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[Music] you blew through your allotment quickly because my expenses added up quickly would you care to reveal those expenses apart from my usual I hosted a benefit for the hungry the press called at a party at Patrice's where you and your friends broke two chandeliers damages totaling thirty five thousand dollars it got a little out of hand at a five-star restaurant and I suspect that your friends were the hungry who benefited we've been appointed to make sure your money lasts which it won't if we allow you to keep wasting it food and clothes those are necessities $300 on a scarf $2,500 on a handbag uncle Lyle don't you think that mummy and daddy would want me to be happy yes of course then how can I be happy if I'm broke happiness doesn't depend on how much you spend look the party you called it a benefit was a mistake but it's in the past it was two weeks ago I promise from now on I will be so much better I know you will I think uncle miles away why are you keep inviting her seriously she's such a drag and what is she wearing look grew up together and she just keeps following me around how is my favorite socially fabulous we are celebration oh honey we need to take your shopping yeah oh no I have my own clothes thing if that's what you call those it will be my treat what did you get more money again oh I got you a present open it yeah it's about that you spend $1,200 on this too much of it just puts it on me wife you look so tired I had the craziest day at work there's this guy and if he keeps calling me crane absolute rubbish hi uncle io mm-hmm the benefits Mauro I remember mm-hmm for the Children's Hospital right yep I will be there you can count on me all right mm-hmm Chloe I need a getaway oh when right away I am so bored oh I wish I could I'm having some little alterations done hey I totally wish I could Isabel my dad's getting married again number five well that was quick come to the wedding this time he says when I'm there for it the marriage lasts twice as long hey Isabel I can't talk right now I'm at work no for long what I'm going on a fabulous getaway okay come with me I can't maybe you didn't hear me I'm working come on that bug company can do without you for a couple of days are you purposefully ignoring me come on we'll go someplace that you want to go like wow I can tell you've given this some thought skiing you love skiing we'll go to Sweden no Switzerland they've got good skiing there right well yeah pack your bags we'll leave tomorrow my treat as if all things are really busy right now I can't just leave can you ask can you ask one of your friends no I already tried that well I'll go by yourself I can't besides I need somebody to entertain me Isabelle fights you owe me fine [Music] it's perfect right that's really nice hey are we gonna check in soon hello let's go inside okay hey um I'm starving do you think they have a burger here mm-hmm is about I just don't understand how could the Presidential Suite just not be available yeah I know and it's not like this room is really pretty you didn't even have a reservation now you sound just like that angry little man downstairs do you want to go swimming I think I'm gonna go I'll meet you there [Music] hey are you going out hi um yeah we're just gonna go to dinner oh well I'm hungry and cold too didn't you bring anything for my sweetheart I mean I guess you could come with us gee thanks but I think I'll just get room service okay bye hey wait don't um don't stay out too late because we've skiing in the morning whoo I hope they have a hot tub near the bow is it bell are you mad you ready of course you're still asleep wakey wakey wake up Isabelle wake up Isabelle your credit card got declined what come friend come on we're already going real slow you know the snow still be here if we go later oh my gosh it was quite a drive out here if you didn't notice from the taxi fare and besides as much fun as it was sitting around waiting for you to wake up I'd rather not waste the time well can you just wait I think I think my skis out broken he gave me broken skis no your skis are fine this isn't even skiing yes it is it's cross-country skiing it totally counts but you're not even that good at it what I like it besides it's really great exercise but I pictured slopes and harmless flourishing as we wait for the ski lift and drinking hot beverages and sitting in the hot tub not this you know really ski do you I do too I know how thank you you say you go skiing all the time no I go to ski resorts all the time it's very different okay well listen it's actually really fun you just have to give it a chance sure make up really look always look your best it is the one rule I live by just you do your thing and I will do mine alright okay are you ready [Laughter] do nasal get back and I get something hot to drink this is it I've had enough yeah well you promised me skiing so honest hello well you never specified that and besides this is what I wanted to do all about what you want isn't it you are so spoiled yeah I get that all the time from you of all people you know what you're making me regret ever inviting you along more like guilt tripping me into coming ever you get to freeload on a dream vacation boohoo first of all I am NOT one of your groupies or