Seherin Aklı Karıştı Legacy 157 Bölüm English Spanish subs




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I'll handle it. It's okay. It's okay, I can do it. Did you sleep well? You rolled so much in your sleep, something bothered you? Are... you okay? I mean... did you sleep okay? I'm fine. I had something in my mind. Zuhal? She hurt us so much. I mean, the company. I'm thinking how to undo the damage she caused. You'll figure it out. You'll work hard, sacrifice your time if needed. And you will replace what you lost. Financial losses can be replaced. What can't be replaced, is trust. I mean, I'm talking about Zuhal. She lost something that she can't replace. You can never trust her again. She lost the strongest feeling in the world. Go ahead. I can wait, you go. Is this also a game? Are you playing again?