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saving is a critical step in Photoshop so let's see how to do it safely to start open this image from the tutorial practice files now let's make it change to this file let's move this small inset photo just somewhere else in the image to do that go to the tools panel and click on the first tool the move tool and then move into the image click right on the small bouquet photo and drag it somewhere else in the image I'll just put it here you can put it anywhere you like by the way if that didn't work for you it's probably because you're not on the right layer we're learning a lot more about selecting a layer later in the tutorial series but for now you can avoid that problem by just going over to the layers panel and making sure that you have the small bouquet layer highlighted and then try dragging that bouquet again now that we've made a change to the image let's see what happens if we use the save command to save the image with that change I'll go up to the file menu and I'll choose save and what happened is that Photoshop went right ahead and saved over and replaced the last version of this image in this case the original file that we started with and that's something you don't often want to do so let me show you a safer way to save that doesn't save over the last version let's make another change again with your move tool selected click on that small bouquet photo and move it somewhere else in the image I'll put mine down here but you can put yours anywhere go up to the file menu and this time don't choose save instead choose save as that opens this save as dialog where you can avoid saving over the last version of your file by doing something different like changing the file name or choosing a different location to which the save the file by the way if you're on Windows this dialog box may look slightly different it does offer the same options that we'll talk about but they're just arranged slightly differently so what I'm going to do to avoid saving over the last version of this image is to give this version a new name I'll go to the save as field here that's the file name field if you're on Windows and I'll click just to the right of the name before the dot PS the extension and I'm going to type - V - for version 2 now if I were to come down and click Save although I'm not going to do that just yet I'd end up with two files the last saved version of the file and this changed version so that's a simple way to protect your last saved version which is sometimes your original of an image before we do click Save let's take a look at another important thing in this save as dialog that's the format menu here on a Mac it's called the save as type menu on Windows it's a good idea to save your files in the native Photoshop format which gives them a dot PSD extension while you're working on them to do that choose Photoshop from this drop-down menu and if you have layers in your file as we do make sure that the layers box is checked the big advantage of saving as a PSD is that it will preserve any layers or other editable Photoshop features that you may have added to the image so that you can come back and work with those again later but you can't see a dot PSD file on the web and if you're sharing it with someone who doesn't have Photoshop they might not be able to open a dot PSD file a Photoshop file so if you want to share an image that you've worked on in Photoshop I suggest you save another copy of it in addition to the dot PSD and save that copy in the JPEG format the jpg file could be posted online it will be smaller to send by email and it will keep any photos in an image looking good so let's go ahead and do that I'm gonna go to my format menu and I'll choose jpg and then I'll go down to the bottom right and click Save that triggers this small window of JPEG options I suggest you just leave these at their defaults and click OK finally here are a couple bonus tips about saving first save often don't wait until you're done to save a file you're working on second save early this is especially important if you've created a new file from scratch with the new command because until you do save that file hasn't been permanently saved to your system and could be lost if your computer crashes