freeloading friends well I'm paying for this and I say no no I am tired of you holding the money over my head I don't do that yes you do it was your uncle's idea to help my mom when she was sick and that was so great but you anytime you can you like to take credit for it your being would know what is ridiculous is you using that to get me to do whatever you want like come on this stupid trip I don't even understand what you're complaining about I mean you should feel lucky to even have me around you were so full of yourself you actually think that the whole world revolves around you apparently not the whole world no I I'm I'm just gonna go ahead you can catch a cab back to the hotel okay princess fine be that way fine you know what when you're done with your whole cross-country thing you may as well pack your bags and go back to your stupid bug job because I'm uninviting you Missy oh well see you at home don't hold your breath now that you're gone I may extend my vacation and add we have some fun well that is what you do best Isabelle [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] covered are you still out here you [Music] hello hello I just need to use your phone [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] did she go to the fundraiser I got word that she used the company plane to go to Switzerland you have the authority to cut her off there's the clause in the trust that gives you the option to hold back what she's to receive when she turns 30 I can't hurt her of course not but you can do what's best for her even if she doesn't like it I appreciate your guidance well good that should clear up the issue but I am tired of these surprises that keep coming at the end of the quarter so let's get it right did you talk to Lyle yes how did he react not the way I did she has him wrapped around her finger you know I know he loves her I understand that but there's a line and she crossed it years ago well give it two weeks she'll be in hot water again maybe he'll listen then hey you awake yet hello you're in my house back away I live here are you dangerous if I said no are you gonna believe me no oh my head hurts because you hit it you attacked me no but I could have you broke into my home I knock and then you broke in the door was opened that doesn't make it an invitation listen to me I need some food and something to drink I'm not your waiter I know but you'll have to do that's it get out I can't I'm head well they didn't stop you from getting here I got lost not my problem I'm making it your problem now get me some food [Music] silly in a can get up [Music] all right rested fed now go on your way my ankle hurts and it hurts when I breathe well sadly not enough to keep you from talking it hurts when I breathe call an ambulance uh no fine a cab whatever there's no phone here no internet either all right then you'll just have to drive me to the hospital where's your car I walked from where if I knew that I would have gone there and not come here just get your keys I don't have a car look I am rich all right so whatever it takes just get me back to civilization there is no car here why I don't need one so you've just isolated up here I was until you got here wait there's really no phone car a snowmobile no then how am I supposed to get back to my hotel there is nothing within 25 miles of here no bus stops either the all the way down is to walk doesn't make any sense how do you live I mean there must be a way down I have someone who brings me what I need once a month great and when do they come next two and a half weeks the only way down in the mean time is on foot fine this will just have to do oh no no this will not do you can't expect me to walk anywhere like this I don't expect anything except for you to leave well I'm in no condition to do that so that's out of the question sure you are just stand up hop over there until you're on the other side of the door I'm not limping my way back to civilization thank you I don't care where you go but you're not gonna stay here you wouldn't just throw me out in the cold cuz I'm tired cold I need a bath which one's my room don't you have anything else you mean women's clothes yeah not my closet do you want to take a look at that ankle are you a doctor sit down what is that thing don't touch it Oh what are all these they're mine leave it alone what's her name Jeremy I'm Isabel Elliot in case you were wondering yeah all right this is probably gonna hurt it does sprained oh really bad enough that there's gonna be some bruising - stay off it for the next few days hey it's normal you know are you going to get a bandage I'm gonna wrap it but loose enough you can slap the movement easy yeah I thought you just said I was not meant to move it well you want some gift for emotional it's gonna hurt a little bit more but heal with less complications that way you don't want to heal too tight or it's gonna hurt more when you walk around on it later what's wrong with your side I hit it where ribs I don't know well you said it hurt earlier when you were breathing yeah we're there ah yeah right there she's probably got a cracked or bruised rib there's nothing you can do about it just take it easy and let it heal how do you know that anyway I just do what's with all this flannel anyway is this mountain man thing your permanent