Sherlock Holmes Ep 5 El Caso del Fantasma Beligerante 1954 Subtítulos en español

[Music] I mean at the cloud my dear fellow absolutely fantastic Oh what's happened you look as if you've seen a ghost a ghost brandy that's rowdy Brent yeah what struck you huh you said it yourself it was a ghost but I didn't previous warning it totally hit me in the eye I think you better have another huh thank you and now I'll begin again who struck you upon my word Holmes is a ghost the ghost huh do you have a headache Watson it may seem humorous to you but I mean look let me tell you from the beginning yes please do but if it start right at the beginning right well I was on my way back from the club you see it was about eight o'clock and I got him to spend the street numbers just obviously that little too back to this you know makes a line oh yeah there we go um what's and what what to do then well I saw men in front of me suddenly countries checked he was walking toward - how'd you know well I mean you said you staggered and clashed his chest you must have been yeah it's logical anyway yeah well anyway I rushed up to him earlier to help him you see any he's to able to mumble anybody to work he had a heart and he lived in 1900 Street and would I help him get there there were no other pedestrian no no the speeds completely deserted good go on well then only then they did as in and he'd be unconscious by that time so I carried him up to his room and I laid him out in his bit and Holmes he was dead now look here home she was absolutely completely and utterly dead I couldn't make him say about thing I don't know no no of course you couldn't oh man I know go on in there what happened next well then I tell them landed Robert said to me that she she called the authorities you see I left my name is there just in case do you know they'd want me and then we'll put it a lot more delicate for left you see I mean Enoch that relation is gratified right what's the most delicate situation what was the man's name again Albert Higgins uh-huh I think and what you do after you left the house well you see it has been a bit of an effort you know carrying him up like that so I got stares and pops across the road into a pub and had a pint yes and then I started off that bad back to the flat you see well I just turned the corner to spend his teeth and there was women eighteen seventeen you just face-to-face with me then he was largest life we stood look at each other for a minute then he Nash doesn't hypnotize and then since then very host he vanished finished where he to the bloke well he ran away well the street was rather it'll it you know and it took me in there to do the pull myself together and and then I don't know whether he ran away or not but but he vanished well that's most unusual most do you speak to this ghost well I have said good gracious Higgins all by Joe Higgins or even good heavens egg in four years very good asshole wasn't describing to me where he's done fifty sandy-haired mean buildings at all you observed and no characteristics but I really Holmes when I had the chance of examining on the bed the most obvious characteristic what you would get how is he dressed green tweed suit what you just just wearing a green tweed suit he must be wearing something more than that in this weather oh well no no no we had a big floppy hat in a long overcoat ah oh boy something else yes I did notice on you he lived aha I was he carrying a cane mm no okay what is it anything else what something hard oh yes yes I remember honey now what yes brother sleep the second time I saw him he was carrying a package the first time he didn't have one I know this is curious any killer where are you going up not me we I mean openness to leave the house and I'm also the wrong people in measurably improve your appearance and then watch then we should we do our best to track down the belligerent gift of albertine fascinating idea that you think was a husband most unnerving [Music] nerado flamboyant character by the wide rakish brim I see was an artist - he hasn't painted very much recently they're just aspects of paint underneath the brim here and not house paint but canvas oiled yeah this how are you Jensen what are you doing in poor Albert's room oh good evening mrs. Lake you remember me dr. Watson you're the bloke who bought for Albert in yes fill your gentleman friend ah this is mr. Sherlock Holmes mrs. Maggie Blake the landlady pleased to meet you I'm sure mr. Holmes oh poor old Albert it was Papa fond of life Albert was he wouldn't have popped off if he died his way how few of us would met him I was rather than local Adam he could not pride and grieving for poor old Albert he would wanted a proper send-off with a pint a mild and bitter Albert would no doubt he would men the body I see has been removed by the authorities pulled out all this slap Oh daddy have you have you notified his next of kin mrs. Drake no yet none he was all alone oh I see where was mr. Higgins employed madam at the Pembroke Museum right around the corner instead the street it's a picture museum Albert was a day watchman a day watchman you say well what were his working on 9:00 in the morning till 9:00 in the evening come to her the clock Albert was never night and minutes for outted he always came back from the museum then at a few minutes after 9:00 every evening I do make his supper he was a trouble good cook Albert one excuse my things I'm adequate aren't you mistaken showing it a little after 8:00 with mr. Higgins finish work because it was earlier after 8:00 and I picked him out this evening of brought him here oh no doctor it was just after 9:00 I marked the time because I was waiting for Albert to come back it asked me to get him a cut of beef he always came back just after 9:00 double eat that beef now poor Albert whoa I'll let you in the eye mmm oh no no no I just just bumped into a door well you shouldn't get familiar with the door if you know what I mean well Rick that means I actually counted all weekend for the time being what smooth thank you Oh madam we shot intrude on your