Sherlock Holmes Ep 16 El Caso de la Inscripción Greystone Serie clásica

[Music] the old lobster and sliced Martin could one possibly conceive of a more ideal marriage was the Romeo and Juliet were clearly miss mated by comparison wasn't aren't you going to join me or not Shirley Watson you can't bear a grudge against me forever for something so trivial trivial and what is trivial about riddling the wall with bollocks I do not agree that I riddled the wall as you so violently put it I decorated it in a most patriotic manner oh I have permitted and suffered many liberties in this flat first to make those evil-smelling gases then you shatter my nerves with those ridiculous disguises but you even you have never covered your activities under the banner of patriotism yes but we are all of the Queen's initials I was only celebrating Her Majesty's birthday celebrating her majesty still that's no excuse well Beth I was a little overzealous but you can't very well blame a man for that nevertheless all right once my solemn I promised never to do it again Oh well and love spoon to Martha for breakfast river head of that Ice Age is fairly good now she made me say gonna join me [Music] I didn't expect you until noon she must ago the midnight sing who you will meet her in a minute I wouldn't want her to feel that she was intruding yeah Millicent Channing yes I wrote you about a year hmm but I didn't want to lose any time I took the midnight train I understand once you come in this is my good friend and associate doctor what are you do how do you do please sit down miss Channing you must have had a very tiring journey particularly in view of the fact that you were forced to take a dog-cart out of the way how did you know it took a dark car well I noticed that your right sleeve is covered with mud only a dog-cart says I've made him such a disagreeable way mr. Holmes can also deduce your birthstone and the serial numbers of any notes you happen to be carrying in your birth and dr. Watson exaggerated very slightly I have a great deal of your powers mr. Holmes they'll say you're one of the cleverest men in London a very kind you said in your letter that your fiance is disappeared I'm saying that something terrible had happened to him why miss Jenny it's also model so confused Farraday the girl I'm expecting for dinner didn't arrive as well and I went to his lodgings [Music] [Applause] Millicent will learn that one come to the mountain good heavens we had a dinner date Thank You Clark oh you must forgive me I think so deep in this a completely stepper mind of Millicent how would you like to marry a full professor of English history at London University I'd much rather marry you John I made me are you serious you still have three years before you can become profession it can happen in a month next week perhaps that's huh well you know this research work I've been doing on 14th century English history yeah well I have reason to believe I've made the most amazing the most fantastic discovery tell me not until I put my theory to the test and if I'm right I can assure you there will be an immediate chair for me at the University and more than that I'll be famous oh but John this is unfair keeping me in the dark like this I promise you it won't be for long tomorrow I go to see Sir Thomas grey stone at Aberdeen to get his cooperation he won't refuse because my success will bring him Fame also young you simply must tell me what not another word tonight I'll tell you everything when I come back the day after tomorrow [Applause] [Music] remember good things come to those who wait but he didn't come that not to be he told me nor the next day I wired him a question castle asking him to explain the delay I see this man Sir John Cartwright unknown here signed grey stone I didn't know what to make of it mr. Holmes family I decided to go up to Aberdeen and talk to Sir Thomas grey stone himself he must have been mistaken [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] certainly don't envy amiss why it's something wrong it says something isn't right ever since the Graystone's came upon hard times they become a strange mysterious pair I'd let anyone ever comes to see them and those that do don't we spend time there if I were you miss wick until it's light before I went up I don't have the time to spare I'm sure I'll be all right [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'd love to see the term Western peace my name is Liz Cheney would you please talented with challeng is it the lady who sent the telegram yeah I hope you don't think me foolish coming here in this way so Thomas what a gravestone is my name the Thomas is my father if you've come to make further inquiries about your mr. Cartwright yes I'd say you were foolish we have absolutely no knowledge of the gentleman but I can't understand he told me was coming here to speak to Sir Thomas about what about a discovery he made labelling some historical research he said it was to proclaim - hey man - Thomas sir I can assure you miss Channing no one of that nature has been here no one but that I narrated the sixth time train on Tuesday I saw him of the 610 train makes a dozen stops along the way he could have got off at any one of them that's right I've no idea miss I'm sorry I'm a bitch he is my family I quite understand but there's nothing we can do and 32 Travie - one moment miss that telegram I think you cost two shillings I'll thank you very impossible huh hey quiet about a charitable institution are you sir Thomas Grayston I am didn't say you where I didn't say I wasn't two shillings if you please [Music] [Applause] [Music] whatever else I thought about the gravestones I didn't believe they'd lied to me why should the United seen John harder as I made my way from the garden from this time table in the bushes I take it to these notes in the margin or in your fiancees handwriting with Channing yes mr. Holmes denied he was there and for some reason they're trying to invite it evidently asked directions to the castle and jotted them down in the margin it's perfectly evident the gravestones are lying but why here's somebody