look my clothes are none of your business you should really have some standards and you're welcome whoa oh [ __ ] us better than Chile [Music] [Music] [Music] it's so weird hands up nice if he wants to young dr. Jeremy Andrew Enderman [Music] do you mind some of us are actually trying to sleep would you rather freeze so much for good manners I'm a guest remember guests are expected just [Music] [Music] what are you doing relaxing if you're so who didn't game do you ask before doing anything get out why it's not like anything else dude I said get out I really whoa it's not like I had time to pack a swimming suit just make yourself at home [Music] come in Henry what are you doing you should have met my sister oh she's beautiful she was quite a bit younger than me adorable until she turned five and then she was a little firecracker so where does the book gets it from maybe rumor was fierce and standing up for people and animals - I can't count how many strays she brought home I suppose that's how my parents felt about her husband just another stray not good enough for her so they thought you disagreed oh I stayed out of it I could have been supportive I had a little interest in marriage or a family of my own and and they died and there I was with a little Isabel to watch over hmm what was she like as a child precocious always thinking she'd smile sweetly to win you over and that was it not much has changed them oh I wasn't well suited for the role she I doated on her how could I not what are you doing building a birdhouse what are you 14 it's a hobby what are you doing out here anyway what do you mean well you're obviously not from here what gave me away and what's with the no phone no internet no anything it's a bit boring don't you think it's quiet I like it that way it's too quiet so what about you I'm a city girl in fact if you had any contact with the outside world you may even recognize me let me guess an actress a celebrity of sorts great I'm rich congratulations I've always been rich it suits me you know you still didn't answer my question that's right fine is your point what is that meatloaf let me guess vegetarian no I've got tastebuds that is horrible I don't know how you could eat that did your parents forget to teach you any manners after they gave you the golden pony yes because they died all right that's it ground rules you're gonna stay here you're gonna follow him got it oh no am I in trouble you're in charge of lunch you want anything else to eat you what I'm making or you fend for yourself next try to be helpful whining all day doesn't count just just try not to be so difficult I'm not alright wake up princess you are the epitome of rudeness you're the most self-centered person I've ever known you've been here for almost two days and you've done nothing but whine and complain I don't think a thank you has ever once crossed your mind [Music] right I am completely bored oh sorry what do you want well I don't mean to interrupt but I'm bored and I'm going crazy did you have anything to do you play chess you know what's your turn right oh you'll be happy to know I decided to forgive you for earlier really huh wait okay we'll just play please just hey so do you play chess very often it's a two-person game right I just thought you might be one of those genius types you know that plays against themselves no not that's smart good point check why don't you just sacrifice your queen I would never do that why not too important check you understand you're losing because of it right I told you I'm not that smart this is true checkmate you could play a simpler game you could go higher Janaka count to 10 will you make it macaroni and cheese really aim to impress don't you how about some dessert Mountain Man [Music] [Music] Thank You Freddy [Music] there wow this looks good uh-huh what what you put on here just some paprika I've seen it used before adds flavor this yes cayenne pepper no it's not oh well I didn't know right you know my guy right I mean you think I'm gonna have paprika just lying around great it's it's really not that bad okay well I made a cake too really great prepare to be impressed good really good yeah oh you swallowed that I didn't want to be rude I followed the recipe I don't understand are you sure I know how to read of recipe how much salt did you put in just a bit and this sugar a cup and a half I think this is salt that's the sugar I grabbed the wrong one see this is exactly why I don't cook ever no never great now I ruined your shirt not that it's a great loss it'll wash out do you have another shirt that I can borrow please yeah here why is it you said you didn't have any of this stuff I said I didn't have any in my closet Jiki whose is it my ex-wife's I'd rather her stuff get dirty than mine thank you [Music] you've been icing that ankle by the way thank you so much for the clothes feels so good to be a woman's clothes again besides the paparazzi make sure for any moment and I would love to be ready practically famous [Music] so and how long have you been divorced three years and are you okay with it so is that why you moved up here yeah this is our getaway after the divorce I made a permanent so lonely though so don't you miss home or being around people that's what I wanted I need it I don't know if this dress works is