Sherlock Holmes Ep 13 El Caso del Billete Dividido serie clásica subtítulos español

[Music] ah [Music] Oh you [Music] [Music] mr. Holmes mr. Holmes mr. Holmes [Music] you [Music] by the size of Bob see fit that he comes back in time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what look I was wearing to get that wallet it's not yours oh no it isn't but would you believe me if I told you I lifted it from a pickpocket no you what yes he lifted it from that gentleman over there and as he passed me in full flight I lifted it from him oh look trick it'd be good to give it back to the owner before he leaves ah better than that I'll place it back in his pocket without him even being aware that it was taken in the first place Oh Holmes ah but this is far harder than lifting a wallet and requires diligent training now watch me closely [Music] Oh Maurice Maurice [Music] [Applause] we're very lucky we still haven't come into the office of that moment you'd still be in prison well I got understand went wrong probably little more practice as all I need it I haven't the other alternatives behaving like a perfectly sane normal human being and going absolutely mad eleven what on earth who is he an Irishman by the color of his shares and the Shamrock in his buttonhole but also conclude that he was a typesetter by the ink-stained condition of his fingernails doctor that's neither here nor there the man is in our flat do you know he never clapped eyes on you before in his life hey hey I don't know you disturb Gilbert hey what time is it 4:00 o'clock oh good we still got eight hours look if you're a human being at all you'll be helping me mr. Holmes my name is Watson Oh eze mr. Holmes mr. Holmes my name is probably not Casey a man of propriety poor as I am on mother forgive me oh you wouldn't be breaking in here this way it's all over I'm the most desperate of man yes yes I gather from your note mr. case you obviously shattered under the door ran away and then returned fearing I might have overlooked it a cat might have run off with it are we most oh we haven't got a wee mouse here oh well you know what I mean but I didn't want to be missing you not with 8,000 pounds of stakes so I came back here and I let me serve in solid I'd be waiting for you he is relentless understand on mystery occasion our best we'd like to sit down and have a rest oh thank you very much sir no soften my heart's beating know your Triphammer yes I expect it is you were saying something about 8000 pounds well that's the amount that's due to me but unless I can get hold of mr. snow be midnight tonight I'll not get a penny office who is this man snow well he's the man is holding the last third of this ticket you see he's holdin numbers three and four and without these weekend for just a minute mr. Casey I realized that time is of the essence a nice minimas likely help you indeed but perhaps you'd be good enough to start him tell your story right from the beginning oh yes of course but where it doesn't begin now perhaps it begins with this terrible feeling of homesickness I have it came on me all of a sudden and it got worse and worse until we couldn't look at anything that didn't remind me of me home in County July well anyway I was walking along this lunchtime and I saw this woman Belle Rogers and well you might have seen yourself in the barrel of enrolled may the Saints punished me if I'm lying she didn't know me at all but she smiled at me I wasn't taught to be a fool I let off as fast as my feet could carry me another glasses stove Brian okay I saw you in front of the bakery shop just now would you go away before I can get your attention Oh hurry Irish what was it big lush Oh Antonia Alberta a man has to look out for himself in this city what do you mean look as plain as I'm standing here she smiled at me right out in public oh that's I read in a bakery winter yeah [Music] twice what time well whoever teller would even have to know on that immediate didn't find out look can't you see my mentor exactly what you wanted me to do why good luck I could knock you say nope look here Albert's know you don't mean any disrespect to your country but the fact is are you being saving me money for one reason only and that's to get back to world as soon as possible and no tempest were the honey told us got a flam boozled me out of it bogey you may be doing the poor girl an injustice Robert looked at the fact is that she smiled at a perfect stranger and in a certain way now look no woman is going to do that unless he's interested in getting a pure Fool's money now stay close by me she's followed me here oh hey I didn't think she'd run off on a smile okay what worry about what do you want with me it's in the window you belong I only want to talk to you ask her to sit down what what look this is no place for a woman this is a tavern you know your ruin your reputation here people won't buy the case you mate I'll only be a moment radhiya mr. Ratchett there's a nice beautiful male now how did smell this is my friend mr. brownlow Casey how do you do come on Brian so tell [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now listen mr. Casey yes would you be willing to give me a pound you see I told you so wait let me finish with the little ideas it's an investment I'd like you to be my partner or kind of something and sweepstake ticket a switch take it yeah I've got one and I'd like you to buy half of it from me I don't understand any of this at all call it superstition mr. O'Casey you see I noticed you're an Irishman from the bakery window that four-leaf clover in your buttonhole and since everybody knows the Irish you're lucky I like an Irishman to be my partner well it isn't for a woman to be gambling Oh perhaps not I think thank if we win we divide 24,000 pounds all right and if we lose which is much more likely I'd be able to pound which is half a week's pay now wait a minute oh I've got an idea why don't the three of us share ticket you're going to fall that much can't you Casey you'd be going against faith to turn down adjust you're not that great it skews me to Casey but I always never won anything a big life but all the better the law of averages is on your side do you have the ticker with you miss yeah one six six three four does that sell lot our lucky number or doesn't it well I suppose I could chance 13 sure let's do it now wait a minute who's going to keep this ticket we could tear it up three ways and each one of us keep a piece that way no one person would hold the ticket and be able to desert the rest no that's where it all in cashed in we've all three got to come together again Eric I see in three pause well no look we all have to keep her stoves in a safe place because if one of us loses his oh three of us had suffered right now shall we seal the partnership one C 3300 extra please pay jiggets gone knocking under this day massacre excellent we take the it's gone let's