Sherlock Holmes Ep 10 El Caso de la Madre Hubbard 1954 subtítulos en Español

[Music] well isn't it rather late for young lady to be able to learn you live here no then you must be visiting yes hi my name is Joseph it is a slide I 67 Tiffany when I'm lost oh we lost could you take me home free I'm afraid that's the way it began now the extraordinary for in a large city like London a lost child is such a common occurrence but many are far-seeing Bobby arms himself with a bag of chocolates in addition to his nightstick no one's detected that this was the beginning of a case that was to rock all he [Applause] [Music] all right if you insist I know this man isn't going to do us any good but what's the use of talking just holler at your mother I suspect we're having visitors already come along Nebuchadnezzar idyllic you're quite dread receive attractive young lady yeah you go won't you come in mr. Holmes Sherlock Holmes at your service then martini your martinis my name this is my daughter Margaret who is of the stubborn opinion that you can help her it will be a privilege sir Oh ever may I introduce my very good friend dr. Watson how do you do how do you do so oh yeah won't you sit down oh yes how can I be of any assistance to you this is rather a confidential matter oh yes yes dr. Watson is Bertha's sort of discretion and my invaluable colleague in all my cases especially the more delicate ones I see well there's this fellow Richard Trevor is his name who's been courting Margaret here a sly one if I ever saw one I could tell by the shape of his ears and the fact that he belonged to that up top shield and powerful Club there was nothing wrong with his ears they were beautiful most of them nevertheless he gave her the impression that he going to see me last night and our for her hand in marriage instead the scoundrel sent me some fantastic note about being detained and then never appeared at all I want you to find out what happened to him what did mr. Trevor say in his note that he would be detained because he had run into a little girl who was lost and was taking her home so they have you made any inquiries at his home yes with father of course I don't think it's tempting to go to a man's room even if he is your fiancee quad right all right there was no sign of him but his clothes were all there he wouldn't run off without his clothes would he no no hardly the puree gets a deduction just as I deduced that you have a scar on the left side of your head which you received in a naval battle would be bound how did you know that well the right-handed man normally parts his hair on the left your parting is on the right thereby indicating that you changed it at some time or another to hide a mark as to how you've got it that's obvious to me by the fact that you carry on your watch-chain the insignia if its Majesty's ship assault which everyone remembers distinguished herself Eric Lee of the coast of Africa well Donald I did care well done when you investigate mr. Holmes we're looking to the case inmediately miss martini and as soon as we have any information for you we'll let you know it'll be forever in your debt or I will be authorized to his bill here's our redress that won't be necessary sir I saw it marked on your handbag when you came in if you'll forgive me sir a rather extraordinary precaution against the loss of a Birla only worth two guineas come dear [Applause] you [Music] not long after moving in with Sherlock Holmes I had come to the conclusion that his mind was as organized as his housekeeping was not he was that as a doubt the most perfect reasoning observing machine I had ever encountered and just watch him think could become share fascination I tried to put myself into his brain now and deduce what had happened to the missing mr. trevor did it occur to you he might have had an accident and even now be lying in hospital this very moment you being a doctor would think of that but if that were the case surely the hospital would have informed someone by now maybe you skipped off the rest of it there's no guarantee he won't come back with clairvoyance in hundred I dropped that if you hadn't sent that note a man deserting a girl's like to send a nurse talk and if he did he couldn't conceive as mr. martini put it in such a fantastic one the case is more than complex Watson and when we solve it we shall also know what became of the others what others Oh what's and would you pass me my tobacco pouch hmm well where is it it's in the turtle Persian slipper under your chair all right yeah oh thank you what now what others well it's come to my attention during the past two weeks it's seven men have disappeared totally evaporated from the face of London then their reason to run away every reason to stay Trevor fits perfectly into this fabric you mean another is more in this than just the disappearance of that young lady's fiance unless you accept eight consecutive coincidences could you accompany me this afternoon hmm well to the last place where Trevor must have been before he met the little girl but you don't even know where I want I'd say it was the upstart shield and castle club why there well if you were about to confront a man like mr. martini to ask for the hand