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i'm very excited about this interview our next guest two longtime friends of mine spencer moore has played in the cfl since 2013 what do you have three six seasons here and then to the montreal alouettes shelby a hockey player of note fitness guru and they join us together from the hammer shelby and spencer moore how you doing guys happy new year happy new year rob thank you for having us on today great great to hear from you guys look before we get into what's going on with your lives in terms of your new fitness venture and your startup and your entrepreneurship for both of you and spencer you go first what's the last 10 months like if you don't mind me asking um interesting for sure uh it's been of course uh an up and down sort of roller coaster uh year for for a lot of people and um you know we're definitely included in that group as well uh it's been tough but um you know we've kind of used it as a time to uh get dedicated to things outside of what we're normally used to doing and that's sort of how we started this business and shelby started a business as well and um it's been it's been interesting for sure though and for you you know maybe shelby i should back up a little bit when spencer was you know released by the rougher was it a traitor a release spencer he was a trade right to montreal or what was it a trade either way shelby your life was uprooted right and you move half a country away so just talk about that and how you've survived through the pandemic move into new towns yeah um so i i was lucky enough to just give you a permanent contract um back in saskatchewan for teaching um so after that we our plan was always to end up over here so it was kind of we just said that was going to be part of our transition and so we left everything there and it was my turn to kind of move and follow him a little bit because he had lived in sask full time with me um since you know we were together so uh yeah moved to montreal and while we were in montreal i uh wasn't working and i decided this lifelong dream i guess i was starting this business i had an idea um so i actually started my business it's called safe pet tags it's a dog safety program um and i wrote a children's book and everything to go along with that so um i started that when we were in montreal and uh then i started applying for jobs over in hamilton and i actually got one sooner than expected so i moved back to hamilton a little bit earlier than spence and started my venture out here so i got a permanent contract out here as well um and the learning consultant had a private school and i absolutely love it and uh yeah so i've been working at home for the pandemic and everything else well you know what i what i love about you too is it has not been easy the last couple of years but you're always smiling always so before we talk about before we talk about cfl stuff talk about one more rep spencer back over to you what are we talking about today with that um just throughout the pandemic um you know we've sort of found that obviously maintaining our physical health was a big way of maintaining our mental health and you know in in speaking with others and sort of um seeing the landscape of personal health and at home health there's a need for people to be led in the right direction i think that traditionally going to the gym it uh it's worked for a lot of people but that's not an option right now especially in ontario and we just decided that um we have a fair amount of knowledge that we're willing to share shelby's a teacher uh i like working with people i like being in the community and it's something that we decided that you know what we were going to take this thing um full bore and kind of hit the ground running and um with the launch of it essentially in the last two weeks we already have quite a few clients that are lined up and um it's nice to give back and it's nice to you know have the home gym as well it's something that i can use and shelby can use and uh we're just excited to get this thing going so where can people follow you and become part of this what's the best course of action for people that are watching right now and want to give it a try so we're building our instagram page right now we don't have an official website launched just yet i think that that's in the works however i do also think that social media is sort of the way to get things accomplished these days so if you're looking to get some more information you can uh hit me up at spencermore80 on instagram hit me in my dms and we can talk about uh you know your goals and how we can help you reach those goals and shelby where do you fit into all of this yeah so uh because i am working full-time and have the other business um we we did team up a little bit with this so i have some online clients that i'm training uh just some females that i'm working with specifically um helping gain attraction for and on social media um and yeah we we're kind of giving people the option so if they prefer to do some online training with me then i'm available to do that obviously my schedule is quite a bit different and i don't have as many options or openings as spencer um but that's something that's available to those as well so you can also hit me up in my dms too there you go well they start with spencer more 80 everybody and then you can segue off to shelby now spencer look i think the most viral tweet you ever sent out was in defense of the cfl during the pandemic and you know the one that i'm talking about and you basically said what do you say maybe you should paraphrase what you said and why you said it i think that what i was trying to achieve with that uh tweet and that line of tweets because there was a few of them um was just sort of getting away from this uh inferiority complex that we have with the the us and i think that oftentimes using the us as a basis of comparison will only lead us into the negative things i don't want to be like the u.s i don't think that we should be aiming to be like the u.s of course if the cfl could grow to become like the nfl that would be great but that's not the goal right now the goal is to appreciate what we have while we have it and i think that when the pandemic hit and our season got cancelled people were losing sight of that and then as you know the time went on and the season wasn't happening people started to realize like we miss it we want this this is our league this is our game and i think that the reach of the cfl cannot be overstated we're in communities across the country and giving back to communities across the country so i just i wanted to be known that you know it's our game and we love it and people love the cfl and it needs to be you know scream from the rooftops exactly and the reaction to that did it blow you away that's why i say it had to be your most viral tweet because i was like whoa did this hit a nerve with people in a good way yeah it it definitely did um it uh spawned a few interviews and i had a lot of positive feedback um from people across twitter i think that truthfully the amount of positive feedback that i received from it that was what shocked me that's sort of what overwhelmed me because i was anticipating you know quite a bit of negative talk because you always hear it you always see it when you're reading through replies on twitter people talking about the nfl and this and that but the amount of people are like yes we want the cfo we love the cfl we appreciate what you guys do in communities that's what really blew me away uh from producer clark he writes in and says fun fact shelby was on my hockey team back in peewee in moose jaw saskatchewan she was much better than i was i first became acquainted with shelby when you were skating out in the referees jersey with the warriors flag at the moose jail warriors game shelby what was that like to have the whole rank looking at you back in the day oh man i don't even know how to answer that i would rather have been you know on wing or you know playing but instead was it not a little unnerving like you were the first person on the ice out of everybody like before the refs before the teams that had to be a little nerve-wracking i would think well i'm glad you weren't giving me my pregame time yeah no kidding yeah i know it was good but i'm pretty outgoing and it doesn't really bother me and spencer just on that well here donald mitchell watching in bahrain he says as rod and duke said yesterday the cfl should lean into being the cfl with its rules size and field goal posts on the goal line and the rouge um i want to know your take on what boomer system said about you know the struggler analysis the other day and just saying this isn't the cfl it was so dismissive i mean given your passion for the league what did you think about all that yeah i think that it was uh quite frankly a second-tier comment from not one of the best commentators uh i think that um to just throw something out there like that um really shows a lack of education on the game uh i think that you know good football minds appreciate our game and appreciate the nfl regardless um and i also think that if you look at schedler's day it wasn't the best day but i read somewhere that he had a better passer rating than four top play nfl guys so uh it was it was a quick comment made i think that in hindsight maybe he would take that one back but uh i think that it was just kind of a shot at us for really no reason i've seen a lot of players in the nfl make a lot of bad plays especially this year so uh i didn't really care too much about it to be honest i get you i get you okay guys well all the best in 2021 good luck with one more rep keep in touch and spencer tell those folks in hamilton that i'm not so bad if you've heard any bad things i've uh yeah just tell them i'm not so bad all right i don't know roddy all right thanks guys happy new year thanks for the time spencer and shelby moore joining us from uh the hammer he knew what i was talking about there i could tell of course he did you know sometimes well when you're in the inner circle of the cfl spencer is that right all the players and stuff you know you know everything that's going on players talk he knows it's fun you're watching rod peterson on demand for more of the rod peterson show visit or follow rod peterson on social media