Shameik Moore Doesnt Need To Audition For Roles Talks Becoming Raekwon In WuTang Series More

Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building yes sir she was good she please Raekwon in the newer whoo tang hulu series now that's a big deal and I'm gonna tell you why it's a big deal because I'm 41 years old and whoo tang provided the soundtrack to my life only built 4 Cuban Linx one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time so did you listen to anyone take before this role when I was filming cut those cities how I met RZA and we shared an agent and he may mean this in the wu-tang but when I listened in 36 chambers for the first time I was kind of like when I was hearing like the inner losses if it took me out torture shit was crazy I wasn't but now I have the appetite for it cuz I'm I get it more you know what part through you when he said I'm so ya ass cheeks quality you know and it's crazy they say yo you know shy meek in room 212 he got his hair yeah my name is I was I was born like after that I don't know that came out 93 I was born in 95 so I'm yeah you like that music did you know like that not until I started doing whoo tang yeah I understood differently it was like it put me in character now Wyatt recalls part while record out the character did you try out for that specifically or I don't know get a little matching jean suit I think I met risen and I impressed him cuz I showed him a color he didn't think I had and Butler yeah like them you know that's art talk okay actor talk you think I'm just I could only play Malcolm and dope or a Shaolin fans had like a theatrical bad boy but not like you know somebody like Raekwon basically that's another that you played Shaolin fantastic so he shot a weak from the into 36 and Shalit meant to have the kind of meant for you to be in this mess stars yeah you know and but yeah when I did this role I think the major thing you you're right it is a big deal because you can meet Raekwon today and when Raekwon met me I think he was scared these guys seem nice right here I don't know if he pay you he'd think it was gritty and grimy I don't think he thought that I could be gritty and grimy but you know I haven't seen it yet so my gray is low short low chubby then they try to make it true to life physically oh yeah I put in put on a fat suit and yeah it's not a fatty was a phantom in the document in a mini movie though yeah I mean no I'm like early Fett like it's not it's not like him now you know saying is like you know and it grows over the whole season so he gets big over the season is season two I'm gonna be bigger this is real life though I mean he made me cut my hair hole like I have braids and stuff before you know I'm I hope you feel good you know he made me brush my hair to the side for the sideways don't brush it to the front to the side you know I don't have the half moon in there right now that is there a lot that you learned by taping this because there's a lot even watching the first episode I learned so much and I thought I was rooting for that oh you saw it yeah Oh what I mean did you like it tell me the first episode I thought was dope I mean it was a lot that I didn't necessarily know like even the fact that pretty much Raekwon tried to kill go face you know man you know what just gave it away spoil it's one of that damn sorry goof is my favorite rapper of all time the fact that they got so close after what happened it was just like wow that's what makes it special it makes it very special was it hard to gain character and play that scene when you shooting at people and you being a grimy New York drug dealer um I think the most difficult part was being convincing with the lingo I'm saying but changing my aura and face you know what I mean I think that's the less difficult part you know your son is it's all right in the building I meet you like I don't really talk yeah that's the part I had to because I can't sell his voice just by talking because his voice is different than mine so I have to get it to his house oh sure you got talk like this show why I mean like this is yeah do you study them now in order to capture that or do you go watch like old interviews and videos and stuff like that cuz I think it would be a little corny to hit I'm talking like that now what I mean I only metric one now the way I met is the I like how he spoke how he walked how he was eaten how he looked when he was talking to his name's like yo yo you remember when I had to pull the clip you know I'm saying when he was talking I was like really paying attention and I will call him before every scene and kind of like asking what actually happened because they would kind of it would be for such situations put in one mm-hmm you know so they did that well you know I mean really you know I you know you I can't really get into it you know but long story short he would kind of talk me through it and he would be like not shy when you like this you gotta be like mmm no when you when you smile you gotta be like you'll pass me that Branson that Bronson way like how he was talking I was just like talking regular because I didn't want to talk like him to him you boo me exactly so that's how he fell he I'm sure he was like I don't know about this but you know hopefully when he see it you know I get the respect when you say you don't audition no more what did that mean because I'd be hearing stories and I don't know how true it is but even big superstar actors like Denzel still gotta audition sometime really I mean I don't know if that I don't think Denzel yeah I don't see