fix them lucky number sister hey guys what is up oh yes mr. Pibb Xtra expert we take stick is gone that beam under nested get your men take pipe up sister here I know other people want to win as much as I do but I'm hoping so much to see the source of Ireland again six six three four Oh [Applause] [Music] Warren asacs oh it's not the first one I work maybe I'll be the second I'm gonna take it easy bro avoid it there's still a void on pressing that halbert's no I was mad to let him talk me into this kismet fake I'm going to build 13 shillings that's what my plates going to be [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] professional hey it's right it's right this way [Music] oh why do you think we go till we sell it hello today we'll have a beating of a stockholder 54 just be really I'm very happy that I was not to be letting to you right off it was like I said okay sit kismet yeah listen out everybody thanks just on one I think that's gonna be the question which confronts us now is shall we fill the ticket or hold on to it and go all the way Vernon dream horses are 22 one shot but he could win I say I say let's go all the way ho I'm not that much of a gambling man myself but mr. Casey you just admitted you were lucky you can't desert us now Oh what do you mean BIOS do you mean you brought the started already with bail and I have been seeing a bit of each other actually we speculated on what we would do of Arctic it was strong Casey wouldn't you like to be rich well sir very world boss let's put it to the vote majority wins no wait a minute bill of course without voting the Arctic in a case like this since we're all friends a decision like this should be made unanimously how about Adele Casey coming with us [Music] Vernon dream hey waiter I have another beer special on a sheet [Music] we have Kathy burning dream one [Music] [Applause] how do you feel did you hear Fernan 3-1 it's rich we all are yes I heard [Music] first snow I don't think he's coming [Music] I mean he's not coming he's got a third of our ticket he has to come I've been looking for him since last week and he broke an appointment with me mr. O'Casey he disappeared well that was ten days ago mr. Holmes and disappear he has right off the face of the earth and a third of the ticket along with them I see and I only have until that midnight to find you me well that's when the ticket becomes invalid at midnight tonight on the dock yes yes well that's serious indeed mmm I should say so would look do you think you could do something to help us it was told if anyone could perform a miracle twas you well that's a little exaggerated but I'll do my best where can I get in touch with you mr. Casey well you'll be fine to be at a golden culture in tonight miss Rogers no I decided to stay there until closing time in case how would you turn off oh good good well I'll look for you there in a very much Oh mr. Holmes are here I noticed you clam with those cards and that it didn't miss me glance that you make won't disappear yes yeah well it's not I did you know once you've got the neck oh I imagine not only I recommend lights ought to be kind of low because I saw you put one right there coming yes yes yes sir yes well hello good day mr. Casey you ever answer yes well I'll left I'll work it out in time if I didn't give it up altogether I was referring to the disappearance of mr. snow oh where you going we are going to the Baker shop to see Miss Rogers what about what it's almost five o'clock was we have just seven hours until midnight [Applause] if I'm right Watson this will take more than a minute what else noon flight speaks Miss Rogers is she here she left this morning oh why don't ask me when I arrived she was gone there was only a note from her saying she'd taken one of the 12 layer cakes which she would pay for in the morning ah ah was it by any chance the white cake one of my very best thank you very much for the information good afternoon I was right what drive okay [Music] we're so Katy poor Gary don't take it easier come on sit yourself down oh what's about it what happened the police they found his coat in the river Albert yeah it was all blood-stained and there was a bullet hole in it whoa and the ticket somewhere at the bottom of the river [Music] are you going to do I'm going to throw my stuff into the fire and watch it burn it's useless now Horace Rogers right [Music] yeah smart give me yourself it was my idea to split up the ticket I deserve to see my mistake Holloway - you may as well mr. Casey with Miss Rogers Stubb destroyed yours I'm afraid has no value [Applause] you told me there was hope yes I know I'm sorry I was mistaken you may destroy it now miss Rogers if you wish I caught fish turned up we cops were so high seeing the shores of Ireland soon again but now it seems a little T would improve your spit day I can still see the picture of those two or that in take me a long time to get over their homes oh I think you'll get over it sooner than you imagine Holmes what they should remain My dear fellow the hand deceives the eye this afternoon after I left you I found a piece of another sweepstake ticket on Miss Belle Rodgers neat eh would you like little whiskey no tea until you go to an elk you sleep last the tea Holmes you're hiding something from me well nothing really except that it occurred to me that snow and Belle Rogers had contrived to cheat in Casey out of his money I was absolutely certain of this when we visited the baker's shop and I found out that she had taken a large white cake yeah but what's that got to do with anything a large white cake very appropriate for marriage don't you think what you think they were married or about to be yes but that still doesn't tell me what kind of a scheme they had what he was really quite ingenious snow would go into hiding and at the crucial moment give the impression that he'd been murdered now this was the cue for Miss Rogers to give up hope and throw her stuff onto the fire oh yes she wasn't the real stamp the one that she had obtained as I did now very artfully she would get her cases stub from him and pretend to do the same you you mean she really kept her cases stubborn destroy two dummy one exactly now she and snow would have had a complete ticket if I hadn't substituted a dummy of my own but that's amazing Oh fantastic well they make sense now or does it I thought you've no proof of anything your whole theory is just a series of inferences if once your promisor is wrong the whole structure collapses naturally my dear Watson we've you met miss Rogers and this is the missing mr. snow I think you'd better fetch your case in our Watson I can't predict what his feelings will be when he sees you but you know what Irish tempers are I see Holmes yes don't look mister of cases third share is worth at least half oh yes yes quite right Watson at least a half [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]