of his daughter in marriage what would you do first I probably have a couple of stiff drinks with and if you will remember at the shield and gospel club a by Joe Holmes of course that's just what I would do you see once you've been of invaluable assistance to me already [Music] but you must tell us if he was here last night he's missing we're trying to find him it's no use sir you'll have to do without my help this is a gentlemen's club what has that got to do with it he may not want to be found if you know what I mean sir now look here that's the way it is I'm sworn to preserve the privacy of our members and having too little tops to feed I'm not one to invite getting the sack [Applause] I say where have you be this is going to be your case you know I've been doing all the investigating if you know that Trevor was here last night how do you know but my utter amazement one of my key fitted the door to the office I went through all the kits and found one signed by him just as you thought he boasted his courage with the aid of stimulants from the bar do you mean you've broken into the office what happens arrested us yes by keeping the barman occupied you served as my accomplice how really Holmes you've gone too far now the thing to do is to find the carriage the births River and little girl took how'd you know they didn't walk but if she lives near enough to walk home is it is it likely that Trevor would have centimeter saying it was going to be detained what extraordinary reasoning what extraordinary toll my dear fellow really quite ordinary Oh two feet you're finding the cabbie who picked up Trevor and the little girl was a matter of stationing ourselves at the hag stand outside the shield and casual Club and doggedly questioning every driver who struck there one finally remembered the pair but owing to brisk disease that night could it be at all sure we he said to dive the address he brought us to was a guest and from the looks of it a very bad one well I think we're on a wild goose chase look they don't live here for a long time do you realize these papers at least a week oh well then the cabbie made a mistake he's promised the wrong address don't know without there much difficulty I think I might be able to come house please not again another people could work out with you look how this is how spring we go to prison for years for this you can't just go opening doors all over now just because house oh no definitely coming up or you'll just and if I behave quite normal what's the normal behaviour of housebreaking you coming don't care homes the doctor doesn't do this sort of thing I'm sure it's unethical you don't expect me to hope [Music] what are we looking for I'm not quite sure yet you won't find anything here you said yourself the houses been unoccupied for the last week thieves in the night that's what we are asked a child's been here recently what makes you say that you remember the answer what's penciling in mustaches on the faces of the investment I suppose so but what's that got to do with it when I looked at those newspapers outside I noticed that someone and penciled in a handlebar mustache from a woman advertising headache powder I'd assume that a child did more than that since the papers were only a tale I'd also assume that the child has been here very recently why should the child being Trevor here to an unoccupied house that wasn't is the core of our problem excuse me it was okay [Music] cause he'll sever seni safe assumption Watson yes from the pallor of its skin I'd say in recent been given an overdose of strychnine and also deduced that he's the eighth victim of a very strange murderer - 30 homes I'm waiting for some word from you about what what about the murder ever since we got back here you behaved as if nothing had occurred and yet I'd wager anything that you you're hot to some videos to who's done it and why I'm afraid we've run out of Indian there I think we've got some China if I can find it my guess is it's a cream pass Chanel are you ruling out the robbery motive feather was left without a shilling oh that's just some sort of a smokescreen after all tea whatever you're doing you snake poison called an obesity what semester it's China tea disregard the labels I ran out of tin here are you sure yes I stake my reputation on it no guess here it is rather late for Cola Merida and I'm working pretty mr. Olsen I've got a message for you sir from Inspector Lestrade a welcome addition to the day a message from a good inspector we found another corpse er it was in an empty house in Hammersmith this time the facts are still the same robbery and strychnine poisoning Oh is he one of the seven who disappeared lately yes sir how did you know where I suspected the other six will end up in an occupied houses before very long I think you'd better carry out a search in every unoccupied house in London but this is to life sir and everybody's away on holiday the number of empty houses must be onwards well it's that or wait until September when everyone comes back and finds his own corpse to be very unfortunate situation for the good inspector to say the least sir I better give the inspector your advice sir yes you must let us know what he's held that