him at any point but for me is just because when I when I do the on tape thing it never it never works out like on my back but when it does work out is when I'm in front of a camera and it's lights camera action I'm in I'm in like the outfit you know I'm where I'm supposed to be because we're not like for instance with dope when I went when I did the self tape audition I mean they liked it they had me come out but it was really the in person thing the second round that really got me in there same thing with the get-down you know but friends it's coming to America you know Kenya Bears was involved and then there was a different director at first and it was Kenya it's a Spider Man to the spider-verse premiere he was like yo you want to be in coming to America play Eddie son it came back around they changed the director the director and I'm like I'm not dissing I'm saying I'll talk to them my managers like know you got a audition I'm like I'm not finna audition I audition it's kind of bulls you bro is that no I'm not it's so many different scenarios though it's not even it's not even bougie it's just like I don't think you at that level where you can just say fucking audition yet I'm at a level where I can say that I want to choose wisely what roles that I put energy into because I'm not just doing the acting thing and it's not it's um I just have bigger bigger goals if I was just trying to make the most movies do every movie that's coming my way accept every offer then that's a different scenario you're exactly right who are you talking to me you got it you got work to do but it's not even that I feel like I'm too big you know I mean I'm feeling confident today you know I'm saying but that outfit you dress like you gonna take your heart like this when he put on boots now 9 that's what I'm saying like so every audition and I do I ended up auditioning because because the director swish stuff God you that's when he didn't go through and I was like yeah I feel like I wasted two weeks of my time on that now wait a minute that could be a humbling experience though could you probably thought you was I'm the man I got this you did the role you like they don't want you they I think they told you may follow right yeah I mean I'm not sure that is but congratulations to him because no I no disrespect look you got coming to America and I didn't come on I didn't watch it yeah guy called me back in the day funny funny dude alright so he deserves the opportunity congratulations he was in he was in that movie where everybody turning in the horses then sound like one ad was betraying a brotherhood yeah did you become like a brotherhood with everybody was coming to set like their characters alright yeah you know everybody was feeling himself everybody was in the chamber the way Reza Sayah and what did you say about Staten Island we have one scene in Brooklyn in the studio but yo Joey badass is playing inspector deck Davies is playing Method Man Ashton Sanders is playing Irizarry I'm playing recon it's a very I think it's an interesting scenario did you get to collaborate on any music no nobody nobody really uh nobody looking at me like that yet you feel me it's all good I understand the reality but as soon as the things which do you know they everybody gonna be hitting me so did you could so you get the contribute under the music you like nah no and I really mean I recorded some of his you know verses but again his voice I don't sell him as well when it's just my voice yeah so when I could put my facial expressions and like the energy into it that's when I feel like I could sell the character so you want to be respected as a music and more so than acting not more so just as well I just don't know if there was there's been a Denzel and a Michael Jackson in the same body hmm you know I'm saying this people that act and do music that there's a long list of people but those act of there more music than acting to me or more acting than music to me and most actors are mad corny when they're do music but the exception to me is like Jamie Foxx I don't think that he quoting what he does music you know natural same I mean and Drake barely did acting though if you ask me and if he does acting and Donald Glover is more like funny on the goofier side you know and there's nothing wrong I think there's a lane for that and they kill it you know but Drake is a musician to me you know I'm saying even Donald Donald Glover you know childish gambino I like his music more than I like his acting but his acting is despite I mean Star Wars Atlanta and whatnot but I didn't to be honest I respect the fact that he's enacted by I don't I haven't personally watched a lot of Donald Glover as an actor but I've seen what he's been doing and there's a lot of respect for him and the list goes on I mean there's so many but with me I just want to my desire is to like kind of just let the art speak for itself and not like do all this that I'm doing right now to be honest talking I'm talking I'm talking but the visuals and dropping music and just like oh shit I did not expect that from Shai is exactly what I want did you get to meet any of the member the wu-tang prior to filming because I feel like you and Method Man could have a good conversation about this because MEF is a guy who was rapping one of the best rappers and he transitioned and I think he's a phenomenal actor alright comment to comment as well alright but he's not Denzel neither of those guys what I'm saying like the act inside to be like totally out there and totally overrated there's not you know it