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[Music] baby what about spending the whole summer with us yes ma'am mom told me about all the cool things already do like fishing and the festival don't forget that at Red Rocks summer camp is coming up very soon that'd be a great opportunity for you to make some new friends whatever happens it's gonna be an amazing wait and see okay it's on your kiss on your time I'm calling dibs on your hand on your heart all my make everybody taste [Music] thank you you don't be silly sweetheart welcome home Tyler come on oh we missed you Wow look at you Rosie you've grown you're just a baby when I saw you last time I am George yeah nice big stack of bluebird Thanks no she's so big now huh you're probably wondering where Eddie is actually Joel already told us and I figured you wouldn't want to talk about it that's sweet but honestly the divorce was final over two years ago and Eddie and I just realized were better as friends than we were as husband and wife I know the feeling I made two friends the exact same way how long you and Rosie staying the whole summer Rosie really wanted to spend her birthday here and guess I needed a bit of a breather ah I'll bet you nice and busy at that big fancy restaurant out in San Francisco yep yeah pretty busy it's so good to be back here though everything looks exactly the same we don't like change any chance you guys have an extra apron in the back you know your momma hangs your apron in the same spot of course she does now your mom was telling me that you have got a teacher that you really really like what uh what are you doing I thought I'd help with a lunch rush what you have less than 30 minutes and you already want to get back to work yep some things never change no my CD player you still have this it's right where I left it this was my favorite [Music] [Music] okay so just give him a little fat Texas charm and you'll be done all right can I get everyone's attention I have to get out of here before Cory finds out I'm a vegetarian as you all know we're here celebrating the release of Cory's newest cookbook tales of a Texas pitmaster which and I haven't even told him this yet just reached enough advanced sales to make it his third [Music] that's all you guys know know that's and the ten years since you arrived from a little town in Central Texas Cory's built the barbecue empire that includes his books a product line and three restaurants he's open so let's give it up for Cory [Music] you know for vegetarians she sure eats a lot of reps now listen I do want to say a special thank you to my manager Sophia Johnson she has single-handedly helped me achieve all my dreams and I will be forever grateful so thank you guys for taking your lunch and coming here to help us celebrate it's been an amazing and exhausting journey one of my favorite quotes is from the late journalist named Harriet Van Horne who said cooking is a lot like love it should be entered into with abandon or not at all well I have entered into all of this with abandon but I've done it with each of you at my side I love you guys and thank you and go eat some more brisket baby back some Macra [Music] hey Tyler come here a second tell me what you think maybe a pinch more butter and chive thank you baby right it's good to have you back in the kitchen it feels good to be back George it seems slow for lunch what gives that really noticed George you've worked here for 20 years you notice everything probably just slow day okay you're not fooling me give it up okay but you did not hear this from me it's been slow like this for a while too new flashy barbecue restaurants open up in town this past year and they've pulled a lot of her business away your mama won't say anything but she's worried so we all I'll go check on the smoker what you drawing ladybug that's really good keeper thank you so your grandma said they still have some spots left at that summer camp I think you might want to try it it's just for two weeks what if I go and no one likes me are you talking about why wouldn't they like you you're smart and funny of course they're gonna love you you just have to say those things because you're my mom no I have to say them because they're true right well the meats cooked but Staubach just quit on us there we go so Starbuck is the smoker yep named after your grandfather's favorite Dallas Cowboy Roger Staubach and the backbone of this place ray always used to say without the right smoker your barbecue ain't gonna be right so we got him back but how long has he been on the fritz Oh little while now seems like something new breaks down every day around here I heard that good works Rosie come help me in the kitchen okay mom how come you haven't said anything oh honey there's nothing to say oh come on the smoker the broken appliances fewer customers it's it's nothing trust me we're gonna be fine things work themselves out now come on we've got hungry mouths to feed [Music] oh and it's done okay so admit it you had fun oh of course I did that's true you definitely have more energy than any of my other clients that's for sure and you're gonna need it for the meeting with the network tomorrow I think they're gonna make you an offer you said that for tomorrow don't tell me you forgot no I didn't forget maybe you forget I'm playing this Texas tomorrow Cory this is the network all the top executives are gonna be there what can possibly be more important than this I know I know I just know that we talked about this I'm supposed to be on a plane first thing in the morning to Texas no you said you were thinking about going to Texas there's a difference promise Jack and who's Jay again my best friend from high school let me get this straight you're putting Jay from high school over a national TV show that could change your life I promised them that I would go back to our hometowns annual barbecue cook-off Cory sit down thought I could help promote it I am sure he'll understand them this is the priority and