Sherlock Holmes Ep 21 El Carpintero Reticente Serie Clásica Subtítulos en Español

[Music] you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it started with a series of isolated events there was a warehouse fire in Stepney - workman was very injured and one fireman was killed there was an explosion followed by fire when it was over there was only enough left to determine that it was no accident nor was what had happened to the man whose body was found in a nearby street he had been stabbed four times a link connected him with a fire a pedestrian till the police he thought he'd seen the man running desperately as though for his life he couldn't be sure the fire swept the building so furiously in the confusion that followed so many people were running he wouldn't have noticed the man at all if it hadn't been for one thing he was running away from the thought the case was turned over to Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard and from that point it was to involve Sherlock Holmes and myself in one of the most frightening situations of our lives well at all nothing sir the laundry marks no papers of any kind the red beans all remarked that they'd been cut out sir and there was nothing at all in his pockets what about this mud in his boots oh they're both been working on that since last night sir but they can't break it down you mean they can't break it down poetry what's the use of having a new love policy if they can't do a simple analysis that's just what I say sir it's ridiculous how did expect weakest hold on murder if I can't get any cooperation my own department that's just what I know cooperation I've got to do everything myself around here sir suppose we get back a sample from the laboratory and go over with it oh I suppose we'll have to it might be faster that way sir if I might say so I expect you're right look pick up a sample from ybarra Tory and Wheatley downstairs and I'm a triage waiting that yes very good sir Wilkins yes you said something about going over going over we're going over the Sherlock Holmes and asked him to analyze that mad forest sir how did you know what I was thinking I didn't mention his name into this so did I I don't remember sir maybe I did I suppose you must have done suppose I must all right after you don't go hey what's up finger guns three things are going along here want me to start a Sherlock Holmes [Music] Oh what are you doing that's invasion of privacy peeping tom disgraceful reason of who is privacy I got no web you're spying on well I'm spying on my own privacy now what exactly I was looking into a room across the street I know I'll show you what it so happens but I've rented that room this morning for the week where you think you're moving on so and I plan taking my telescope over there I'm spying on this room here now I put us up together there's a reason but we're here sorry I'm expecting a thief oh really how do give you an appointment you may not believe what I'm saying what's them but I'm being perfectly serious when do you expect this thief and why I'll explain the entire situation to you across the street no well we're spying on ourselves over here over there it was something like that yeah well I'm glad because I thought from those eyes get II can do ah good good we can see perfectly from here I hesitate to bring these up homes but I can't see how we can see ourselves from here over there even at the edge of a telescope well that's not an unreasonable deduction Watson but that's my methods will not appear so obscured you if I told you that I've received a communication threatening my life if I accepted a certain case or used evidence that's been given to me well what case whatever but that is the Cure is funded what's neither be presented with the case nor have I got any evidence but somebody thinks you have obviously let's see to expect what you're going to steal the evidence of course there is you haven't got now you have it well that'll really help since this thief you expect can't steal the evidence you haven't got so that's right it is yeah that's right well then why do you want to watch it once the link to follow him when he leaves and find out why the man who was going to get in touch with me didn't get in touch with me ah couldn't eat a black kid ah but these no no no I'll friend a good inspector I wonder what he wants to see us about perhaps he'll leave us a note I could run across and tell him again no no no don't do that he'd want to arrest our thief and we wouldn't be able to follow him blew down dancer yes sir perhaps a open yes sir [Music] without our own doctor watch em we're home dr. Watson here yes sir with our lungs [Music] dr. Watson what did he told you now hmm I didn't expect this I hope they leave soon doesn't look as if they're in any hurry it doesn't it can't be very far away they wouldn't have left the door unlocked we'll wait for him yes sir [Music] and anything about chemistry sir uh-huh chemistry said you know anything about it I don't very pictures well I was just thinking soon his mr. owns his equipment and you have that sample of math [Music] don't be silly I don't know anything about chemistry and here's mr. ohms his books too supposedly were to do it ourselves oh and show them the resourcefulness of Scotland Yard as it were now welcomes might be a very good idea now now it wouldn't work you can't do a thing like analysis just reading a book you know I suppose all right sir I thought that it might be like following cookery book you remember I of mr. Owens when you were dealing with that lady burial case and it didn't seem too difficult so just like following a cookery book yes you know I can do a bit of cooking once made a Yorkshire pudding those two idiots for blood off the platic we don't get over there we in has changed enough what they're not doing too badly they're actually analyzing something and following the procedure from the book home look what write that maybe your feet we'll know in a minute Watson he's going to walk right into the Strayed that's all right all we have to do now wait a minute comes out and follow him now what do we do now add three drops of KCl in h 308 solution [Music] here we are sir three o'clock she said that's right sir careful sir I am being careful I'm being very careful don't make me nervous well sir if you slip up now you're going to start all over again quiet careful sir Why ask why act it was the door that time sir I'll say come in my something can't you see I'm busy we'll come in [Music] it's a home I'd like to speak to you I believe you were expecting me huh I won't waste your time or mine mr. Holmes I'm only here because I know you're well-acquainted with Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard that's true isn't oh yes I know um as well as I know my own brother charming fellow Lestrade intelligent too then you can tell him for me that the father destroyed a warehouse last night and caused the death of one fireman was not an accident really at this very moment another fires raging in a block of old houses in Covent Garden what and unless the crown is willing to pay fifty thousand pounds into a foreign bank which I shall designate those fires will go on