hasn't been that so if I do that I feel like that's what makes it historical I did I'm yeah yeah meth RZA and Raekwon those dudes and ghost dudes I like him the most interaction is with but meth it was I haven't really sat down with him and say yo I'm doing music and all that it's just when I see him like when I'm around oh jeez I just kind of like to listen I'm a quiet type of guy you know and sighs I really liked I'll try to nothing about quietly that I see from you today at this moment at the premiere of wu-tang later on today and I'm feeling myself got a lot of text this morning that outfit gonna look like if you dressed like this that goddamn 9:30 in the morning you got for the Wu Tang for me you gonna dress like Rick Waldo no I'm not gonna just like great but um it's gonna be nice some custom I know the hardest part of film it was it was it the Lego was it the dressing was it the the fat suit it was delink for me like again like it's not and how did you practice that you just wrap the records over it was just talk to the minister it I recorded his voice to be honest when he was talking and then I was just practice with exactly what he was saying to me I'll just listen to it over and over but again that in front of the camera lights camera action all right go and then like I'm there it's really what it like me doing break Quan for you right now is not gonna be like me in front of the camp it just won't be I can't explain it but um somehow I tapped like my vision in the moment is like bear whatever energy I'm supposed to be presenting I saw people are TMZ get on you because they ran up on you and you didn't know the members of the wu-tang clan yeah no I mean I knew I knew most of them as I said and the most of them not the ones I didn't meet Cappadonna you got what can you say yeah okay all right Raekwon Method Man Ghostface RZA you got Cappadonna ODB sound from a different era I'm from the era we say the RZA the GZA older teabag the disaffected one God Raekwon the chef Coface killer and ma th OD I should start doing it like that but I pretty much said most no you know I only use that MF I said Matthew did it's on camera oh he did what I didn't say was GZA though talking to you what do you got some user grappa I do have some music dropping but it's we've remastered the song played last time right the beat it's still the first single and the mixtape is coming so you still pushing ride the beat that's been a while well I haven't really been pushing it okay I just kind of like put it out put it out on here tee shot me on a dance no I think he was just a little jealous of my moves or something like that I moved B but listen are you inspired by people like Ella Mae and Liz oh and the reason I say that is because like they had records and they pushed for Wow like I think the song I just went numb off with little she'd been pushing for two years if I'm not mistaken all right I mean you see I don't have the team but like everybody that believes in Me believes in Act aside so I'm pretty much pushing myself and like financing myself to get to that I mean it feels it feels like it's my battle but when I accomplish it you know I mean I'm just gonna look at everybody I know it's all good so you play amusing me like yeah yeah but here read the script right yeah yeah like right now I mean I mean you tired of me because I'm not selling out tours right now you can't talk to me about all the girls I'm sleeping with and all that you know I'm saying I'm not even I'm just saying like that's what that's the conversation probably more yeah fuck yeah I mean I'm saying the interviews i watch that's most entertaining to me is when you get in people's grills and you know I'm saying y'all going back and forth in like would you close the shed and I want you to get out of here you only had the number one record in the country for 18 weeks hey congrats record ever generations a black excellence out here I mean this is one question when you have to smoke when you smoke we know what you laugh like that is it a problem is it a problem you who let a young boy check you like that it's it a problem any problem is a problem no problem tell me get the clicking those boots it'll be trouble there's a movie called pretenders coming out that's heavy and you gonna make a lot of fun you make fun of me for that one but it's all good I'm a photographer and there's a love triangle going on and I'm the ultimate player and I and I it's pretty sad but it's okay you get played at the end I get played at the end you are appreciating your blessing right now alright cuz I don't want you to be one of those people that's overlooking the fact that you are having a successful acting career you know I'm saying like don't overlook that because you want to be a popping music artist right I'm thankful for sure I'm thankful and I'm humbled by the experiences that I have but I do have goals and I'm not I'm still happy ain't I ain't where I need to be yeah where I'm gonna be like oh I think I'm a chill and I'm good and all that I'm right now I'm just like easy things don't even see me definitely I mean I love to get down I loved you a shadow fantastic I love dope like I've seen you in the street like oh shit good in his looting serious to say good you don't think I killed nobody gonna give you props after but they gonna be like you know we got to take the young boy down and I'm just telling you media our natural haters anyway well today we'll be late go give it up for him hey man you know what you know what it seems like the negativity spreads pop faster than the positive I'll