you have to back out you know what where I'm from when you make a promise you keep it now I'm sure that you can use your magic with the network and they'll be happy to reschedule for later fine fine I'll buy us some time just please get back here ASAP you're not the only chef who wants a TV show thank you [Music] telling you man is so good to have you back buddy it's been like 15 years since he moved out to New York yeah something like that I'd say I really appreciate all those times that you hosted me and Karen out there that lofty years hey whatever happened with that huh you guys were together seven years I never got that story yeah you know it's just when she got that job out in Chicago I just couldn't I didn't have it in me to move Red Rock is where I belong I get it please change some huh yeah but it still feels like home see you yep this is yours yeah it's just a little renter I own nobody's here right now I figured it's a perfect place for you while you're in town I mean gasps rains it smoked her out there no bet huh and I have got you a fully stocked fridge nice see I know how to treat my celebrity guests stop it just thank you again for coming out really I mean it it means so much to everyone and your name alone is gonna seriously boost our attendance this year I don't know about that I don't know who would put you in this festival I mean did they not know you in high school are you talking about what was a good high school student Jay when I saw it and now you're a teacher and a real estate mogul apparently what is the world coming to well don't worry I am NOT gonna challenge your status as red rocks most notable son any time soon I'm gonna make an omelet you won't like I'd love to but I gotta go I'm volunteering at the town summer camp you're what you're following cheering come on who are you Thank You Man season appreciate you mmm something smells good in here ah good morning I'm grinning so are you thinking of signing up for that cook-off probably not well why not saw you in the restaurant yesterday didn't miss a beat I don't know the contest was always you're in Daddy's thing not mine sure I'm just saying it could be your thing too if you wanted I don't know I think I'll stick with French cuisine whatever makes you happy huh that's all I care about oh I forgot I saw one of Cory's cookbooks in the kitchen mm-hmm I thought that was really nice what he wrote to you yeah wasn't that sweet of him who's Corey ah good morning Cory is was Cory is your mom's good friend here you go sweetie when dad and I FaceTime last night he said he might try to fly in Pullman birthday that would be great why are you wearing a backpack oh well I was thinking I might want to go to summer camp today if you're okay with it of course I'm okay with it I think that's a great idea why don't you eat your breakfast and then I'll Drive you over to camp thank you okay gather round everyone please gather round welcome to this year's Red Rocks summer camp now over the next two weeks we want all of you to try as many new experiences as you can whether that's a dance class or a nature hike or horseback riding the goal here is for you to have the best summer of your life right before we start I'm gonna ask you for a favor I would like you to help us tell everyone about the Red Rock BBQ cook-off in Festival by handing out these flyers after camp all right you there can these oh sure okay all right before we get on to our first activity I'm gonna give you an assignment all right it's not homework I promise I just want you to start documenting your camp experience and that could be anything that you want it could be taking photos drawing pictures anything that is gonna tell the story of your summer and it's not due until the very end of camp now let's split up into threes and let's go [Music] you wanna come join us for the treasure head Tyler you should be outside enjoying this beautiful summer's day I am enjoying it by cooking in your kitchen again I'm very glad to have you around so I'm not gonna complain hmm do you think that daddy is actually gonna get here for Rosie's birthday I don't know he's got a lot on his plate right now I don't want Rosie to get her hopes up everything all right with his business yeah yeah it's what I didn't want you to worry so I didn't say anything but Eddie and the other investors decided to close the San Francisco restaurant so I am currently out of a job what happened you know how it is at first you're the hottest place in town until something new opens up oh honey I'm sorry no it's okay it's okay when I get back a lineup some interviews and my savings will get us through until then you sure you'll be okay yes I will be fine honestly I could use the break and maybe it's for the best they didn't seem like they were gonna offer me the head chef position anytime soon couldn't it have said something no I didn't want him to do that I only wanted to move up if it was because of my skill good for you [Music] hey there lady but I can't believe I barely had time to talk to you since you got back from camp how was it it was really fun I think I even made some new friends that is great and you should enter this I don't know I don't exactly look like your everyday barbecue chef mom not kidding you could totally win this well thank you for the very confident [Music] do you remember that day one of many wins for you and daddy hmm I'm gonna enter the contest this year what really oh honey why the change of heart $25,000 would really help around here think about it new appliances new parts for the smoker and being in the contest is gonna bring in a lot of free advertising for the restaurant Tyler honey that's very sweet of you but don't be so stubborn I want to help you alright 3d besides I'm doing this for me too I want to show Rosie that sometimes taking risks is important and you'll never win unless you try that is my girl [Music] Tyler can't believe it but so good to see you good to see you too what it's been a while yeah are you