Sega Menacer Lightgun

all right so this is the Sagan Menace er this is the official light gun for the Sega Genesis this was released in 1992 the same year as the super Nintendos super scope now I'm not sure what you want a mout first so I have a feeling that the super scope maybe came out just a little bit earlier than amanecer but nonetheless that basically came out around the same time and they're actually very similar in a lot of ways first off they're both cordless so they both require the receiver on top of the TV so that the governor and of course talked wirelessly to the system now because they're wireless they both take batteries the super scope takes six double-a batteries unfortunately the minister takes six triple-a batteries why Sega why would you use triple-a batteries hardly anyone ever has Triple A batteries lying around and to make it take six of them and they clearly had enough room the batteries go in the back here and you know there's a lot of wasted space here actually it actually looks like they could have easily cut out the space and made double as fit so why would they make it run off triple ace I don't really know that's my biggest complaint with the gun and you know I've used the super scopes and same thing having to put six batteries in it and plug in the receiver and put the receiver on your TV I don't know about you guys but I'd rather just have these late guns have a wire coming out of them it sure beats using six batteries in my opinion it's uh you know obviously they were trying to show how high-tech they could go at the time these guns were very different than the light gun on the and yes the light gun on the NES didn't know where it was pointed at the screen that sounds ridiculous you're saying how can that possibly work the light gun on the NES only knows if you're hitting a target or if you're not hitting a target it doesn't know exactly on that target where you hit it it just knows if you hit the target and if you haven't hit the target it doesn't know where on the screen you've hit it only knows that you haven't hit the target the super scope and amanecer actually work off the scanline of the television and there's some sort of black magic it actually knows pretty much exactly where you're pointing it at the screen so now if the game is wanted to they could actually show a crosshair on the screen that moves around with the gun you couldn't do that with the older-style light guns and when this came out sega claimed that this was the most accurate light gun on the market is that true I don't really know is the more accurate than a super scope I don't really know they both work in a similar fashion Hey they both even came with six games on the cartridge now there's a lot of little accessories for this thing obviously the rear stock which goes on like so the gun is extremely comfortable it really thought this thing out unlike the super scope but I never liked the super scope and the way they had to hold it up on your shoulder it was almost like a RPG or like a bazooka you had to hold it I must prefer this it's almost like you're holding a small submachine gun it's very comfortable and it puts the sights pretty much dead on where you can look right down the sights so this isn't much more comfortable design it's also a little bit smaller than the super scope which is kind of big and cumbersome and then you also have the optional scope itself no this is a really strange design you put the scope on the side depending if you're right-handed or left-handed you can adjust it like so and then this goes on the top and back section of the gun similar to the way the stock went on of course I'm right-handed so I just did that wrong but yeah now you can look right through the scope and you have a little aiming circle thing here you can just barely see through so yeah I don't know you might like using the scope I think I'm just gonna try like this effort and see how it goes but let's check out this gun in action with the Menace or cartridge that came with it that's the six games that's uh with it and let's see how it stacks up to alright so the batteries load in like so three in each side of course simply following the directions on the sticker like I said this like takes six batteries in total six triple-a batteries and the cover goes on like so and then you can put the stock or the scope on obviously you can't put the stock on while you're changing the batteries and there you go you're ready to go we've got the game in the in this case the JVC x-eye and as you can see plugged into controller port two on top of the television is the little receiver so anyways let's check this game out all right so as we can see here many sir copyright 1992 Sega like I said this came out in 1992 the same year as the super Nintendos super scope and just like the super scope it came with the cartridge with six games just use the gun to aim at the game you want to play now right away this game shows off exactly what I was talking about this gun knows not just if you're hitting a target or if you're not hitting a target it knows where you're pointing at the screen and it tracks the screen and the scanline of the television as far as I know this will only work on a CRT along with the super scope 6 they will not work on modern LCDs which do not have scan lines they work in progressive obviously they don't draw the picture the same way that the old CRT did so the the guns can't track you know where they are on a screen obviously a very simple game you know it's similar to a lot of the games that you saw on super star 6 so yeah let's move on to the next one shall we so obviously this game here is you know inspired by it Sega's own coaching role and once again you're firing Tomatoes and you can see the crosshair on this very accurate I must say I mean I know you can't know that crosshair is pretty much dead on with where my crosshairs of the gun are actually lining out physically by the screen so it is very accurate yeah the next game here as you can see pretty much standard fare shooting at military tanks and planes you can use a secondary shot in this game to play a bigger gun there's three extra buttons on the ministerial show that off very well in the first part but you lose your main trigger on the handle and the rear handle where you'd normally hold the pistol already begun and there's three extra buttons on the far side on the secondary handle further away another strange game I couldn't quite figure out what was going on was I ran out of power I didn't realize that you have to actually kind of like the old arcade games we have to shoot the bottom of the screen to get your hero to reload in a way here you have to actually aim the cursor down at the power thing that's the power at the bottom part of screen to refill your power so yeah it took me a minute to figure that one out and here's another game that really just shows off the fact that this is tracking on the screen you know what it's almost like a wiimote using it in this game is almost like you're using a wiimote or you know a PlayStation Move which once again is just tracking the movement in that case using infrared and tracking the movement but in this case going off the TV's scanline and and like I said it really is like using a wiimote it it really was ahead of its time in that regard you have to admit the possibilities they could have done with things that track the TV's movement maybe in the form of a gun or maybe in the form of a handheld remote but have been done back in 1992 as you can see here so once again pretty cool little game just showing off the accuracy of the gun really more than anything and the final game here is pretty much as a generic shooting game shooting targets now one thing you'll notice in these games is the colors are very horrible even you even you anti Genesis fans are probably laughing at the color palette in these games that's because it's harder for the gun to track the scan lines of the TV if there's too many colors on a TV okay the guns very sensitive even if your TV's not bright enough the gun will tell you well the Sega Genesis the game will tell you it'll come up on the screen and actually tell you on the screen you need to turn the brightness up on your TV the super scope was the same way in games that used the super scope I remember like Terminator 2 the arcade game you got really awesome graphics full-color graphics when you played it with the controller or with the mouse but when you use the super scope it went into a low color graphics mode so once again these games require the lower color use to help the gun be able to see the screen so that's a guess really the only downfall to these the way that these two guns worked is that there was a downgrade in the graphics when you were using them other than that it's pretty awesome and I just thought I'd show you that so there you go see you guys later