it - blah it depends on your shoes oh hi Catherine hey guys umm it's going where's Isabelle I don't know she was going out of town well I know I just I thought that maybe she would be you know I never mind some hot but completely poor guy probably caught her attention she's so gullible she doesn't even realize plate only went out with her for her money well if you could just let me know when you see her that would be great umm there's some hot water on the stove if you want some I'll just know oh all right yeah did you make all these birdhouses yeah did the birds actually use them Oh free food helps there's so many little details it's an interesting hobby a lot of time my hands my first moved here what did you do with them all I have a guy in town who sells them for me uh you really need to lose the flannel keeps me warm so do layers my clothes my choice [Music] do you have any painkillers yeah in collecting uppers the ribs both how bad is it better than before you mind if I take a look did you rewrap this yeah it's too tight the swelling's gone down so it's good have you had many sprained ankles no she was found like you have I'm have a medical background like a doctor certainly don't flaunt it do you know can I keep it quiet otherwise yeah all the neighbors will come around anytime they have any sort of leak right so do you practice around here at all no how come just um you're too young to be retired what sort of a doctor were you it doesn't matter were you a cosmetic surgeon don't get your hopes up can't blame me for asking but you should tell me because I have an idea an interest of eating well tonight how about I cook does that mean you don't want any more of my salty cake nope then you can help Oh Melinda what I want you to draft an agreement about Isabelle specifically her being unfit to receive the chunk of the trust when she turns 30 it has to have Lyle signature it needs to be unanimous I think it will be find out where she is what she's doing it's been a little too quiet and that never bodes well she'll throw a fit about this I know but it's worth it if it means she'll change it looks so good just put a little powdered sugar on top and we're done yeah oh you have like like on your face yeah all right so what's something called anyway I don't know how to pronounce it it's um souffle it's good like it's really good well thank you so I was wondering about home for you New York despite the accent my dad was from London and my uncle sent me to schools out in England I think he want me to keep a connection you know like with family you never picked up the American accent I can if I want to it just never seemed very natural to me you know is your uncle still around oh yes don't want to be missing you hadn't actually thought about that I mean not that I count on a search party finding you in the Alps but yeah no I don't even think he knows I'm in the country anybody yes a friend I'm pretty sure she's not looking for me either I was in a bit of a huff with her when we last parted she probably thinks I'm out here having fun without so what'd you guys fight about oh you know me being me we're actually a really odd pair how's that well during summers I would spend them with my uncle at his house and the other kids just it was like I had the plague they had no idea how to torture me but Katherine was nice she listened she told me what she thought when she thought it just never beat around the bush so just always staged friends no we're really different so she's working class you know rich remember yeah but you're more than that Ram I'd like to think so you know it's a wonder that we're friends [ __ ] the way we treat each other she's really sarcastic and I think she thinks I don't know but but you're rich not stupid exactly yes we'll put so how do you treat her good really well when you consider all of the money I my uncle gave her mum her mom she got ill and they had loads of bills she says I hold that over her head but do you really I treat her really well cuz sometimes I buy her little gifts and things yeah but that probably doesn't matter much to her does it no probably don't but you know that's probably why I consider her a friend like a good friend true friend yeah and you should tell her that when he said you were a doctor did you really mean therapist [Music] [Music] [Music] Jeremy I do hope you understand why one day I forgive you don't let this or the malpractice ya youth forever Karen Isabel yeah oh my goodness you have not got a stitch of flannel on you it's gone I have to do laundry no it looks so much better all right don't make a big deal about it what are you doing um that's just um sitting and writing a letter are you gonna send that pigeon carrier pigeon do the pigeons come to your birdhouses to eat them not mine right well never mind then what are you doing I want to see if you want to play chess don't you have like a game box thing like video games Yes No why not well for one cuz I'm not 14 right chess is then lucky me so what do you do no need did you go to college yes three actually but none of them suited me three huh well it's hard to study for a job that you know you're never actually going to need sounds rough but I'm also on the board of directors for a charitable foundation face what foundation and the Elliott foundation