doing here they said this is where to sign up for the contest so your am well this is it actually I'm in charge of running the festival this year can you believe that of course you can it's so good to see you I'm so glad you're gonna be competing in the cook-off yeah me too oh and I don't know if you heard but we announced the participation of a celebrity chef who's gonna be joining us all week and taking part in the cook-off finale that's exciting who is it actually I think you know [Music] you [Music] is it me or does it feel like we just saw each other yesterday I was just thinking the same thing I mean probably because we haven't aged at all oh so true no we look exactly the same shark seriously Cory you did so well for yourself this the books and the restaurant and I think I might even own one of your spatulas oh that's embarrassing are you kidding do you know I would give for a product line it has paid some bills I bet and I'm sure your parents are very proud speaking of your parents hell are they oh they're great they retire to Cocoa Beach what about you huh have you been hey I heard you had a daughter I do I do her name's Rosie that's great let me guess who your source is my mom yeah and full disclosure I googled you oh really probably once really well something you might not know about me is I'm divorced no new that to my mom how was that but that was hard um you know it was actually very friendly we just really wanted to keep everything normal for Rosie so that became the most important thing of course I almost forgot I saw one of your cookbooks at my mom's house it was life is a barbecue and I wanted to thank you for what you wrote about my mom oh look I meant it's the truth everything I learned I learned from them in that restaurant hmm how long are you in town for I'm gonna have to go back to New York right after the competition take care I should head back to the restaurant yeah it was really nice seeing you again you too maybe we can see each other again maybe you a great Tyler [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] it great to see Cory back in town again yeah it's been a long time have you been able to catch up with him at all I actually saw him at the sign up for the cook-offs it was amazing to see how he hasn't changed with all that success you know I know you were both young but I always thought that you two were gonna end up together yeah I think we were just too much alike you know we were too headstrong kids he wanted to take the world by storm and oh honey thank you we told me that before thank you yeah I'll bet you had a hunch mmm maybe I'm just glad that the two of you are gonna be cooking together ya know like the old days we're not gonna be cooking together even if I do make it into the final round we're gonna be competing against each other thank you I'm just saying it's nice that you're gonna be spending some time together again he thought he's single right now is he come on okay fine I won't say another word what do I know anyway I'm just your mother yeah good don't put the holes too close together okay why well we puncture the meat to let it breathe while it's cooking that's silly it kind of is but it's also very important ladybug can you grab me a tomato sure hey mom do you think we can try one of the recipes from your friend Corey's cookbook grandma are you okay I'm sorry honey I'm fine yet grandma just needs to be a little more careful next time right grandma why don't we put this away so we can focus on what we are making I'll check your dish okay [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I made [Music] starbuck don't quit on you now [Music] [Music] she's give me till the end of the competition okay big guy [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi Eddie hey just wanted to touch base and see how you're holding up it's been really nice being back in Red Rock I even entered the barbecue contest that's great you're back behind a smoker again fantastic it only took 15 years how's Rosie she's good she's spending the day with my mom do you think you're gonna make it for her birthday I hope so but I'm about to catch the flight to San Diego we got a new place opening up this weekend in a manager just quits oh right right but it would mean a lot to her so I I hello again hello how are you on this fine Texas morning fine I'm just running some errands yeah anything can help us yeah I'm sure you do god I remember that what that disarming smile of yours how's my Charming's this is my disarmed okay you wanna grab dinner later I don't think that's a good idea I mean we're competitors now oh right right I mean but there really are we because I'm just competing against the finalists oh okay so you don't think I'm gonna make it into the mine Oh French cuisine you're the most effective I will have you know that I will be competing against you in the finals and therefore we need to act accordingly and so I can't afford any distractions welcome ladies and gentlemen and a special welcome to the contestants we are thrilled now this year's cook-off will take place over the course of a week leading to our grand finale which will close out our festival now the first round is going to be an on-site cook-off and the menu will consist of chicken plus one side of your choice your meals will be evaluated by our esteemed judges after which they will eliminate six contestants four will remain for the semi-final after the semi-finals only one contestant will be selected to participate in the grand finale or they will face off against our own celebrity chef red rocks Cory Turner and their champion will be crowned and good luck to you all [Applause] [Music] question yes of course how does it feel getting back home again I love right rock and being here kind of feels like I never left excuse me one second okay let me know if you change your mind mother don't think that Smile is gonna change my mind or help you win this contest either mr Turner no okay then let the games begin [Music] what's going on in here boys testing a new sauce for the competition I figured since people are starting to come into town for the festival we could set up a sampling tray out in front and drum up some new business Hank get people excited about the restaurant I love that idea anything that gets new customers in is okay with me mm-hmm it's delicious Tyler good then take this tray putting you to work [Music] Sofia hey how are you do you realize this is the first time we've talked since you left no I know I know it's just been slammed and they've got they've got a couple of more things you know hey listen maybe we can just do a video conference no we can't do a video conference they need to see you in person and Cory they're losing patience I can't stall them forever I know I know sorry hey listen I'm gonna call you back okay all right fine I'm not finished excuse me are these for anyone great you know a little different than Red Rock here but you know being here makes me pump the brakes a little bit which I need well home has a way of doing that yeah that's a good idea oh yes Tyler his idea it's her brisket actually if you want - absolutely hmmm that's amazing hey she here she's around back at the smoker how's the old Starbuck doing what are you doing back here well it's just out out front with your mom and I tasted your brisket I'm time man it's crazy good they really like the bark on it was perfect okay I see what you're doing what coming back here trying to spy on the competition get some new Intel on my song don't know if I make it into the final round yeah I'm gonna tell you something mr. Turner I will have you know that my brisket and my sauce are off limits you need to flip those ribs so you would have distraction or you see you know I didn't come back here for any insider information I just came back here to tell you that that was honestly some of the best brisket I've ever had really really and I wanted to see you again great music by the way that takes me back well why is he leaving so sadly okay mom I know you think of Cory like a son but you can't just let him come back here without at least giving me a heads up the first round is in three days he's the competition now okay you're right I'm sorry I forgot how competitive you are oh here we go yeah I'm just saying ever since you were a little girl you have always had that desire to succeed and it only makes me love you more mm-hmm your sample idea is working we are getting so busy in there really [Music] this was my absolute favorite place in the world when I was your age really yeah of course thank you good to meet you well it is hi Cory this is my daughter Rosie oh hey Rosie I'm Cory nice to meet you nice to meet you your mom brought you to the best ice cream in Texas yeah here's a guy from the cookbook right I am mom and grandma were just talking about you really they were talking about me what are they saying it was it breakfast and I was asking mom about your cookbook mmm anyway oh you want to say between mom thank you for the invite Rosie I would love to do that here you guys get someone ice cream on a beautiful sunny day it's no better than that right mmm what else do you guys have planned today I'm gonna work on some of my sketches yeah what are you sketching well pretty much anything but right now I'm working on people any good she's definitely the artistic one in the family hmm someday I'd love for my pictures to hang a museum you know what if you practice I bet that dream will absolutely come true you know we kind of do the same thing what do you mean well you just boom okay whether you are cooking painting it's all about taking chances being creative because you never know what the winning combination is gonna be all right oh you take a chance and try new things [Music] that's really okay let's see [Music] that's not bad that's not bad at all here you do one I'm gonna add chocolate you [Music] okay everyone can I get your attention please we're gonna do things a little bit differently we have a very special guest joining us so can you please help me welcome chef Cory Turner normals tells me you're having a great week huh well to show you how to make some good things in the kitchen talking about cooking a little bit so what I need to know is who is ready to make something delicious how are you guys doing huh these beans coming think you made forgotten something well let's give them a taste and see mm-hmm Rosie look they're sweet enough so you got your brown sugar right I'm getting a hint of the garlic powder well I think they're fantastic you're bettering your mom's really really look just don't tell her I told you that good job okay [Music] this was a great idea please remember try not to hit the picture uh-huh should've gone pro all right yeah so tell me are you feeling about potentially competing against Tyler oh I guess there's my answer Tyler I'm not worried about you know by the way I thought I was coming back here for an appearance at the cook-off not to actually compete in it well you're actually gonna take this competition seriously aren't you yeah one more all right oh ha ha I am NOT getting that oh hey I went by Joe and race yeah man well I went through those doors I'm telling you that memories huh oh man but you know what it did it reminded me why I started cooking in the first place yeah it's barbecue in that restaurant and that family the whole reason I learned to build a chef because now you know now I'm just what who brand write books and making appearances of managing restaurants I must get my hands messy and just being in the excitement all day long no and I'm grateful of course but what just made me stop and think maybe [Music] I'm up [Music] at least I know I won't have to shagging balls [Music] you keep pacing like that you're gonna wear a hole in my porch sorry I'm just I'm trying to figure something out I feel like the sauce for the brisket just isn't right either the sauce is good it got a whole lot of new customers into the