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Breakfast Club morning everybody is te j envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we have a special guest in the building yes indeed I'm not gonna pronounce your name wrong cuz you're nice with the hands so you can introduce yourself to the people please what's up everybody a shemale Baldwin aka derailed Neil coming to you you are you made history being Delaware's first female professional boxer yes yes I mean to you it means a lot it means um you know doing something that's right for a change and being a role model you know and letting people know it's never too late so you said right foot a change yeah dirty Delaware so what were you doing before that before you were doing what was right I mean not necessarily was doing bad things but it's kind of special to you know do something to be a part of something to actually make history times like we are living in that also it it means a lot to me you know that I could do something and leave a legacy behind under my name boxing that I actually started off in basketball but basketball it seemed like it was like a job as you get like higher incentive rings from high school college it just seemed like it was a job so it wasn't fun anymore so I wanted something that was competitive do something beating people up is more fun that's more fun stress relievers not necessarily beating people up on me they you know actually agree so you know you technically not beating people up when did you realize you had a love for violence though I love violence um I don't but you hit somebody and it felt good you like you know what I actually know I actually started this over the jabs to lose weight but then I just picked up so much from watching all the older guys and picking it up and I just embraced it and it just became a part of me so you know I got a good eye for it it just happened when do you know you were really good at it when it just wasn't to lose weight um when I first sparked and I beat up actual grown man so he um he was about in his early 40s maybe oh you I was about 21 so you know I started late I got at least when he retired - after this bTW I'm sure you didn't continue fighting yet he did continue on he still he still comes in every now and in play he don't fight you no more no no was last time you pushed a man in the face um probably the beginning of this month why I mean I spar yeah yeah I used to spar guys but now I have females at spar torches you uh points the guy this move yet no not this one what a porch would no he refuses the DJ in Delaware I mean that's DJ envy so now what's the V Jitsu background yeah I know a visit to it but like you studied so - no I don't I just box but you can't just Bobby V Jitsu is a form of martial arts oh yeah is it for everybody always said that when you mentioned yeah they'd be like you mean you just sit over like no be just laughter Robin it was alright you make fun of him brother so you know what's do you never study you know no um actually I didn't even know about it until I actually came to that gym because I actually started like in a boxing gym but um I was the only female and they weren't really trying to like work with me well so then I moved on and then when I seen professor Greg and all them guys like walking to like boxing competitions and likes all their guys fight it was just amazing they were in shape they listening and they just killed all the shows and he always asked me come to the gym you know I was kind of edgy about kickboxing boxing gym and V Jitsu so I'm like how can they do all that in one gym you know so but I actually did go there and it changed my life completely like I've got so many fights um I did so many things that I never even thought I could do you know coming in always as an underdog and it's just motivating they need to do anything they talk me some stuff but you know I'll use it on the streets or anything like that you know I'll just walk all the people be like hmm you know like I like see things and understand you know the importance of it but that's not my style my style was boxing this boxing pay a lot when you when you box and do these matches not for females for males yes for females were still fighting um and it's an ongoing thing but they're opening up a lot of more doors for the females around like the Olympics you know with the time where we weren't even in Olympics we still have only three weight classes but it's a start you think there any double standards when it comes to the boxing for me oh absolutely absolutely there's always old Sanders because there's like times where I couldn't even get on the card or they didn't they still like some people promoters still don't even wanna deal with females but they see that's where the excitement is and then they see the open doors and we fight better than the men hmm so I might watch it Clarissa shoes get done oh yeah yeah she can definitely get down yes itself is bad so far my toughest match haven't had a tough match it okay being a female box or um that we get paid a lot you know like we don't we definitely don't get paid a lot we put our bodies on the line just this um the men do we don't get paid a lot um people just think it's like Creed and it's nothing like that we have a full-time job you know we still have to work plus get the training in and you know sometimes it comes up our pocket you got to work all day long then go train yeah yeah yeah not work overnight oh yeah so I work overnight is that it don't pay the bills and it's not and if I rely on to pay the bills I'm gonna be outside with a cup saying help me yeah yeah so now how do you keep a good guest regimen up like training regimen I have the support team um support team support system um you know as far as meals just planning scheduling you know people help me with that in order for me to you know concentrate on training because it's a it's a lot it is a lot this month this whole month has been a lot so you know I have a really good support team in support system you have that stuff let me ask you a question you know with mailboxes they say no sex before the fight is that the same with female boxes I mean I see homie over there shaking a head like yeah I mean ya know what I mean you know yeah you using a lot of energy right there so I would assume so but I mean I never tested that theory and I don't want to I mean you're you're using loud muscles you mean like so everybody different you know some people might put on some weight so you know I don't know you know everybody different so you feel like I have no history of boxing oh right you the first I am the first my father did a little bit of boxing bleh um he never really took it serious so I am the first and you have a middleweight championship fight coming up yes for the WBA um actually so on Thursday I mean I will be champion the fights thirdly yes the face Thursday at the boxwood casino in Connecticut he said I will be champion oh yeah um her name is Alicia Napoleon she's actually here from New York she's 11 and why she holds the title and I am coming to dethrone her what's your record my record is 3 and 1/3 award yeah that one go three wins in one draw one draw who's your favorite boxer my favorite boxer would have to be an wolf and Wolf she just came in and just killed it like she fought at 165 nobody wanted to fight her she was a beast in there like she came when she came she was always ready and she was motivated and she wasn't playing so and Wilson was my favorite box anybody knew you like me like you said you like Clarissa oh yeah I like a little bit everybody cuz everybody has a different style you can learn from everybody you know Clarissa she definitely she paved away um for even me you know most people um my actually sparring partner is one of my favorite boxers so I'm actually grateful for that as well her name is Kaylee Reese and she's also on a core fighting as well she's a three-time former world champion I liked a man of Serrano who's also here from New York South Pole we have a couple like a couple people on the team or like just amazing fighters so are you nervous but this weekend no do you ever get nervous before fight yes okay I get the jitters out but once that bell ring and we throw the first punch you know we see the me or her and it's gonna be her snot gonna be me hmm what can he want to fight okay you can watch the fight on a UFC fight pass um you could do it on your phone your tablet um TV if you have the access also you could download it it's for free it's a 7-day trial you're going there any time if you don't want to continue it then you can cancel it after a fight which moment sorry most people probably won't do it so yes just last question have you ever had to mind your business and somebody tried to rob you or do something to you and they didn't know you were boxer what happened to somebody that was recently year two a box out of Chicago she was walking and they try to mother I seen that picture yeah I'm sure he was sorry about that but thank God that has not happened to me now sometimes I do get mad no but at the end of the day I don't find out in the streets but if I had to I would if you have out with me if somebody say something to me boy am i bad it's a lot of people who do that like even family members they be on the phone talking or somebody sitting it'd be like well you all know my cousin a boxer and I gear up here right now and I'm like people won't even know you know but thank you for joining us thank you for having me follow you on twitter instagram oh yes yes um so I'm not on Twitter um because Twitter takes too much I don't blame you I have the time Twitter fingers but I do have Instagram you can find me at bad intentions 85 also facebook on my page shamil the real deal baldwin um and that's really look me up you know follow me also to fight is this Thursday in Connecticut at the Foxwoods casino get the UFC pass if you don't have it and I'll be the first male female world champion coming out of Delaware all right well shamil Baldwin we thank you for joining us thank you thank you for having me mr. 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