find something negative to say about my performance is someone that I'm not that was doing his thing before I was born you know I'm saying hey you know typing on up leave comments on this send it to your friends do all of that oh I fight every day I'm a boxer okay oh yeah every single day go to go not the Golden Glove I'm saying like I'm not professional yeah why do you ask that question testing one day but not talking shitty just kind of like yo somebody gonna check to see if his chin is right turn you on when you hit a young boy talking like this yeah a young entitled man I don't know that turn you on okay she said not really yeah she said not really oh that's okay you like what quiet people I'm a happy person I'm thankful to be alive I have a premiere come going on tonight on Hulu hey it's September for four is it just walked in the building there you go why didn't you do your interview with Risen everybody else why don't you just you know come on in right now we continue to support the black brother eight look most of my projects were in New York Yeah right spider-man hmm the get down and boots hang at this point so and the next one pretenders all New York I feel like you don't new you actually show me a little hey we can start at the Breakfast Club y'all could play right at the beat nah she didn't want to do this interview with RZA and the rest of the cash maybe like I want my own interview again green room own every day yeah but why do it I mean I get it you don't saying like you want to try anymore I'm trying to build should make more a day because I have no problem with the confidence that should make more has somebody got to be calm fire well let's place the brothers do it a snippet good watch and that's number one in the country I'm gonna come right on back yo this is right to be off the new mixtape worth the risk alright minutes the branches take calls on it and see if people like it no I'm dead dead ass I want to know I want to know what people think about this usually I genuinely want to know what people think about let's play let's bring some of the interns in and play now I thought we was talking about people no we were to round up the interns s the 20-somethings you know I got all is huh and we give them a little sample this is on TV some honest people honest tell Simon Taylor to come here you some honest black women I expect honesty if they like it what's the plus side for me just make a little bit um if they like it y'all got to support the song how about that did you go Jesse will report it on the ground that's the best you can do oh okay well listen we're gonna play it for tail in jazz how will you tell them 28 jazz and how old you should meet I'm 24 yes it is your demo shimmy same as your age see if you like this record just please come here speak okay let's start it over got a little afro beats vibe to it records maybe don't even care to plug your shit up to know me you just me you being you bitch time for you to tap your bumper night you knows what oh good up your bumper not your nose we're in alignment she's in signal oh no I'm sliding behind me the Potomac baby [Music] I can spot every cat you can't right [Music] like hey come here put them get a microphone my honest opinion the song is amazing but looking at you and hearing you I don't see that vibe I see like if I gave maybe somebody from the Caribbeans and I don't know if you are from me did you making I don't know so you know when he talks in his and his aura doesn't give me a Caribbean vibe what did they give you Old Town Road vibe so you know but again I'm from the walnut so they do do West indie music up here but it's a good song you like afro beat sim ok my honest opinion I technically I don't ever like to judge music the first time when I don't listen to it when like loudspeakers like if I heard a phone for the first time I don't some computer speaking I go to my car and like hear it but I think that your voice is like a little too light for the beat I would like either double it or just go harder next time ok but it's a good survive and be disrespecting them I'm not planning on the speakers my balance out better on speakers I don't know but how you feel shamekh you like this you could take this yeah you take it alright come on Stace what you think this is a DJ by the way she's a DJ yes I like it afro beats is well sounds afro beat ish is in so it's like slow dancing music - I think it'll be good in the club ok until you say he'll like it I don't like like Stacey to say like it's slow where it's like a good vibe - yeah close to the guy all right she makes me you got I guess - or - such a system for sitting on your bro what I mean yeah it might have been the speakers or maybe you didn't get enough of a vibe but I appreciate the feedback the honest feedback okay well we appreciate you should meet for joining us I want you to blow of the musician you know why because you want to blow through this thank you I think I want everybody to accomplish their dreams I just want I want the opportunity that's all if you don't like it after you hear it then that's one thing but I want the opportunity for it to be played and in front of you but again you know asking for it isn't is never how it works you know well we gonna play it loud for the people's opinion I think it would be very entertaining the washing meat more as a big superstar he'd be so goddamn bougie is so arrogant every game oh yes you would be the guy to say I need all green M&Ms nothing I don't need Eminem's oh I'm pescetarian a pescetarian fish well I go to church too [Music]