restaurant yeah but that's the thing I don't want it to be just good I don't want it to be great I want it to be extraordinary and it will be the competition's in two days Tyler you've gotta trust yourself I'm not expecting Tyler Dawson MA they're expecting the daughter of Joe Andrade Dawson the five-time winners of the Red Rock barbecue contest come sit listen you have always been so hard on yourself but all this overthinking just lead you to doubt yourself listen what were you saying - Rosie the other day when you two were cooking in the kitchen ah don't eat so much at once you'll choke no you told her that the most important thing about cooking sometimes is letting things breathe well I believe that the same is true of life sometimes you just have to let things breathe [Music] [Music] all right everyone we're going to be starting in a few minutes I want to remind you that on today's menu we have chicken and one side dish now contestants please make your way to your stations here we go wish me luck you got this mom fly sweetheart make us proud Tyler okay [Music] well how's it going here good you don't forget the waiting to glue smoke okay thank you all right can see what I'm not wanted Cory yes I wanted to say thank you for what for what you said to Rosie for making her feel so special she is special like our mom contestants places please good luck and remember you have three hours on the clock to make your chicken and your side dish ready [Applause] [Music] answers turning the pages do all your chapters hoping to find your place somewhere so right someone to somewhere to run you can't escape - and know that you [Music] we found your place [Music] [Applause] [Music] injustice one minute left quotes one minute left [Music] [Applause] you are so ready for that you've been tripping for your whole life that's what happens now well they're almost done with the tasting and then they'll rank us well it looks like the judges have come to their final decision now let's give all of the contestants [Applause] tasty but it smelled fantastic here we are thank you very much very good our first semi-finalists Jeff's team second semi-finalists Jeff Austin [Music] and our third semifinalist it's none other than chef Jackson and last but not least our final semi-finalists [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's great job thank you Laurie Sophia what are you doing here I'm here to get you on a plane back to New York [Music] Rosie Tyler George Joe this is Sophia my business manager we have some things we have to deal with so here's a second you haven't returned any of my phone calls so I come track you down myself and network is calling me constantly they want to meet with you tomorrow tomorrow Sophia there's no way I can do tomorrow Cory they are chomping at the bit I have been working with them for a long time I have never seen them this excited Cory Cory we've got to go to the press conference over at the community center hi I'm Trey sorry Oh jzps Peter J she told me sorry barbeque sauce all right we have to get down to this thing would you like to come with us oh I'm going where you're going okay what are you planning to do with the prize money if you win well I think you mean when I win it'll probably take a much-needed Caribbean vacation chef Tyler didn't your parents win this competition five times yes yes they did and is it true that you and chef Cory were once highschool sweethearts that was also a long time ago i still feel like i'm 18 though [Applause] before we finish I want to announce the second round menu for the semifinals which happens in four days no menu will be barbecued ribs along with your choice of sides and we will be once again at the on-site grills and remember three of you will be eliminated all right good luck to y'all I'm gonna beat you that spear so what's there to do in this town Jay Jay Jay Jay is the perfect tour guide and he would love to take you and show your charming little town I would tree one and Sophia was just saying how much she wanted to see all the sights of Red Rock I did tradin you seem like a very very busy woman you guys have fun [Music] it's over here [Music] moved it yeah it's held up pretty well given how old it is I should hope so I think it took you two hours to turn that in probably you wants it what what is going on up there okay listen I know that it's been a long time but I can still read your lousy poker face okay I guess I was just wondering how it went with your manager oh listen for the record she is just my manager no she flew down here because we have a big meeting set with the network he wants to do a show so she's just making sure I get back there in time so she says she's not leaving without me so I guess that means she's gonna stick around till I finish the cook-off good then we get to keep you a little while longer it was a sweet thing to say you know you don't want to disappoint Jay the citizens of bedrock I don't want to disappoint Jay and right Rock definitely not what about you when you go back to San Francisco I think we're gonna stay for a few more weeks until school starts wow they gave you a nice vacation it's not exactly a vacation what do you mean okay the restaurant I was working in you closed down about a month ago so you're looking at an unemployed sous chef with a thing for barbecue oh sorry Tyler no it's okay hey you ever just think about opening up your own place yeah of course but I want to do it on my own terms and I want to do it in my own time mark my words though one day it's gonna happen I have no doubt you might have a little bit of your Slayer I know I I know what with the sample table outside and all the local news coverage we've got people coming back but we were a little busy right now so we could really use a hand hey what are you doing here tell me what you need chef okay we need fully loaded baked potatoes and biscuits on all these orders [Music] chickens up [Music] anything else [Music] Hey oh yeah watch it buddy okay make it