Shaun VLOG EP01 안녕EP 발매 첫 투어부산 클럽 유레카를 가다

Finally showing you guys what I was hiding under my mask hehehe I like Korean food Dinner concentration Rest stop ritual: who takes all the plates back Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors Shoot!~ It's always the person who started it that gets picked :P So lucky bro! Good luck! Love Jelly, gotta have some in the car at all times! Can't be with someone who doesn't have the same jelly taste as you Becomes a pain, you know what I mean? Seems like your taste buds are becoming old... I know, I'm old. 'Shikhae' 'Solhaenun" Oh yea, I know Silon Tea OOoo, this is good Are we out of our minds?! We could get like 10 pork stews with this money you know? You're right, like 3 days worth of food We could get a round trip ticket to Jeju and back! Can you scratch with the carrier that you're spinning right now? I heard something ;) Hello everyone! I'm here in Eureka Busan This is the first leg of my "Anyoung" EP release tour The energy here is absolutely crazy take a look! Are you guys ready to turn it up with me?! I hope you guys enjoy as much as I am! Shaun in his comfort zone :) Hello everyone! How have you guys been? It's been so long since I've last visited Pardon me? It's not over guys don't worry~ I've got so much to show you tonight ;) I just want to give a shout out to all the party people who are having fun, I've just come here to show you guys my music and hope that you guys enjoy This next song is in my current album that just dropped, enjoy and thank you! Are you guys ready!? Thank you guys for being here for my show. Here the last song for tonight! My name is Shaun! Thank you so much! Do you guys know 'Way Back Home' ? Sing with me ;) Clearly not afraid of heights