offering a chance of fame they diffuse it other consideration was more imperative than fame wasn't well what are the considerations regarding 'that is our problem it will help me mr. Holmes I'll do my best miss Channing Oh Watson the 14th century contained the reigns of what kings wait a minute 14th century there were some Henry's and Richard the second of course which is the second he was executed wasn't in yes that Pontefract castle September 21st 1300 and miss Channing I would appreciate your taking naki'o fiance is flat creature but while ago stone castle well I would rather not go there unarmed why not we both got revolvers I am referring Watson to information that may have led to the disappearance of Miss Channing's fiancee in come along miss Channing I can't funding their caps you have a look Watson oh thank you Miss Channing thank you aha so this is what Joshua Suns are exciting what is it times when he certainly deserves his professorship if he understood this listen this pledge unto Richard I rich Urdu make to return unto Richard switcher from Richard I take letter it should look on the northern stare then six and seven is not fair press on and through and June for ten the while about do not linger then if thou are gin and whiskey moot get out smite iike the lion upon thus note metered Ryan perfect or was watching me wait simply not what's me look here um sometimes I think you'd say that a trip to the Mulan umbrella is simple well analyze it piece by piece the first part is nothing more than a receipt a receipt certainly this pledge onto Richard I Richard do make to return under Richard such things that I from Richard take well apparently Richard had entrusted his possessions to a loyal friend and he'd received his promise that they be returned yes I see that the rest of the inscription made itself in I may get his possessions back hence let Richard look upon the Northern Star the sort of maps as big quite so well but what's always got to do with Cartwright's disappearance well in Wilkinsons biography of Richard ii it is mentioned that one of the king's most loyal supporters was Richard Greyston the original owner of gravestone Castle Cartwright must have had the idea that Richard had left his possessions with him so he went out there to prove it yes but but that's good answer Rajan hasn't come back that answer miss Channing may only be secured at Greystone castle [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you strange that if it's been everyone here [Music] [Music] I'll go around initially hi [Music] come along and heaters behind me it's pledged unto Richard I Richard do make to return unto Richard switch from Richard I take the house appears to be destroyed by fire and at every chance the King Richard's possessions may not yet have been found now they haven't saya brought help miss Channing where is he what have you done with him he's in safekeeping in the tower since you're here perhaps you can persuade mr. Cartwright to tell us the secret of the gray stone inscription we shall do running on the thought he's got some idea of returning Richard possessions to the Queen for a birthday present that was a fortune not rightfully mine they invite fully belong to the crown we won't argue right two wrongs wait as well if you can't persuade mr. Cartwright to talk and not one of you will leave this room alive in that case I will not hang my fate on another man's decision I'll lead you to King Richard's possession was myself Holmes why be killed every museum piece Watson let's reexamine the pledge this pledge unto Richard I Richard do make to return on the Richard the fetcher from Richard I think we can understand that much without your help gone the meeting is perfectly clear whatever treasure may be hidden here belongs to the royal family and to nobody else let Richard look on the Northern Star well that gives us the direction but does it one can look at the north star from any point in this hemisphere your ancestor knew that he said let Richard Lugar and he meant this Richard in other words the direction may be found by facing north from this very spot I am now facing do not then six and seven is not far what does that mean many to pays off thirteen steps one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen press on and through and down 410 present ooh and down 4 1 2 3 5 8 9 [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and 9 rupees Paris at last I've been waiting for this moment for he [Music] ruby's and now if we may go I'm afraid I can't let you go but you promised he take us for fools you go straight to the authorities plan to enjoy this will I don't see how with or without us seems your ancestors arranged for intruders you knew this I suspected then you must know the way out otherwise you wouldn't have come in at once man or I'll shoot you're done with your stand well only I have the secret to the door of the door toss the jewels / way out all of them sure how to get out and we'll educate them all no no that might as well got a single gold piece I got dr. - what a rockefeller this is mine The Treasures mine you can't put the lallan pay no attention give me the gallon you can have the treasure just begun please the last two lines of the inscription read as I recall if you're in and can't get out strike the line upon the flocks [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] well everything couldn't be better grace turns our imprisonment colorizer together again and you and I are feasting on cold lobster and Temasek well I have a sense of well-being haven't you the slightest twinge of conscience Watson conscience no what but I noticed the girl piece on your watch-chain preferred you philsed it from the treasure room whilst it certainly not I made an application for it to a ministry toll did you all that was very enterprising other Watson yeah why don't you do the same thing Holmes after all don't you want to soup man I had one no bet [Applause] but homes a personal little of thanks from her majesty why why um congratulations well done thank you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you yeah [Music] you