stop I can't oh I'm so glad you guys closed early tonight I mean I don't think I had anything left in me honestly yeah mom and Rosie wanted to get to the festival early so you can thank them I will oh good I think that was the most fun I've had in a kitchen in a long time back in San Francisco I wasn't really enjoying myself no for me feels like that was the first time I was in a kitchen in forever just but all business lately boardrooms book signings just you know I miss it I miss that that was yeah it was [Music] that one that brings back memories hey why not why not even time to watch your children play let go of the day [Music] come on take my hand don't know where this leads or what is planned all you need to know is I understand [Music] come on take my [Music] Eddi [Music] you I'm sorry I hope I'm not interrupting no no no you're not interrupting I'm sorry uh this is Eddie and this is Corey nice to meet you Corey nice to meet you as well well hey I said I said I wouldn't beat Jaden Safi over at the festivals all night take off go nice to meet you you too all right see you guys why didn't you tell me you were coming I wanted to surprise Rosie and you well I'm definitely surprised Rosie's gonna be so happy to see you though where are you staying I got a room at a hotel nearby great yeah Rosie and my mom are at the festival and I was just about to head over do you want to go with me I'd love to I can't believe I haven't even looked at my phone all day you're gonna need a napkin when you're done I am glad Cory made you be my tour guide boy didn't make me do anything no in Texas we we eat those not where though these alone could keep me in Red Rock for another week oh and the network got back to me I bought us a little time oh great where you been oh it's over a help with Tyler and Joe at the restaurant oh yeah oh and I met Tyler's ex-husband hi Cory hey where'd you come from we were just on the ferris wheel on welcome to I ride I'm Jay I'm Eddie nice to meet you I'm Sofia I'm usually not this messy it's my favorite longboard I'm on it I'm on it excuse me going ferris wheel so dad wanted taking out with me in town a little bit tomorrow do you mind of course not I want you to spend as much time with him as possible while he's here cool and thanks I had a really fun time at the festival he's gonna hit it was really fun wasn't it I even collected some ticket stubs and a postcard for my summer camp project I'll bet you made enough great memories to make yourself a beautiful sketch absolutely it's funny I never knew how much I was gonna like it here I was hoping you'd say that I mean San Francisco is great and but I really like spending time with Grandma and helping out in the restaurant but most importantly I really like spending more time with you mom need to come on [Music] just the flavor eager me because the sauce that we made here today for the pulled pork may not complement your chicken or say you're ready pretty good but listen the reality is this what's going on the Women's Auxiliary requested a private cooking lesson with the town's favorite chef not a kind of group you say no to up the spoons all that's out the window it's a pain I feel excuse me that's the duty calls and that's why for me it's important that you don't want to use too much workers are in the sauce excuse me back of the room it seems like you disagree with expert opinion sorry I know I just you're making pulled pork right I am indeed okay well this is just my opinion but I really feel that the worst is sure and garlic are what brings out the boldness of the pork very interesting suggestions why don't you come on up and join the discussion no no I just ladies please welcome red rocks on chef come on we'll get you looking official and you can just take over and make your own version right let's give this a try shall we well as I suspected worth to shirt and garlic are key to pulled pork but you know what this is a good start good start that's a good start okay so I'm just so we're all on the same page she said that my finished sauce was a good start for her hmm interesting so we'll just take this as a base I think we're gonna do one and a half tablespoons of Worcestershire and then I think I'm gonna go with the raw garlic ladies what do you think about a blind taste test with chef Corinne let me be your assistant here okay yep just make sure this is nice and plenty tight thank you don't want you peeking at all Oh sauce number one nice Thanks pretty good huh here comes sauce number two okay hmm which one tasted better - definitely well you were right to choose my sauce [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this morning you woke up and you were not a potato sack champion look at you Ferris wheel come on so much work to do I should go it's five minutes of you but it's really good to see that you still have all the competitiveness really going yeah I'm a kind of intense especially when it comes to potato sack versus four darts okay maybe a little too intense I know I'm very I think it's this whole afraid to fail thing I've been carrying what are you talking a kitchen it's this cook ah toilet toast stop I guarantee you you are as talented or probably more than what your parents are are we stuck just let's just think [Music] it is beautiful up here yeah everything's beautiful up here [Music] I guess I did oh yeah how was your day great we went to the festival's petting zoo and then we went on a hayride Wow and are you hungry oh of course okay come on let's get something to eat thank you can I talk to you for a second yeah what's going on so I was waiting for that phone call and we just got confirmation we're opening up another restaurant in San Francisco and we want you to be head chef I can't believe this I mean you may have to cut your summer vacation a little bit short but isn't this what you've always wanted it's amazing I just I need to think about it what's there to think about I thought you'd be over the moon a week ago I would have been