Sherlock Holmes Ep 14 El Caso del Intérprete Francés serie TV subtítulos en Español

[Music] [Music] speed is a vitally important and when one is in a hurry it is sometimes necessary to take a shortcut which was the case this particular evening there are men in London who out of shyness or saunas have no wish for the company of others yet they are not averse to comfortable chairs and the latest reading material further convenience of club was started which forbade its members from taking any notice of each other if a member talked it was a black mark against him and three such marks rendered him liable to expulsion Sherlock Holmes was neither shine or sorrow but he joined the sin Tennis Club because he found the atmosphere Subang crew I'd always been diligent about not disturbing in here but tonight I had come on in a cell but greatest urgency I beg your pardon who I excuse me I thought you were shocked Holmes the point you thought well I only went you win that's the same see mr. brandish take this gentleman name your name sir what's dr. John Watson but you made a mistake I'm not a member of your club not remember how did you get in well I used the ship Brandon you'll accompany me out sir I'm here on very urgent business our constitutions of its top of any kind follow me sir and I'd like you to understand I'm not a sort of man you into the table like this uninvited as the circumstances happen to be extraordinary I must ask you sir not to attempt to I can't believe certain it is never clad before well yes oh I've never been so humiliated in my life why didn't you speak up in there because it's against the rules of the club old chap oh sorry doc Tom this is our ability can go too far let him in emergency rose yes it does to prevent that happening again we better move down the hall of it now you were saying what is in emergency arose you can speak up now Watson what I'm trying to say is what if an emergency arose and your presence is urgently requested coming round on you I'm here my dear chair you just is true that oh really I'm only isolated here from triviality well there's nothing trivial about this there's a man waiting for you back at the flat remember the name of de Becque Claudia Beck he's had an experience to make a blood run cold what sort of an experience wasn't he watched a man being tortured tortured will find a cab outside come along [Music] once outside we immediately hailed a cab and I began to tell Holmes what I knew he came home sat in silence as we rode and I knew that my explanations had the nothing more than rouse his interest in talking to mr. doback glad for the nightmare I'm no longer sure but I saw a man being tortured starve to death I was powerless to help you drink this it'll do you good thank you a natural Frenchman will tell you that this brandy had to be sipped safer but if you'll excuse me one poor devil maybe it still alive a soldier too must fight it before it's too late mr. doback we'll do our best to help you but first of all it must tell us who this man was and how you came to meet him his name was Sean polish and how it intubated what day is today Wednesday Wednesday resident that was last Friday that it happened you know it's the home tire I'm an interpreter and I interpret nearly all languages but since I'm French a good it is with this tongue that I'm principally associated now I'm very well known do tells and it occurs frequently that I'm called for the stranger's hours by travellers who get into difficulties ah I was not surprised therefore when I heard shortly before there's no prophet night someone knock at my door very highly my name is Latimer Harold Latimer forgive me for calling at such a late hour but the man at the hotel said it would be all right oh you need an interpreter yes you do speak French don't you know with the greatest of pleasure what's your problem well you see someone from France came to see me on business as it turned out he speaks only French I of course can't even read the label on a bottle of wine that's a pity he's leaving tomorrow and it's imperative that we settle our business tonight I realize this is an imposition at this late hour an interpreter and a doctor are the same in this respect is our resolve and every years required not just smoking if I have to go [Music] mr. Lattimer had a cap waiting outside I didn't think to give it more than a passing glance however there was a strange atmosphere and I entered one can send such things I must ask you not to I beg your pardon I prefer the shades drawn this to do back but they cut off of you that's exactly their purpose you'll forgive me but I have no intention of permitting you to see the place to which we are being driven what's the meaning of this we shall find out soon [Music] for nearly two hours we drove without my having the least idea where we were going all the time I I said in silence what on earth could be this man's reason for kidnapping me whatever it might be there was no possible use in my resisting [Music] arrived mr. doback guru rather just kidnapping mr. nutterman it is somewhat of a Liberty I admit we'll make it up to you you may get out [Applause] [Music] is this mr. Jubei channel yes well done well done no ill feelings mr. doback I hoped but we couldn't get on without you what do you want of me only to ask a few questions of the same gentleman and let us have the answers if you deal fair with us you're not regretted but if you try any tricks your wish you haven't been born you follow me [Music] [Applause] we put him in one of these says to move him while I easily what have you been doing to this poor man it is no concern of yours [Music] you better you don't have to understand French to know that is not a compliment but no matter our series he is prepared to sign the paper your own good be quick about it except if would have seen you lit up you and me never tell him he is doing her no service from the rear dr. Ned listen my aunt our oh dear he says let me hear her say so telling her go free if he signs CA vous le béret the television publish a minibar he says then he will never go free then he knows what awaits him translate that was a vehicle Costa Coffee would expose a man thought he said he doesn't care stop that there's only the beginning if he persists in being stubborn now let us try again and see if we can get better result I was horrified at having to be a part of an affair like this and even though I was only the interpreter I felt guilty at not being able to give him any help what could I do with Latimer on one side and jut on the other giggling with each question again and again I asked him in different ways whether he would give in and signed document again and again I got the same reply but soon the thought came to me I took to Ellen little sentences of my own to each question innocent ones at first to see if I could get away with it when our companion showed no sign of catching on I played a more dangerous game I asked him all about himself and learned that his name was polish lon he was a stranger in London that he didn't know what house we were in that he was being starved to death in another minute I might have wormed the whole story out from under the noses but for the interruption [Applause] who