might be rather embarrassing goodnight mr. rose good night doctor good night you know Holmes you were right Trevor's disappearance was linked to the other seven but what kind of scene can be at the bottom of it well we'll know more about it when we return from brighton brighton it's unless you'd rather not to seal this in if there's a 6-10 train leaving in the morning 6 8 y bright because that's where RJ Cookson lives Cooper places RJ Cookson he's the man who earns the house in which Trevor was killed how on earth did you find that never mind it is T isn't it yes oh all right I told you what [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] have you ever heard anything so incredible cops not quietly and a stranger that rather inconsiderate of someone I must say like when the police bought these last night I thought someone was pulling my leg my fireplace really asked I'd say because the murderer knew you'd be away knew that the house would be unoccupied and that you wouldn't come back in an embarrassing moment you're right mr. Holmes absolutely right the culprit was acquainted with all my plans and not only the corpse to be found in his own fireplace chose mine breathes Eisley but who could that be I bounced the full regiment of people who of my plans to leave London then our task is to narrow down that regiment how you have me breathless first of all as anyone else the key to your house no not that I know of yes I once gave my key to the greengrocer to deliver the parcel ah but he gave it back oh but Boston bomber supposing a key wasn't used at all whoever did it could've used a tool or something in Jimmy's his way into my house I've heard of those things being done mm-hmm oh really we found all the windows and doors locked I'm afraid you've escaped me now again mr. cooks are you quite sure that no one else has a key to your house they're not ready after all I don't hand them out my calling card delivery wait there's this charwoman who comes to my house once a week to clean up oh no she couldn't hurt a fly well what's her name this is a MIT but what really she couldn't be less harmless she's 60 years old she's a day you take her for your own grandmother yeah but you know if she has a daughter dot well now really a woman of 60s and bound to have a little girl well what about a niece or a granddaughter granddaughter now but I think of it she does have one about seven years old she recently came to live with us where does mrs. Enid live I have a wrestler if you please Siderius right here in my trousers you really think of poppy the old woman where the charwoman has the ability to go anywhere in London is this is that point with the waiter 322 right Cliff Lee 322 Red Cliff way to look at her you would never think she could hurt a fly you take up for your own grandmother poison murders no impossible mr. Holmes impossible I don't know stand on hello no DB for a little while you'll find someone to bring you back and grandma'll has company again what happened is enough company we had or it went home after a while but come on let's say it where do you live at 67 fever no that was the last place your address is now a hundred and twenty Claridge Street I forgot all right now to not face again where you live Clary state and again what do you think of my I will know definitely on our time come on [Music] it later little girl like you too got another what's your name my name is subscribe I see where you live I live a hundred and twenty planet Street I know or do you did you know mistake you know come on you must commit and cry some of my ability it's the least I can offer you for your kindness in being in France at home well that's very kind of you but really I ought to be getting along just be made delicious you'll make an old one very happy we'll try the first life very well then I am rather partial to definitive answer now some of it right here the people now say goodnight to the tiny gentleman then off the bed grandma you never let me stay up with a company that's because little girls must have their sleep but now we've met the gentleman that he'll come again in the daytime well yes I should love to good night good night Burgie deeply is she a lovely girl and she'll grow up into a beautiful woman and have a life of ease is that the important thing a life of ease time to enjoy the world you're waiting for some fudge and I'm pressing your brace relative and a glass of cold milk to go with it won't you join me oh no my doctor what he never permitted i only prepare this sort of thing for people who drop in like you [Music] smells very good if I have one speciality its divinity fudge you'll find it heavily [Music] nothing I just wanted to give the third don't read don't eat hot oh do they love come on answer I will show you come trial [Music] [Applause] I'll take that messaging it [Music] I needed money for the child that's why I did it I didn't wanted to clear up into a sire Dragovich album I wanted a travel I love these and the things I've seen other people and you have to be taken care of I wish now I hadn't tried to poison you you might have visited at the tentative promise I would have been such good friend [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]