but now I Rosy's birthday tomorrow I have everything I need to prep for the second round it's just it's a little overwhelming I just need some time to think I think it's good you're thinking it's real okay you're obviously taking it seriously so just let me know soon okay yeah of course thank you don't thank me you've earned it okay [Music] you [Music] sorry sorry mom I've just distracted why this wrong Eddie offered me the head chef position at a new restaurant in San Francisco is it is but I don't know if I want it but hasn't that always been your dream yes until this week being back here cooking barbecue again spending quality time with you and Rosie it just it feels right maybe I belong here look there is nothing I would like better than having you and Rosie back here but I think you really have to think this through and make sure it's what you really want and I know one thing for sure whatever choice you make it is gonna be the right choice for you and Rosie thanks MA now let's go get that birthday cake and this time let's walk like they do in Texas nice and [Music] [Applause] you have it whoa no I love it you love it sweetheart everyone is raving about your ribs and quite right - they're delicious thank you I'm trying out a new sauce for the competition so hopefully the judges like it tomorrow - well they'd be fools not - good to see you let me take that for you fix you a plate yes please why don't you take this one thank you it's some water man happy birthday pumpkin oh yeah gonna come play pin the tail on the cow with me why don't you let your dad eat and I will play with you okay I'll be there in a bit I promise okay thank you hey Cory yeah you all right doing great it spread like this how can you not be yeah you uh you based in San Francisco as well yes oh yeah yeah yeah yeah how's that you like it things are good and how about the cook-off you ready for the final round huh I guess but you know it doesn't matter how much prep you do something always happens that you don't expect I hear ya by the way you got yourself some pretty steep competition here my friend these ribs are delicious she is a great chef that she is and if my company had to put Tyler in charge of the restaurant to begin with he may have survived I just hope she accepts a new offer a new offer oh she didn't tell you we offer Tyler the position of a head chef back at her new restaurant in San Francisco Wow looks like her summer vacation may be cut a little bit short you know how it is right hey when opportunity knocks you gotta run yeah well you'll excuse me it looks like I got to go pin a tail on a cow now there's something you don't see every day right nice to see you do [Music] the fun part for me is definitely seeing the prep and seeing everybody put their robes together and start to get things ready to go and then slap it on the grill so look I think it's made a great competition good luck hey hey how'd it go with the reporter was that was what oh they're little smiley wave thingy listed is there something going on no I mean I don't think so okay maybe look he's not my normal type but I find him interesting and cute and enough about my love life just go charm the good people of Red Rock and I will see you after the contest hey I just wanted to say thanks for coming to the party oh yeah fun Tennesseans talk to Eddie good guy yeah and he told me about your job offer in San Francisco that Congrats that's that's huge come a no brainer for you huh when you uh when you're thinking about heading back I don't know when are you heading back to New York Terry let me ask you something take your places we're about to begin remember that you have four hours to complete your rib dishes along with your side dishes ready set barbecue [Applause] [Applause] thank you watching two hours left two hours the smokers and getting buried [Applause] chefs we have 30 seconds [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] well it looks like the judges are in the final stages of their deliberation I'd like to take this moment to tell you that the next round is going to be a little bit different the two finalists will be cooking a dinner of barbecue brisket off-site along the sides for ten pre-selected local tasters and they will be making the final decision and it looks like we have our decision for the semi-finals [Music] and it's unanimous and the chef will be moving on to the final round and competing against chef Boyd Turner and chef Tyler Dawson [Applause] any of this is gonna happen yeah work cut out for me [Music] you it's just wo Mia it's always better the next day would you say this is the best birthday cake ever best birthday ever I didn't know how so many people would come and see you were so worried about making new friends at camp you took a risk and it paid off really proud of you do we have to go what do you mean I mean do we have to go back to San Francisco we'll see there you are I really missed the old swing that used to hang over there oh yeah remember how you used to make me push you so high you were fearless was I hmm it's crazy how life changes that in people well it can if you let it what if I lose tomorrow Oh sweetheart we started you are not going to lose and it wouldn't matter if you did I only care if you're happy thanks I'm working on it knock knock hi George what are you doing here just thought I'd check and see if y'all wanted to go to the festival dance oh well Tyler why don't you go I'll look after Rosie for you you sure of course okay well that sounds fun just let me get changed I'll be right back sounds good hey buddy I mean Sophie you down with the festival you coming with sure sure all right what's wrong nothing it's ridiculous you're thinking about Tyler aren't you Jay I haven't seen her in 15 years and now we can't get her out of my head what do you think was gonna happen I don't know I don't know what's gonna happen I didn't expect her to be here I didn't even think about it I may not be the best person to give relationship