Seher Gerçekleri Öğrendi Legacy 158 Bölüm English Spanish subs




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Hi Seher. Hello. I'm sorry I'm... Nobody is here. Shall we sit. They will not come. Because I didn't invite them. Seher don't go! Who... why did they take these pictures? You thought I would just leave you here? You don't have your own life in this house! You stay here. 70 thousand liras? From my account to Selim's. But I didn't send him this! I have money too. I don't want any cheap games anymore. Because you are nothing for me! I wanted you to fall from the top! Because... I hate you! I will not repeat your mistakes sister. You didn't play well. All the games you played turned to you. And then everyone found out. Nobody trusts you anymore. Now it's my turn. I'll finish what you started. I can do whatever it takes. I'm starting a new life with Selim. We will have Kırımlı's wealth too. We will have everything they own. I didn't write this! It's a lie! All a lie! You're a lying traitor! Come on! Just turn on! I love you Selim. Me too. Soon, we will have everything we ever wanted. How can I handle this without you? I miss you every minute. We promised each other. We need the money for our future. Zuhal... is taken under custody. Zuhal! She did all this! She lied about me! With Selim! How... how could you believe this? How could you? How could you believe?