Sauna story clip Matt Lindland and the broken weight cut


Chael Sonnen


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a number of years ago it would have been the year 2000 the reason I know is that year 2000 is it was Olympic year which qualified this very tournament the US Open qualifies you for the final Olympic wrestling and should you win the US Open not only do you qualify but should you win it you sit out of the mini tournament they have to go through a mini tournament I mean at the top eight guys whoever wins that then draws in to you you get to sit fresh and then you go two out of three so whoever it is that wins that is going to be exhausted and tired and beat up on before he gets to you that is your reward and that is your incentive for showing up and conquering the US Open in an Olympic year for the rules as they were back then okay great Matt Lindland this the scales in wrestling I should add are extremely regulated and Regiment hid and I'll tell you what I mean weigh-in start promptly at four o'clock they put a great big clock in the weigh-in room it does not matter how many people are there it does not matter how many officials are ready nobody will get on that scale until the second hand exactly hits 12 and that clock exactly moves to four now that clock will continue to run and you have exactly 30 minutes to conclude the weigh-ins so you could miss weight you can miss weight again you could miss it again it's not like MMA where you get two shots over the course of the next two hours to cut the weight you have 30 minutes you could try 10 times you can try 20 times you could try no more times and give up right then but at 4:30 okay just like an Iron Man competition they will pack up the table in the equipment and they will walk out it is over period does not matter who you are matt linton happened to be the number one guy in the country Matt Lindland comes into that weigh-in for his second attempt at 4:29 and thirty Seconds now new rule was implemented that year you must weigh in in a singlet you don't have to have briefs on underneath you don't have to have a jockstrap you must have a singlet you used to be able to weigh a naked should it come down to that you could for whatever reason they changed that rule you have to have a single own so Matt little 30 seconds left okay he gets on this scale he misses weight he gets off the scale he now has 20 seconds left Joe Warren happened to be standing right there Joe Warren was three weight classes less than Matt Lindland which meant he was a much smaller guy than Matt Lindland which meant C has a much smaller and lighter singlet than Matt Lindland and Matt says give me your singlet 20 seconds left and ticking Joe gives him the singlet Matt gets on the scale there's 8 seconds left and he is broken he is done and he says it his coach Anatoli patrol of his standing right there I'm standing right there listening and Matt Lindland says I'm done I don't care what happens I don't care if I need to go up away I am done one second left he happened to be on weight he got off the scale when did the tournament the number one seed recovered by the next day made the finals one that sat out the many tournament went on to the Olympic Games that got a silver medal so it is very interesting though and I happened to be there to observe this when he broke look anybody that breaks doesn't make weight Matt Lindland broke but he happened to be on weight and frankly look at all the circumstances that happened had Joe Warren not been standing there or some other athlete who could act that quickly rip a singlet off throw it to math because they knew the circumstance they knew the clock was ticking down they happen to be three weight classes lower this is a digital scale it doesn't just wait to the 10th it weighs to the gram and he was point zero point zero with one second on the official clock that would have scratched him went on to be an Olympic silver medalist everything matt did in MMA was based around that Olympic medal just getting his opportunity and I think Matt would have got it another way I will concede to that but at the time he got it Jeff Blatnick who was a fellow Olympian and Olympic medalist was the Commissioner of the UFC and Jeff Blatnick personally saw to it that Matt Lindland was given the opportunity and he took that all the way to title fights he took that all the way to a consensus ranking of number one he's now the highest rated coach in the United States of America there is no coach with a higher ranking than Matt Lindland and it's all because of that olympic medal one gram or one second would have changed the entire trajectory of Matt and quite frankly most of your listening go wow what an amazing story thank goodness Joe was there thank goodness Matt got that singlet on so fast thank goodness he happened to make weight in a second around but you know what guys you all have stories like that to all of us do well in whether it's a girl you're dating or the person you're married to now how you met him you met him at a restaurant but you weren't even gonna go that night oh you always go to the restaurant that night but the other person wasn't supposed to be there not whatever it could be happenstance in circumstance miss steps accidents and mistakes and luck that's what life's all about you could tell those stories a hundred times about I wouldn't even be here now if this hadn't happened and I love the guys that always rework the stories right I see guys do this but in business all the time nobody's more guilty of this than in business you ever want to find out how some guy made it but he went wrote a book read this book enjoy the entertainment and just know that was a whole bunch of misinformation guys do this in business all the time they make missteps they make suckers moves and five other things happened five other untanned Abul variables happen and they're suckers move bad idea works out I see it all the time but then they rework the story when they try to tell it they rework the story chapter after chapter page after page in their best-selling book that they put out and sell it on Amazon right now about how they knew they predicted the psychology of the customer they predicted the atmosphere of the market no you didn't you were no different than anybody else you'd through a whole bunch of stuff at the wall and you saw what stuck and then when it did stuck you came back rework the story it took the credit for it