your families yes but that doesn't make it any less impressive of course not you know it's not like I don't do anything I have a life okay so what are you do on a normal day I guess up get ready you know meet friends for lunch we go shopping sometimes we go to the spa um and sometimes I do appearances for like parties or benefits you know those sorts of things so uh socialite you know I really don't care for that term particularly change we should do then I would but what was that that's the dryer I'm gonna pull the clothes out will finish here yeah okay what happened I was carrying that and it's so heavy and the hallway is really narrow and I you broke it it can be fixed right not really well don't you have some of that wood glue your kids just hey you don't stay away from that all right I want you to break anything else it was an accident I didn't mean to yeah well your excuses aren't gonna fix this Jeremy it's just a birdhouse no I realize this doesn't look like it's worth much to you but it means a lot to me probably can't get that I do get it and don't talk to me like that like what like I'm too stupid or shallow to understand your whole thing well sorry princess but the shoe fits you know what that's nothing compared to what you have ruined what's that supposed to mean yeah I may have ruined a lousy birdhouse but you've ruined people's lives doctor you don't know what you're talking about you wish I found your secret guilty stash what were you doing going through my things finding out what you were hiding those are my things you're snooping through my past I think that I have a right to know exactly who I'm staying with oh right I could have buried you in the snow and nobody would have cared is that what you said when you killed that gown nobody will even care who are you to judge you don't do anything your whole life revolves around shallow people and how much money you can spend it's useless your whole existence is pathetic you you [Music] just a day Ysabel hello [Music] you oh my hands isotope nope there you go was there an animal out there like a wolf No are you sure there's not a lot of wolves that come out this way then why were you in such a hurry it's freezing out there it's only gonna get colder so you weren't scared not of a wolf I'm sorry please just don't do that again okay no Jeremy I'm I'm really sorry about everything I was angry I shouldn't have no you were right you probably don't say that very often do you yeah nope so I started getting these really bad headaches how on earth was a reaction to something the flu they last for days so I got a prescription pretty heavy painkillers worked well really well but then I kept taking them you know I felt better with them bad without got to a point where I couldn't get off him they didn't want to my wife noticed and I got defensive came a wedge in our relationship yeah another one I ran out of pills and had a surgery scheduled it's fairly routine but yes know about the risk but I was a wreck without the pills so I found an old prescription laying around just someone take the edge off but just couldn't focus never should have entered the operating room that day thought I could handle it patient died on the table there I was sued for malpractice I lost my license my wife was just horrified the whole thing thought that I blame her she was she was dragged through a lot too I moved here after the divorce did you try and get some home before the surgery I didn't think I needed it but after yeah yeah court order to rehab how was that better than the alternative you know it took a while for me to listen not just about the pills but about what I did talked a lot about forgiveness and God do you think God has forgiven you yeah but I can't imagine anybody else has I mean her family family friends I'm sorry that's that's a lot to carry it's probably why rehab suggested taking up new hobbies that's why you learn that yeah something to take your mind up but better than the other hobbies they were suggesting that's um yeah that was my first one I am so sorry I broke it I overreacted I'm also sorry that I snooped not quite the happy story you were looking for huh I just should have respected your privacy I just I tend to do whatever I want I've always done whatever I want picked up on that pretty quickly you noticed so you might have asked about your parents it was a car accident and I was four there must have been hurt I think that's what everybody thought and so they basically gave me whatever I wanted so I just took the attention in the PC and used that to fill the void there's no substitute for parents though huh no I thought the money was I mean that's all I had left of them that sounds really heartless doesn't it yeah you know sometimes I wonder what they would think of me now like if they were here I mean just because they're know that's not an excuse is it anyway yeah you want some help up the stairs oh no I got it Jeremy you know you're not that man anymore right still shave them though no no mr. thing actually the technicians paid for this too well it does take about 48 hours to see the results uh well I can have another technician out to your mr. Lee have an awesome day you yes our company put it through hello what did they say you know exactly what they say I thought you should hear from them