Sherlock Holmes Ep 12 El Caso del Ingeniero Descalzo Subtítulos en Español

[Music] in the several months that I had shared the Baker Street lodgings of Sherlock Holmes I was consistently amazed by the indefatigable energy he poured into his never-ending war on crime but my positions I could see the strain that perhaps another wouldn't have noticed as it was one morning that I prevailed upon him to join me for a day in the country all seemed tranquil at first but I was to learn as I did in later years that when Sherlock Holmes did not seek trouble it often sought him [Music] however they may be coming steady now we have you alright in a minute attenzione gauging who are you running from fuck taro they tried to kill me out now host that's he better get them to London there I really thought the young ladies are injured but she's suffering from a deep state of shock [Music] take this ended up much thank you sir wish you'd be all right doctor oh yes that he said twice last night she saved my life we I don't know we only met last night I'm afraid she's mute but definite no she hasn't understands perfectly how did you meet her which all started yet the afternoon seems an eternity since then I was in my office facing the realities of my professional situation I suppose that everyone finds his first venture into independent business to be a guerrilla experience after a year at it had about decided to admit failure and seek employment with some recognized firm it was at that point that I received a client badly [Music] his name was Colonel Lysander stark and I known then what Hara he was bringing into my life I would have strangled him right then and there frankly mr. Hadley the Commission I have come here to offer you deals with a matter of extreme secrecy I have come to something to acquit myself with both your professional and your personal qualification personal qualifications yeah I know you to be an efficient hydraulic engineer but also that you are a bachelor an orphan and that you resign here alone in London right that's very true but I'm afraid I don't understand you shale when I explained the assignment do I have your word that our conversation will go no further than this room of course I shall respect your confidence excellent alright does 50 pounds for a night's work appealed you fifty pounds I note by your expression that you suspect some early energy let me set your mind at rest on that score exactly what you want me to do prepare a hydraulic press mr. Hennelly a rather large hydraulic press that hardly seems unusual for years I have owned a small place in the country just outside London recently it has come to my attention that the land contains the same of something commonly called Fuller's earth I trust you are familiar with the term Fodor is dug out of the earth why should you need an hydraulic press I'm a businessman fairly undoubtedly the land surrounding mine contains more of such wealth I hope to use the income from my own discovery to purchase my neighbor's land cheaply before he discovers its hidden wealth I see if my neighbor was a suspect what will he treads on daily he would never sell at any price it's quite clear that you use the press talk mode the dagger into some innocent form so that you can dispose of it without suspicion precisely very ingenious there's a fortune down there a volvo season is wrong what does it come stocked can I get you something it all right my heart I wouldn't get too excited I've put my trust in you mr. Hedley to accept the commission when do I begin I promise to meet him that night last night at a slit station the time he suggested was quite late 11:30 but he insisted that it would be less conspicuous I freely admit that the money kept me from exercising a more natural curiosity at such bizarre proceedings at one point sir when we encountered you admittedly you were in a highly nervous state but you get repeating that they were after you did this man stock have a Confederates yes a foreigner a man named Carol I was to meet him later that night go on last night I boarded the train to eyford and arrived at a little past eleven of ordered and Colonel Stark was waiting he was we drove for almost an hour and then we stopped sunland he almost pulled me into a darkened house stark muttered under his breath as he fumbled strike a match but suddenly a light in the air to the top of the stairs [Music] it was the first time I saw this young woman gentle even in the poorer liked beauty and fear was sharp in her face [Music] [Music] young woman is our housekeeper but you do miss she cannot answer you I'm afraid she is quite mute I forgot to tell you that I have a colleague mr. Corrado brilliant mineralogy I'll take him for you if you'll excuse me for a moment borrowing [Music] is there anything wrong you wanted to leave hi [Music] how you're trying to warn me against Colonel Stark [Music] why should I share can stock I highly met him this afternoon [Music] Natalie I'd like you to meet my friends and associate with you cow a pleasure sir Colonel Stark will show you our friends and explain the difficulties we have I'll join you in a moment after I am around with her how to keep it or you take tonight yes that's a good idea will you come this way mr. haddle it [Music] [Applause] I thought you have learn better an idea perhaps I have to send you back to school [Music] yes in principle this is the standard hydraulic press so I must say I've seen pure Lodge bead and in fully tested was before all meditation I think I told you the time is my biggest foe what a rainbow light beam would country would have given you more support are these walls reinforced from the outside adrenal I was just about to explain