework the story when they try to tell it they rework the story chapter after chapter page after page in their best-selling book that they put out and sell it on Amazon right now about how they knew they predicted the psychology of the customer they predicted the atmosphere of the market no you didn't you were no different than anybody else you threw a whole bunch of stuff at the wall and you saw what stuck and then when it did stuck he came back rework the story took the credit for