this time she's been there almost two weeks I tried calling her but she won't return the call she's not going to change and I think you agreed that she needs to I had Melinda draw up an agreement you want to cut her off not completely just until she's ready to be responsible you know if she receives that next portion as planned it will be gone in mere months you said yourself she's been indulged her entire life has been that way it's time to intervene [Music] Ysabel yeah hey yeah so it's scheduled for the delivery guy to come tomorrow oh right cool yeah you're probably ready to get home um yeah it will you're probably excited to have you home back to yourself well I just thought you'd like to know thanks Hey hi Oh yep see just catching up on some reading um so I came to invite you to my own farewell party I made the guest list oh yes yeah barely though it was it was close therefore Wow um I also thought about calling it the thanks for not letting me die or be eaten by a bear outside in the cold party yeah I think I like the first one better yeah that sounds more fun okay so yes yeah yeah okay so do you want to come down in like an hour sure okay you want some help no I'm good you sure yep I'll see you [Music] Wow did you make all this from scratch [Music] all of this was in my Wow you look nice thank you am I the first one here that was really good thank you you're welcome where you going to get dessert you made dessert you know it's not a party unless you have fit I agree s'mores yeah you know how to do this right the girl from London is asking me about s'mores okay ready yeah thank you [Music] you're gonna band it you're critiquing my cooking no your small making it's very different I like it crunchy that's burnt to a crisp oh okay perfect cookies well you don't have any graham crackers oh yeah for me it's like so messy oh good it's good little messy I'm sticking to chocolate mm-hmm I'd be wondering why did you let me stay in the end when you broke in oh you love to put it that way don't you here well as much as you ticked me off I'm not heartless so I'm lucky it was you then I mean honestly as impossible as I thought it was I've actually felt really at home here mm-hmm so is that why you were so bossy me get fussy okay so what you call bossy I think was just you know some valid fashion advice I mean we had to break you from all that flat and get rid of that whole Paul Bunyan thing you had going on I mean look how much better you look now it's like night and day I guess I was just lost without you [Music] I joined it up here even my drive you crazy in August of the time [Music] I don't want you to leave tomorrow you want me to stay here yeah but my whole life is back in New York well they haven't missed you yet but eventually they will and as much as I have loved being here with you I can't just stay forever yeah right Jeremy I'm not like you I can't just leave it all behind do you really want to go back to that life it's all I know I have too much too much is it always about money with you I never said anything about money I have people who care about me unlike you are conscious leave them behind and hide away up here look why don't you just go back home I have nothing to go back to that's not true you could start over start fresh I'm sure everybody has moved on by now I doubt it what if I run into the family or someone who remembers even that would be better than being isolated up here with nothing but your past is hanging over you I don't expect you to understand because you don't face consequences I do too really or do you just make excuses and throw money at a problem until it disappears well it's better than just running away with your tail between your legs just wasting your life instead of giving yourself a chance to have one and actually being happy who are we kidding you're gonna go back to your socialite crowd your rich lifestyle you have everything you need you'll forget about me yeah I will it's late delivery guy gets here early Deitrick sauerkraut yeah I don't eat this stuff try it I didn't order it this time or the last five times well keep it for emergency great so if I run out of everything else I'll have six jars of sauerkraut we're just about done here good oh did you want me to send these clothes back to you now keep him Ysabel goodbye get out of your district [Music] really I'm fine uncle I know my ankle doesn't even hurt anymore it was all just a big accident but I'm home now all right I'll come and see you tomorrow right okay bye no no you are correct in fact I am making a note on your account as we speak so mm-hmm oh okay thank you so much for calling you have a great day oh my gosh you're back and you're safe I'm fine did you really get lost I never should have left here um as I recall I'm the one who left you behind yeah and then you got lost I I just assumed you got back to the hotel okay Catherine seriously don't worry about it no but you're fine I was um well taken care of yeah okay um you know I can probably sneak away early if you want to tell me about it I have to go and see I'm cool I'll next oh yeah yeah yeah yeah but I will call you later all right okay yeah sure I I would have riled up every agency there is to find you if I'd only know I should have told you where I was going well when I didn't hear from you I am soon