Save Money on BacktoSchool Supplies With Budget Mom’s Tips

Mika loved the so-called budget mom he's armed with a list of required back to school supplies for seven-year-old son James back to school you got your list and she says she can buy everything for just a few bucks first tip take time to research prices before you shop I'd like to do a store comparison chart Miko also makes use of online savings apps she finds a great deal right away if you spend $50 you get $10 off on back-to-school essentials plus you get 3% cashback off to shop at one of Miko's favorite stores for savings staples this is incredible we just got out of staples I got everything pretty much on the list so we got a and lots more all for six bucks now to the Dollar Tree for her final item headphones for computer lab so these are exactly the headphones that my son needs and they're only a dollar here's an extra fine they have these really cute insulated lunch boxes as well as these little containers that actually include a knife and a fork set for $2 you can pack your kid's lunch all of the shopping cost under 10 bucks [Music] you [Music]