advice but what I do know is a you two were crazy about each other all those years ago from what I can tell you I think you still are exactly and I don't want to go back to New York until I know how she feels all right then you can make fun of my two-step thanks man [Music] now let's show [Music] you can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the girl [Music] Oh can you excuse me for just one minute Oh eleven years of you knowing you how do I not know you could dance like well it's all about you partner you look happy Tyler I am which is why I can't accept the position you've offered me I figured as much you did yeah you just seem different I thought that job was everything I ever wanted but it's just not anymore I would really like for Rosie and I to stay here in Red Rock and give it a try she loves it here and I think it'd be really good for her for both of us but it's something we both have to agree on so Rosie means the world to me but if this is what's best for her and I'm pretty sure that it might be then you have my blessing thank you so I'll fly back as much as I can that said I gotta catch a flight I'll see Rosie before I mean it sounds good thank you oh and good luck tomorrow with the final proud of you man whoever put this festival together yeah sure nailed it come on show this city girl how it's done down south the case expands faster [Music] I know I'm the competition but may I have this dance lead the way [Music] you ready for tomorrow mostly I still got a lot of prep work to do sorry it's probably gonna be a long night so I figured a little calm before the storm wouldn't hurt I'm glad you came you look beautiful thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] there's something I should tell you I'm not going to take that job in San Francisco really Rosie and I are gonna stay here for a while Wow [Music] that's really great is it have your plans changed too it was actually something I want to talk to you about - there's a fire at the restaurant [Music] so it looks like the source of the fire is the smoker and then it's spread to part of the kitchen in there there's some obvious smoke damage and that we're gonna need to replace some of the electrical that smokers cooked no pun intended at the end of the day you need about a month before you can reopen okay thanks Bill my mom's inside she wants to see you before you go a lot worse no one got hurt the restaurants finding you got lucky am I gonna do now what the insurance company say oh well it looks like they're gonna cover us so probably be fine that's great news but honey cook-off yeah I don't know how I'm gonna cook a meal for ten people by tomorrow without a smoker maybe this wasn't such a good idea maybe I should just throw in the towel no no things have a way of working themselves out [Music] Hey I know it's late I was just thinking about you just want to make sure everything was okay yeah I guess I mean you know it will be I just have a lot on my mind yeah well is there anything I can do if you want to come use that kitchen over the loft you're more than welcome to do that I think maybe I turned down Eddie's job offer too soon and maybe all of this the fire the smoker maybe it's a sign a sign of what that I'm fooling myself that we are fooling ourselves I mean my whole life is in San Francisco your whole life is in New York Tyler up until about a week ago I thought I had a pretty perfect life I thought I had everything I never dreamed off and then I saw you again and I met Rosie and now I can't imagine what my life would look like without you guys in it it's not gonna work Cory [Music] [Music] so I just wanted to apologize about earlier I was confused and upset and and you deserve better from me that's fine it's not fine and I wanted you to know that even though we're competitors I'd like us to work side-by-side tonight hear that good so we have 12 hours to make two meals for 10 people are you with me what do you think let's get to work [Music] [Music] pretty please can you try and play my favorite song didn't know the words to take [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we'll see about that all right you're out look at the time I'm gonna be late she's been gone all night I've been calling and calling her and she's not picking up don't worry they'll be here leave you me oh I think I see them yes ladies and gentlemen our finalists have arrived [Applause] thanks guys we took five years off my life all right are you ready for this yeah like a leg or well now you decide whose dish is best Cory Turner's are Tyler Johnson [Applause] I mixed some of dads recipe with my own you did I thought it might bring me some luck will hey all packed and ready to fly out after this we need to talk well nothing good ever comes after a line like that I've decided to make Red Rock my home base for in a while like a while meaning like indefinitely obviously I'm still gonna run the businesses and get back to New York when I need to but this town is where I want to hang my hat so no TV show then you know this may be your last shop I know I need to follow my gut on this one well I can't say I'm not disappointed we put a lot of work into this so no but I honestly have to say how different you're all around here I am I think I understand and you're right this place certainly does grow on you and besides I'm still your manager so a few trips every year back here to check up on you won't kill me sounds good it was great meeting you Tyler oh you have to leave already yeah I got a bunch of meetings tomorrow so I have to catch the last flight out of Dallas but I have no doubt we'll be meeting again bye everyone call you later okay is everything okay and we have a winner ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of the 30th annual Red Rock BBQ cook-off [Music] [Applause] congratulations thank you shall we give this another chance I was just thinking the same thing [Music] okay let's do this huh should we do this [Music] [Applause] [Music] you