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- I got asked out on the job twice, and it was just a little bit awkward. - Shoulda said "Yeah," coulda got an extra tip. - Never have I ever eaten a customer's leftovers. - For sure. - Ooh 100%. - I have not. - Everyone has. - I've wanted to. - Pretend to, like, push it in the garbage, and just like, sneak a couple popcorn shrimp. - I've even hit a cup of someone's wine before, once or twice, come and bring it to the dish area. Look around for a little bit, do a quick uh. You know what I'm saying? Then you're back on the floor. - Makes the job easier. - Then you gotta look at the customers, too, and be like "Would I make out with them?" And that's a good judgment of whether or not I'm gonna eat their food. - If it's there, I'm eating it. - Never have I ever dropped food but still served it. - Not on the floor - Ooh. - I mean, I've dropped a couple pepperonis before at a pizza restaurant I worked at, on the floor, before it was cooked, and just picked it back up, threw it on the thing, and right back in the oven - I think that's fine, the oven kills the germs. - I was gonna say, right? - I've done it on the bench next to the plate. I don't know if that counts. - Okay. - Probably fine. - Yeah I dropped it on the floor. - It wasn't like a big deal, you know what I mean? It wasn't like on a very dirty ground or anything. - I've definitely dropped food before, and thought about serving it, but I just seized the opportunity to eat it myself. - Oh they were so mean. The customers were so mean, and it dropped on the floor for like three seconds and I picked it up and looked at my coworker and he was like "I didn't see anything" and I was like "Okay." - Never have I ever spat in a customer's food. - Definitely not. - I have not. - I would never do that. - I've seen it in movies and it's too much for me. - No, it's gross. - Definitely have not. - Again, but like, really wanted to. When they're just so rude. - Oh my God, you have? - They deserved it. This lady, she ordered very specifically, and I got her order 100% right. She wanted to complain about it, 'cause she wanted her meal for free. I said, "Ma'am, I wrote everything down word for word." She called me a derogatory name, about my race, and threw her ice at me. So, when she got her correct food this time, it was a little bit extra correct. - That's fair then, if they call you a name, I get that. - They came at me, they threw their drink at me so. - Oh my God. - What'd you expect? - Never have I ever lied about knowing if a dish had gluten or some other product in it or not. - I was still in training and she asked if the soup was vegan, and it was tomato soup, so I took a chance and was like "Yeah, it's whatever." It's not. The stock in the soup is actually chicken stock, and it's tomato bisque, which is 90% cream. I learned my lesson from that. - Anything bad happen? - She's still alive. - I feel like most people don't even know what gluten is, so when they it to me, I'm like "I don't know." And they ask me if it has gluten, it's like, "Shouldn't you know if a potato has gluten in it?" I don't know. - I have when I was more ignorant about those things. 'Cause I started working in the restaurant business when I was like 16, so I remember the first time I got asked that question and I was like, "I don't know, no there's not." But then I had a friend whose mom had Celiac disease and I very quickly learned, like, the seriousness of it and I was like, okay lesson learned, I will always triple check ingredients. - Never have I ever given bad service because I thought they wouldn't tip well. - I've never given bad service because I didn't think anybody was going to be a bad tipper, but I mean, there's obviously been times where, you know, your soul's just not into it, because you know they're not going to give you any money. - I don't know. - Oh be honest. - I may have, but I also haven't because this happens to me because I'm foreign. I've noticed that servers will be really rude to me from the start, sometimes. - 'Cause they think, yeah. - 'Cause they're like, she's foreign, she's not gonna tip. I'm like, actually I'm probably gonna tip better than everyone else. - Yeah. - And I'm always right. - Yes - I'm always right. - Never have I ever messed up an order on purpose. - What would the purpose be? - Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. What would the purpose of that be? That's just gonna cause hell. - Yeah I don't think I have. - No, definitely a lot by mistake. - Oh. - I've never messed it up on purpose. I think the mistakes come from just kind of zoning out and not being focused enough. - I have definitely messed up an order on purpose because I felt the person was like a mean-ass (bleep). And I thought it was just funny, like, someone had a lot of allergies, supposedly, like they were gluten free, they were flour free, I mean, I worked at a pizza restaurant. They ended up doing the order wrong, and just kept bringing it back. It made me laugh. - Never have I ever dated a customer. - Huh? I've got to think about that one. I'm going to go with the safe answer here. - I have not. I wish I would have. - No. - I have not. - Yeah I have. - I've had a lot of, have you? - Yeah, I've worked in bars. - Okay, see I've never worked in bars so it was always just breakfast food. So the type of people that were asking me out were like 50 year olds. - Yeah I've definitely gone out for drinks with cute guys I've met. - Hell yeah. - Never have I ever had sex at work. - That'd be rather tough. - Ooh. - I haven't, but I know people that have. - I have. I never thought I would admit that. It was with an old co-worker, there was no one around, if that makes up for it. - [Camera Man] Was it in the walk-in freezer? - No, not in the freezer. - I'm kind of disappointed for this, I feel like. - I know, I really wish I could flip it around, I really do. - Right? - It's an interesting industry to be in. It sucks sometimes, sometimes its wonderful. I don't want to be cliche, but sometimes I like to see the smiles on people's faces. There are happy people when you're working in this industry. Sometimes, sometimes. - There are definitely really interesting stories that can come from customers who are just a little bit off or super rude to you. - You should always be nice to your servers, like, they're taking care of your food, they're working so hard. - They have power. - They're also taking care of six other tables at the same time. - Sometimes more. - Regardless of how much I hated working, and still hate working in the restaurant industry, it's actually kind of fun and there's a lot of good stories you can tell. - I feel like we have the same general answers to the questions so no matter what kind of restaurant you work at it, I feel like it's all kind of the same. (upbeat music)