is it get rid of her give me the gun officially India I thought you went to bed hours ago I couldn't sleep at all I can't think of nothing but Paul now Micheline there's nothing to worry about but he should have been here two days ago I didn't like forward to do something like that something that happened to him not a wage or anything that he was delayed somewhere on business then he would have written to me if I don't hear from him by tomorrow I would go to the police [Applause] hidden there Micheline what's the matter with you have you taken leave of your senses but in whispers nah it was nothing of the time but I need I heard I lie to you if Paul Rinda once I tell you shut it in their charge that's all oh well I don't know what's happening to me now now darling it's only a case of nerves you'll be all right after a good night's rest but it never happened like that before probably never been under such a stress but it's foolish something happened to Paul you would have heard about it by now the fact that you haven't is proof enough that all is worth you are probably right caught fire I'll take you back upstairs [Applause] you perceive we have taken you into our confidence there were some very private business shrink for business mr. celli business but it would not be to our interests if you spoke to anybody about it therefore I am paying your fee such as you have never before received in your life there will be more the next time you come here thank you however I don't place all my faith in money therefore I must warn you that if you speak to a single soul about this we shall know about it and you will pay for it with your life [Music] this man with evil man's escort is he back to the carriage and took his place opposite me we drove for about half an hour and the shades were drawn as before Linda Katie was stoppin he ordered me out I walk for a mile or so and then I found myself at what was coming and there took a train to Victoria Station I see and then I presume your adventure ended yes now it should have gone to the police right away but I see it for a man's life but miss Hall someone told me that you you work with a complete discretion oh you can be assured of that it sounds would you please try to find him I'll try but you must realize that my success depends almost entirely on your memory I told you anything only everything you were able to see I told you everything I repeat Monsieur do you pick only everything you were able to see and don't understand well on the way to the house you've sworn I think because the blinds were drawn in mechanik huh but you could still feel and hear couldn't you now as you were going along could you tell whether it was a rough or smooth road oh yeah now I know you're getting it well during the first part of the trip the rope was swoop and and then they seemed to turn off on a country road a country road and now when you were getting along that part of the road did you hear anything like cattle or poultry or sheep sheep yes that's what I heard nothing harbors anything else well and I remember I remember a horn a foghorn something like a coal barge passing by I see now what part of the journey would that be exactly taller the end I'm sure was there anything else that you can remember so oh yes something about the house yet we left the housing and then they seemed to to pass over a huge storage room and then under the floor I heard something like rushing water water and stream but it couldn't leave it but that's what it seemed like thank you see debate I think I have all the information I require brennon have you already found out where he is no but I have all the facts at my disposal it's not only a question of time a please mr. Holmes you don't give my name because if they ever found out that I've been here you can depend upon my keeping your confidence mr. doback however I would urge you still to be on guard I'll be careful stomps good thank you good next one good night [Music] and [Music] well now Watson you were listening to what your back had to say how do you when you're here is in a vague sort of way yes well let anything well it seemed to me that this young French got have been carried off by using this adverb laghima oh but can it all from where well from that advice good well the young girl who speak English very well but the young man couldn't speak a word of French entrance the young girl appear in England sometimes the young man hadn't been in France well then we can presume she came over on a visit to England and this man had all the stages of the runaway with him more than likely was then this shall are the prisoner brother or guardian decides to come over on a visit from France he meets Latimer his associate and then for some reason decides against signing away the girl's fortune which he is presumably the guardian the men then resort to force excellent Watson I'm quite certain that you're not far from the truth now very simple logic yes and with simple logic we'll find the house it must be here somewhere and when we finish translating the fact that dubeck has given us an x will mark the spot now let's keep [Music] [Applause] [Music] and a doctor I'm sorry to stand you doctor would you mind getting your kit we'll pick out a straight on the way you found it I believe sir oh you really should find your back in case we didn't interpreter that's an excellent idea and from what I've heard I believe these may come in handy [Music] [Applause] de Becque at his lodgings just to close the river and we decided to walk there [Music] if you're looking for mr. defects you missed about an hour ago can you tell us where I don't know I only know he drove away with a gentleman in the carriage well did the adjustable lady's name no sir was he by the Chancellor a tall handsome looking red are no tears of the poor gentleman with glasses did not even kick her all the time thank you [Applause] [Music] even the weather seems be against us and as we find our cabin started on our way it began to rain according to his calculations we had a considerable way to go and we had to go fast if we would be in time London streets on the rain or a handicap to any carried so there's nothing was to do but hope and wait [Music] come back wash that he still say no he also food girls unit for me he will be said the moment he signed the paper tell him that see you move you they are bubbles a heavy machine I discovered on combination design at last [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now sweet this man it would be foolish to spare him I always have to kill him again kill him and you broke your promise you spoke to Sherlock Holmes that's not that's true there's no point in lying but you couldn't tell him where we are and even the famous mr. Holmes could never deduced that [Applause] let the men come quick open the trap [Applause] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh Oh [Music] who you what you want there are deer question the property was rightfully mine I'm her husband it belonged to me but he controlled it and wouldn't sign his over to me he found out you're a thief you can't take me to jail I only tried to get what was coming to me I'll see that you do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you