occurring no one's going to stop me I don't think that quite right don't mr. Holmes you have the reputation for being a clever man I'll contact you again tomorrow not here of course the message will let you know where to join me and when you come come alone don't try and follow me I'm a very good shot and just to show you that I'm very serious there'll be another fire this evening at 6:00 a beautiful one yeah this is what I expected at all you better some of that man right I got have a word with Lestrade and what he be careful he may use that gun and that's what he said as far as you can remember yeah that's exactly it isn't there Wiggins that's it sir that's every word of it what a fantastic team actually blackmailing the city but he wasn't bluffing either that's part of Covent Garden still isn't under control noticing he wasn't bluffing he proved that with the fire last night and the murder this man was undoubtedly his accomplice why doesn't dr. Watson come back good way Watson would lose his man that man said that their other father at six o'clock well that needs us three hours to wait then yes for the whole city to work out where he's going to happen hmm see if it is would you Wilkins Inspector Lestrade yes I have a message for you from a dr. John Watson yes what is it he said to tell you that he followed the man to 43 Chester Street in Bayswater burn he said to tell you that when the man walked in the entrance of the house he was shot and killed the killer got away and the man died without speaking somewhere in London he's planted a bomb that'll go off in three hours [Music] with a small caliber revolver five deadly accuracy was killed instantly we have no idea what the killer looked like doctor no none I get will back home even Katie's unit I was following him now the killer ran from the house marked back exactly two and a half hours to find out the secret he died with where he planted the next one yes or the stray did you have to note this this morning when you searched his room yes of course I did it's a new suitcase you'll never be able to trace him through there they sold in over a thousand shops in London alone they never remember him but they said they remember a man who bought four of them four of them yes with that now these paths have been started in London by means of incendiary bombs yes I mean a Canada mean would be a fine last night when this afternoon and one scheduled for tonight at six o'clock that could for the fall I am obviously your job is to find out where this chef bought these suitcases you're quite right I'll get onto that immediately oh just one more thing the same yes what were you trying to analyse in my flat this morning some mud from the boots of the man who was murdered yesterday that's he's good blood nice boots - he has I've already taken the sample I got another one like this in the flat I'll get in touch with you would Scotland Yard if I learn anything I'll be there from know without your luck at all we ought to be able to find a man who bought or suitcase well it every Eddie bought four of them [Music] we returned immediately to Baker Street and together worked feverishly to break down and analyze the traces of mud that had been found on the shoes of both loaded men we were able to ascertain quickly but both samples were from the same source we knew at least that we were on the right track but where this track would lead we had no idea time seemed to fly as the 6 o'clock deadline approached we could only hope to conclude our experiments in time and then hope that it would lead us to that one point in London where death lay resting in a case Inspector Lestrade at his end had placed the entire resources of Scotland Yard on this one assignment the city was divided into sections according to a standing emergency plan a large map on his office wall was divided into individual zones with a squad of men assigned to each zone the men of these squads were detailed to inspect every shop in their area and report their findings as quickly as the reports came in the sections were marked off and the men shifted and reassigned every square foot of London was being covered if only there was time [Music] give it to inspect to Lorraine and Holly [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Xplosive nitrate what does it mean I believe it's a basic ingredient of dynamite sir mr. Holmes give you this yes sir hello laboratory well would a man get nitrate miss boots that's the problem isn't it sir ja hello laboratory this is Inspector Lestrade well is a man likely to pick up explosive nitrate on his boots in London yet of course Atlanta and the only place I can think of at the moment is the army warehouse Knightsbridge is that the only place the only place I can think of at the moment however give me a little time and I may be able to think of a few more places give me a little time I was a cut army barracks and Knightsbridge go back to Baker Street and tell mr. Sherlock Holmes I've gone on ahead you bring them with you quickly now quick as you can how we won't have time to be right [Music] [Applause] [Music] the straightest profit yata doesn't the inspector wants you to come to Vianney barracks at Knightsbridge army barracks owns a kid it could be me a nurse had explored a further possibility of come on I had a caddy waiting downstairs good of you notice anything suspicious around here no inspector I haven't does everyone coming into this area have to pass a guard like yourself yes sir that's orders what about deliveries they're all examined sir you have civilian workmen here did any of them big in a suitcase no sir we may be wrong oh excuse me sir we carpenters working here they bring in the tool chest that's about the size of a suitcase isn't it where are we in that shed they ought to be just finishing up come on [Music] I'd like your attention please I'm Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard first of all I'd like to know if all the men detailed to work here are present now I'm afraid I have to ask you to remain an additional heart it may be necessary to ask you to build a protective shield around these stolen license why are they aim to the quarter to six don't worry you'll receive additional wages they all work what if we don't want to stay why not I could use the extra money the nitrates might explode in case of fire we were there yesterday and today they are wait till tomorrow why take chances it's only another large work well when do we know you'll be able to tell you at 6 o'clock [Music] ah [Music] well I'm not gonna wait around here anymore you stay where you are if they want my job they can have it why should you be in such a hurry there's only a minute to go [Music] if you have something to say I suggest you say it now I've nothing to say oh good there's nothing to worry about have you what do I got to worry about I don't know can't you think of something think hard yes menu thoughts we're going to have to have time to stop it [Music] I thought that will be on the part of wood no shit it'll blow up [Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I wasn't what and then we have to do that again come on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]