Score 12 Penalties Win an iPhone 12

we had some audio issues so i'm just gonna have to voice over this intro the number of penalties you score in a row today determines which iphone you walk away with for example if you only score one you walk away with the original iphone and let's say you score 12 in which case this man is down at the job center tomorrow morning so i thought we'd go with the person who has the longest life expectancy first to deal with the pressure of going first so theo would you like to definitely have one of the shorts he's just had in fact he's vulnerable [Music] [Applause] [Music] by the way it's just sad if you missed the first one he's like it's done [Music] he had no idea where that was going oh said he's banking on you to get the 12. [Laughter] what is going on here [Music] right surely yeah i'd rather have this than one of the mid-range ones i've got a piece of history right here i've got the vaccine flowing through my brain [Music] before the shoot some of the competitors had inquired as to whether wearing number 10 would mean that they got one retake to which i confirmed that i was very open to bribes of all nature not on their keeper do i go same place you would oh he's created a absolute mound there isn't there's an avalanche coming there's no doubt in my mind that chris md does it on his own video got to but that's true look at the trip harold where are you going call it out i'm i'm gonna go for the gopro intentionally go for a shot [Music] oh wait number two just in case not confident not really get this iphone 12 [Music] not confident though not really naughty naughty i feel violently sick that was lovely though he looks violently sick as well you look like you're gonna [Music] well go get your iphone what's that a three [Laughter] yeah you know the thing is it's his own channel so you can take as many as you want and shame if you missed twice in a row be embarrassed if all that happened [Music] that's not it it's not in don't worry [Music] [Music] oh here's the marking you blind bastard yeah so you can't put it to the side you've got to go back it's got to be in a line we're going to be back here oh my god you can't read [Music] oh what is going on here oh no it is it's simon honestly i'm a big fan of your work that was sick take the safety off you got holes in your gloves do you harold you don't miss these come on down harry swap me in if you want i'm competing you're on death's door just wanna pass away that was one that was edited properly that one and charlie morley [Music] [Music] hear that noise [Laughter] all right this could be what i lose [Music] oh this was the no-brainer this was the banker this was the one that couldn't fail simon simon you were the one you were you're my token you were the chosen one simon yeah harry scolding and that's it rosemary waiting can we just clear up chris just said this is rose gold oh no oh harry bro this is it oh this is for a 10. no no there is no knife oh [Music] [Music] [Music] come on [Music] who would have thought harry would be the one who did it what a player a slight scumbag with the crossbar but rules are rules the best thing is i have the 12 max so i don't even need it you got someone you're giving it to huh i actually don't know would you be willing to cross my challenge between the boys to give it actually now i don't usually do these but i just wanted to dedicate a few words to liam who is starting his chemotherapy in april thank you so much for watching my videos mate you're a hero everyone else please don't flood the comment section with birthday requests for your cousins because they're not gonna happen two days