Sherlock Holmes Ep 22 El Caso de la Profecía Mortal Serie Clásica Subtítulos en Español

[Music] one of the most unusual cases which Sherlock Holmes has ever called upon to solve began as a small private school for boys in the north of Belgium the boys dormitory at 4:00 in the morning lighted by a full moon looked quiet and peaceful it would have been difficult to imagine that here began a train of events which filled four graves before the stop [Music] I'm fun [Music] he's gone out didn't you try to stop him I called his name either he did not hear or pretended not to I was afraid to startling [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] Oh his son it's you [Music] to perform is anything wrong no nothing I'm fun go back to sleep what are you going to do police will be the end of my career should have to call the school send the boy away would that stop it I suppose not horrible three deaths in three months each one foretold by the writing on the church steps I don't think the police know but your home life I've never felt in better health and so I'm careful to keep out of drafts and avoid falling down stairs how can you joke at a time like this there's a man in London his soft case is even more hopeless than you Sherlock Holmes she thought of him can't be right in after him to do fast to come here investigate find out who is responsible for the death and how is school boy can tell in advance who is next to die and have a school invaded our teachers questions our boy is terrorized I'll do my own investigating on an account my own way some weeks later a letter arrived at Baker Street homes raided over once to himself and then aloud to me yes sir it will be a source of eternal regret to me that I allowed myself be dissuaded from writing to you sooner mr. Holmes now mr. Carolyn is dead of natural causes the doctor says though I am not sure he isn't mistaken I pray that you will come to our know without delay and lend us your assistance in putting an end to these ghastly occurrences respectfully yours Merry grown you deduce that the writer of the letter was young are you afraid of mess I'm prepared to wager she's mad tractor dude hmm better and better and what do you base these interesting conclusions wishful thinking my dad said wishful thinking then wish no more she is both young and attractive with hair the color of autumn honey oh did you read that between the lines no this came with the letter a lovely color you'll admit Watson and from a beautiful young woman at that how come come have said neither logical nor factual and you millet you aren't the only one privileged to think wishfully my dear Watson ha ha ha say again take the case in you fact whispers I'll arrange for tea the birthday in took us to Devon by mid-morning the following day Holmes and I sitting the headmaster study at the are no school in the presence of Mademoiselle Maddie grande who was indeed extremely attractive with hair the exact shade of autumn honey then you're quite sure you tell me everything Mademoiselle grow there is only the matter of the old woman but I don't think it's important let me be the judge of that man sir her name is Madame su Lee she's a harmless feeble-minded woman who sells charms and love shit for the ignorant some has called her which I see and what is her part in this affair she admits she went to see those whose names were written on the church steps and offered to sell them some chance against the evil omen that's most interesting did any of the other victims purchase these charms I can only speak for mr. Khanna he did not hmm and what about the others were they persons of wealth no you were quite cool the third one moderately well-off we have no really wealthy people here in our know mister except of course the counts to pass for you know the count no indeed I only happen to pass a carriage on the way bursting his coat of arms however I should like to have a word with this madam surely if that can be arranged you have only to go to the house it's on the edge of town on the North Road with you manually this is Monsieur Holmes and his friend dr. Watson mr. Minelli our new headmaster how do you do I don't know now that you're here mr. Holmes we have hopes that last is getting to the bottom of this terrible affair thank you sir I can only hope to do my best my mother gaunt has given you all the facts all effects I command perhaps you can supply some additional one I am sorry knew my mother gand was the favorite member of the faculty here she had mr. Kellogg's confident not I I see and now that I've had the honor of meeting you gentlemen I hope you will forgive me if I go to meet my class but Sir by the way member then doctor of damash is waiting in the vestibule did you send for him yes I did and go and fetch you I'll be back directly but the boy and the boy you haven't asked to see the boy the boy can wait wasn't he said why should he eat the most significant part of it not if you did the writing on the church steps which one yes nice bears in that case you'd say that the chalk also had significant you know narratives that was just an instrument precisely but it wasn't precisely mr. Holmes this is dr. demos mr. Holmes and dr. Watson delighted how do you do doctor I was happy to meet your colleagues thank you so much I hope I haven't kept you waiting I came as soon as I got my mother's message won't you sit down thank you let'em so John tells me that you're the physician who attended with your catalog shortly before he died yes my last examination of him gave me no hint of what was coming I see and yet you're positive he died of natural causes there's no doubt I believe three other persons died recently in a know shortly after their names appeared on the church steps did you attend them also I know the small town I'm fortunate or unfortunate enough to be the only doctor a previously or prison fortune or misfortune you practice in Paris I understand I seem a little ground has briefed you well I told nothing of your past doctor and how do you know well you were dressed with the Flair of a Parisian if you've been living here any length of time I should a measure would require the more homespun costume I might have ordered thee from Paris on the income of the country position and what do you think dr. Watson hardly likely have capital mr. Holmes your powers of deduction have not been overrated but you didn't ask me here to discuss my clothes on my income how can I help you dr. dommage of what exactly did Monsieur carillon die heart failure you carried out the first mortem there's no need the signs are obvious I see and you were so nothing suspicious either in the case of Monsieur Carol on all of the other victims not one thing myself it's interesting perhaps you'd care to put forward a theory of your own as to the connection between the prophecies and the death I have no theory the explanation lies either in the most extraordinary combination of coincidences or in some sort of tradition on the part of the boy on - um do you believe in prevision or telepathy years ago my process that which we aired it's just there might be something in it to myself I don't know I neither firm nor deny and I believe you can tell me nothing more for the presence of the emotion