School Officials Hilariously Remix Old Town Road


Inside Edition


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did you just say old town what student is really excited about going back to school maybe the twelve thousand kids in the Burleson Texas Independent School District if your superintendent and teachers are bold enough to do this [Music] they're welcoming kids back to school with this Old Town Road parody and just about everybody in the country seems to like and know the song it's shattered records spending the longest amount of time atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart in history there's the school board vice-president literally on her high horse as little Nozick's and superintendent dr. Brett Jimmerson as Billy Ray Cyrus everyone else hanging on old town road and line dancing our teachers and administrative staff in the district at this point parodies have become somewhat of a back-to-school tradition for the district gotta read my home it's time to step it grandma tweeted from your phones through I'll be sitting fill me with the drone last year Justin Timberlake got the Burleson treatment for his mesh can't stop the feeling in 2017 staff showed off what they liked with this Bruno Mars parody [Music] and in 2016 jay-z and Alicia Keys 2009 smash Empire State of Mind the tribute to New York became broken say they make the videos to show that learning can be fun [Music] dr. Jimerson also says they had a grand old time rolling through their actual old town on horses even though this school year hasn't yet begun we're sure students are looking forward to what they might come up with next year for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Stephanie officer [Music]