with the Headley that all the walls and sit the one he is examining are be in from Holland there's no trouble with walls it's in the missionary you deal it good you don't want to check out first [Applause] Meryton [Music] what is another cylinder be leaking fluid cutting down your path Terra will have a look at the driving rod I knew what I was after and the rest proved to be no problem of course you knew by then the true purpose of the press not quite and although I was sure it was not for making death brick Mo's much too large for that but they'd lied to me so blatantly I thought it best not to call him on it right off well what were they using the press for any obvious they are counterfeiters they used the press to form the amalgam that takes the place of silver so I learned during the night it was naive of me to assume that everyone but myself was asleep but I did [Music] [Music] you come out again mr. Hari [Music] Oh [Music] now when you better myself what that sound men [Music] karo had started the place within minutes that cove ceiling will be down with a fault capable of grinding Midwest ship was help and there was no way in the world I could stop [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you won't come with me [Music] Oh No [Music] what is this [Music] what's happened here poodle [Music] and that's almost the last lucid recollection I have I remember carrying her outside and plunging ahead into the darkness and you have no memory of going through the woods almost none the next thing I remember you and dr. Watson were bending over me are you all right scream did you tell her yes I feel it [Music] grandiy hubs are you you we all here drink this for you I tell you hear this gently you can speak why last night did you pretend I was pretending I've been unable to speak for you excuse me miss Connors Ruth Connors no mr. Connors I get under the events of last night yeah he was shocked rather like a shock you received a year ago yes when I saw the gun in Kern after hand and it was pointed directly at me a year ago another young man visited us fix the hydraulic press I see what do you know about his other young men I was standing there watching when all of a sudden camera stopped five you've done tracing the other young man's face why didn't you go to the police I did but first time is can you admit the colonel with my uncle and guardian he's my only living relation when I witnessed the murder he fell upon me repeating over and over you must never say a word you must never say a word but the first opportunity I had I ran to the police what did they do nothing because we had mum to this I've been unable to utter a sound on peterward the sir my throat was frozen up incredible I have heard of this before the wife it was my uncle ninth of my attempting for money and had me committed to better be insane asylum I spent six long months there six horrible unforgettable months before they released me in his custody after that he forced me to do his bidding by threatening to send me back send me back to school with expression he used why that's horrible very and I think it's time we called in our old friend Inspector Lestrade he furnished a deal with this man Karen they are not forgetting Stark I am oh I expect we will find his remains what's the loss of his medicine and dollar savings in the cost of executing him we'll come along now that young mr. has early tells us about neglecting the candle while he needed as Kaiba can place the blame for the fire you sure it was Colonel Lysander stark whose remains you've earned here no doubt several articles of authentic identification no doubt very good no inspector sorry well I think festival now where's Holmes got himself - he just went down to the station he said he's making a minute looking at of Holmes things he could do outside if you all waiting but everything that was said a but is settled as it's likely to be starts dead callous escape the only thing now is to go back to London and put up an alarm form did idea well tell me what about the money what money well you know the money they were making the economy have you found in it Oh although oh I suppose catastrophic rhythm and a man we had to be pretty desperate indeed we even bother with real money meant alone can't be what are you suggesting Holmes with Connors the only counties used here the character mr. head of the routine is that right y-yes I think so I see and that carriage has been in the livery stable since last night thanks to an obliging comfortable I thought one Canon's footprint but there was no trailer similar print leading away from her heart fuck you I just imagined that you would try to make it escape on foot how did he get away he didn't my dear fellow he sit in his house hiding somewhere what mr. ho you said Estella where I examined that cellar myself no I need a Special K they got on to the house hide the money and there must be an entrance from my house itself I wasn't permitted to know exactly where I'm sure it is in this front um thank you well it's trying to show it I think we got yeah [Music] [Music] what I want me to it not it what have we got here so just nicked me doctor nothing serious I always have a look at it anyway come on so demure men never have it here at that I didn't believe you have any more trouble with mr. Karev this is real nasty business will run I've lost my fifty pounds feed being roughed up but it could be worse I suppose a good deal where's my friend regretful that I believe this is yours what yeah what is it your shoe i believe i recovered it from the press and it makes one thing doesn't it oh what you were quite right the day in the country can be quite relaxed [Music] and we [Music] you