don't hesitate to call on me again now I must go back to my surgery I may have a patient waiting and never can tell I'll be here early tomorrow afternoon for mental examination manager [Applause] dr. Deema examines your pupils every month in members oh yeah the health of our pupils is of the greatest concern to us they should be Namas ago they should be an extraordinary thing the other faucet Elizabeth : enjoy school eudeco hedonic lawar element thank you so that's the boy who on four separate occasions was able to foretell the death of a citizen Nevada well there must be some logical explanation for that is what it is oh do you know I drew done yeah that part was simple our main difficulty will come when we try to prevent the fifth murder the church on whose steps the deadly prophecies were written stood less than a hundred yards from the school I had supposed that Holmes with his usual attention to detail would want to examine it thoroughly but once again he surprised me he did not stop and I had a fair guess that perhaps he wanted to have a little talk with a certain madam Sully I don't do they coming coming I wasn't taking you I thought you would be down thank you do you know why I comes to you help naturally score one to her hands let's call it information driving bits of information such as how came the boy by his deadly prophecies whose hand was admit them come true suppose we start with a bit even more trifling you offered charms to the victims but how did you know who they were before they were struck down there were no announcements made if the Englishman will cross my palm with English gold you will tell me I will give the Englishman a filter wanted to make him see so clearly and think sir you'd lay at all mysteries will be revealed to him it is a pretend that the belief of the one who buys and you see if the worst or had bought instead of turning your way who knows but they did turn you away and now our date may I say us feel justice it will guard you against harm come one good day Madame saline you are a wise man you say little in listen well good day to you sir we'll just wash we have been living it on Middle Ages not the Middle Ages wasn't many a small European village ah confess of I believe we miss you how do you know I saw you in your carriage sir ah I'll join you stain our village mr. Holmes do you know me come I saw you from my carriage father can't did you say in France Touche may I introduce my very good friend dr. Watson I'll start it up there how do you do that how you form any conclusions mr. Holmes as to the names that were written on the church stead well at the moment counts I must confess that I am more interested in the names that were not written on the church step mine hasn't been written on it yet and I don't believe it will be carries up you know this village have you any ideas I am NOT superstitious dr. Watson I do not believe you're not superstitious can't and I'm still his filter at least can do no harm good day Monsieur today there were a few points about this case which Holmes thought could best be cleared up in Paris he had asked me to go alone the following night there would be a full moon and he wanted to stay an honor to be on hand just in case [Music] look Elliot what happened nothing at all Antoine you were walking in your sleep I'd be a good boy and get back to bed I can't leave something I like - not tonight not tonight Antoine yes sir what does it mean it means that nothing further will happen tonight beep well Mademoiselle ground [Music] the carriage came to fetch me at the station later I found Holmes to school well you go back to your class now and one well wasn't did you have a successful trip yes you were right good mr. Holmes was the boy able to tell you anything no but his his silence was eloquent oh by the way I should like to have the use of the headmaster study for a little gathering shortly before midnight you mean the murder so he will name himself [Applause] [Music] this almost midnight mr. Holmes must we wait much longer ah good evening uh I think you all know can't let Long Count you may talk to Watson in front of Madame Julia's cottage would you miss I would have to take that chair gun I expect you're all wondering why you've been invited here at such a late hour this evening well we are concerned with the murder of Monsieur catalog and of three other citizens of our know before you mr. Holmes sure the died national debt I happen to believe that they were murdered now the question is with what motive profit but these were ordinary people of modest means the murderer could scarcely have to enrich himself at the cost of their lives now a thought occurred to me and I decided to go and seek count festival and ask him if his life had been threatened - it has been and this is the feature of the case that most intrigues me blackmail has often been the prelude to murder but here for the first time murder became the prelude to blackmail what was demanded of you can't 100 thousand francs and if you didn't pay my name was next to appear on the chest hips so you see extortion was the motive from the first and to that end an atmosphere of Terror was built up by means of four successive murders it would take a man of superhuman courage to resist but mr. Holmes the names were written by one of our pupils what possible connection could an eight-year-old boy have with such a scheme yes Antoine just an unwitting tool of whom but blackmailer must be someone who could have poisoned four people don't distress yourself Madame Sula the killer meant suspicion to fall on you but a person of your simple habits wouldn't play so dangerous again no it is a subject close at hand who not only had an expert knowledge of poisons but the whom the boy has been far more accessible accessible regularly once a month the suspect was once the pupil of dr. Charcot who lectured on hypnotism itself area hospital in tennis it would have been as easy for him to send the and one on his monthly errands as to wind up a mechanical toy dr. Watson yes yesterday in Paris you made certain inquiries into the character and education of this suspect what did you discover I discovered that he was a spendthrift in the wastrel who had quit Paris in order to escape his creditors it's a lie calm yourself dr. dommage I too have dabbled in hypnotism this morning and one and I had a little talk I suggested that he come down here at midnight and point out the person who instructed him to write on the church steps the person he was instructed not to remember when out of the hypnotic trance it lacks but one minute 212 now stay where you are all of you don't be a fool doctor when I deleted your office this afternoon to look over your stock of drugs I took the very order precaution of them inking the casters of yoga [Music] should we wait for the boy to make the identification mr. ham my mother Oh mr. Holmes his deductions are always completely truthful and completely accurate but the methods by which he achieves these ends are not always so straightforward he said that he dignitize little boy to have him come here tonight at midnight how did you know it was a bluff hmm you also said that the gun was unloaded Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] you