well I didn't think it was anything serious it's my own fault I didn't expect you to think anything was wrong you could have been hurt or worse I was lucky hello glad to see you returned safely thank you perhaps this isn't the right time for us to discuss this I think it is the right time we've discussed this at length she just returned from a very traumatic ordeal it doesn't change anything wait what's going on per the provisions in your parents trust we are revoking your next inheritance installment what provisions if the three trustees unanimously agree we can delay the payout until such a time as we deem appropriate and we have agreed Isabelle your outlandish spending combined with your unacceptable public behavior it's not what your parents would want will provide for your living expenses it'll be a minimal amount but you'll be fine and beyond that perhaps you should find a better use of your time something more meaningful look this whole Switzerland thing it's demonstrated just how reckless you've become we we feel that this is about your safety and protection as much as the preservation of your future all right all right it's fine the money was meant to provide for you Isabelle but it won't keep you happy forever I know and she's not he should super I heard that he might on grounds of it [Music] [Music] hey um are you busy tonight your uncle really cut you off yep but I don't blame him you are unusually calm about this no seriously you are starting to freak me out what happened to you over there I realized I have everything the money goodbye yeah so isn't it a little odd that I don't have everything I want well what more could you want to be happy I mean when I got there it drove me crazy but then it was so peaceful and calm and quiet and I actually really liked it the quiet or the quiet with a good-looking guy did I say he was good-looking he's dead yeah he is so give me the rundown on this guy I was horrible to him and he told me so and it made me feel disappointed how like in myself you know like for the first time maybe ever it actually bothered me that I had hurt someone else I've been pretty terrible to you too not terrible terrible I held money over your head just like you said and basically guilted you into doing whatever I wanted you to do why because I wanted you around because maybe I didn't want to lose the one real friend that I had and you got the money thing was the way to do it yes I did visible I am friends with you in spite of the money really yeah wow this guy really got through to you do you miss him yeah you should try and see him I'm pretty sure he'd rather just forget all about me he asked me to stay but you said no yep and now you've changed your mind well I only said I didn't want to stay there didn't mean I didn't want to be with him [ __ ] is about I have seen you chase loser guys all the time this one's better than that and you really liked him so wasn't he worth fighting for [Music] excuse me good luck hello I'm looking for Jerry yeah he's gone gone he asked me to watch the cabin gone where to America I think why I I don't know he left this morning thank you he's not here what are you serious apparently he's on his way back to the u.s. to find you I don't know I mean I'd like to think so but he could be going anywhere so I'm what are you gonna do I'm on my way back now but I don't want to miss him oh yeah how soon gonna get back not soon enough look I know that you're at work but is there any way that you could just go to my place just in case he shows up [Music] yeah no yeah I can totally do that thank you that's really it go ahead you thought this year about him - no sand him in hello mr. Eliot I'm sorry to barge in on you like this how do you know he's a bell she stayed at my home for a little while I'm I'm sorry I don't know if she told you about her trip to Switzerland but you're the man she met yeah do you know where I could find her Catherine hey he isn't here but maybe he could have gotten here before I could get here but then why wouldn't he be back by now well maybe he was delayed you he was on a commercial flight right probably then he's on his way well maybe I'm not the reason he was coming out here at all well what other reason would there be I don't know I can think of a few maybe he never forgave me for the way I left the things that I said no Isabel you're being too hard on yourself I've never said that to me before well he's never true till today listen go get some rest you've got to be tired and besides you've jumped like a million times owns hi hi you're here yeah I mean he said you were coming but who um your delivery guy Deitrick you you spoke to him yeah I went to find you well I came here Wow i I'm really tired I've gotta go I've been babysitting this apartment all day and there's no food in the house kiss Isabelle can't cook so I'm just gonna go get them um takeout probably on my way home sorry but you guys you guys have a great night though listen I'm sorry I was cruel and selfish I've always been cruel and selfish you are the first person to make me want to be something else and no I was being selfish I was asking you to leave everything behind but I wasn't willing to do the same maybe just even master anymore it does because you deserve somebody with a future and for me to have it you you