grief any further serious Naledi disparaging about this I Holmes did you confirm it's a terrible situation and she's wrong about the time it was only a little after 8:00 and it's very a few minutes walk to spend time is a curious to mention what that isn't a preconceived notion can so easily reversed the hand of the clock and yet the clock is still in perfect working order for Lily go to view the mortal remains of poor old Albert well there he is Miss ohms nice and peaceful like a good chef she leaves nothing that I haven't already deduced except that I drew an erroneous conclusion from his hat he has painted recently but indoors with his hat off but still traces of faked quite fresh under his fingernails what about me I haven't the faintest idea well you gents aren't the only ones interested in this dearly departed Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard looked him over to Lyndee oh he's still here if you'd like to talk to him that should be very informative so one or the other or business I can't understand it Holmes I'm absolutely sure this is the man who punched me I'm positive but also the one who had the heart attack yes I'm sure that wearing the thing hahahaha he sponged is loud punch where he probably is they're punching him all over all good pitchfork ha ha ha ha ha I think we've seen and heard enough would you like to take it to Inspector Lestrade [Music] ah hello it's Victor there's a prize to see you here now this is one case you can't make anything where I don't belong then why my did is make to say to you here well when they brought him in somebody recognized the must unload Albert Higgins I came along to check their identification we like to give a track of an old pals affair what was he in prison for counterfeiting he made the best calm note you ever saw yes he was a real artist great there's no doubt the cause of death of this oh sorry Holmes heart failure no foul play I understand you were with him in his last moment yes I was with him on the street when he had the attack nitrogen Holmes knows nothing you could do us because nothing in the dead why the chance do anything by the way what time is he brought in oh let me see now it would be about 10 I as here we are quarter to ten Higgins landlady notified constable Smithers at half past nine Smithers had them remove the body in a matter of minutes inspector you sure it is half-past nine and not half past eight no that was - right here in Smithers report what oh I all right yeah it's nothing item you're quite sure - straining more to this than a simple case of natural causes ah there's no mystery at all no Missy mr. Holmes and your eye dr. Watson hmm oh aiiah bouncing j'adore adore oh well that's a new one anyway who is it a pretty door now ready to say ha ha ha ha that's all right Watson I won't tell a soul well really this is insufferable Holmes nobody believes me Oh what did you tell the truth when I was punched by a ghost yes I see what you mean we may have to take on this case anyway ready to protect your honour and reputation I see horrible hounds absolutely intolerable Oh evening Watson hmm maybe wrong oh honey honey tonight oh you're not brooding over last night to say are you of course I'm not gonna be so ridiculous oh come on out with it man well I don't like to come out with you I dunno what's he talkin about oh come on wasn't there something on your mind well I died you'd never believe it nobody believed it well well I met Albert Higgins in spendest read again tonight and he pastored in he pulled my nose did it this is an interesting one My dear Watson calm yourself look here Holmes this old Higgins up they have gone too far first of all last night man tonight calm yourself Watson and relate everything hangs on his second encounter where it occurred just did head last night I was on my way back from the table but I'd reach spend the street it was a few minutes ago this measure sent us out to 9 o'clock I stayed while the later McCloud than you would have chapped mascaras down they're awfully interesting there yes yes what get on with his story well I was rather preoccupied as you know this affairs cut me up rather and hold - RJ there anyway I was going in walking our eyes hadn't looked up and there was a pedestrian a man a few feet from me walking towards you oh yes of course I didn't recognise him straightaway for you know who anyway i sidestepped him cause he sidestepped let me pause then because of zigzagged about two bitches i what it did in the street and ended up by bumping into each other now that's when you recognize how fatiguing but it was Higgins i couldn't be mistaken good heavens man i know you like my own father dressed as he was last night exactly what did he do then well as I told you then he put out his hand and he well yes we're going to that and then he was gone finished Capital One Capital everything begins to fall into place now there's one more Christian when he carrying a package well mmm yeah yes he was just like long time I say Holmes do you will do believe sir what the supernatural ghost to me yes I'm silly I know but to Higgins did die of a heart attack there's no foul play no foul play weather laughs air reeks of foul play I can tell you what I am in idle today do you know that the Pembroke Museum is sharing a collection of paintings on learned from the Italian government and it included amongst those paintings is Leonardo da Vinci's moonlight Madonna what I did read sunny but in the paper once I calmed him down but he need well he was now added it to the good inspector informed him but if the ghost of Albert Higgins Benton struck you in the eye and pulled my nose and pull your nose I would never have suspected the moonlight Madonna would be stolen from the museum watch what's going on isn't it [Music] I see thank you sumail mr. Holmes but if the picture still hanging in its place and we've dragged the curator out of bed to check on it false alarms like this don't exactly help the yards reputation you know and what about my reputation inspector when I say a man died a little after 8 he died a little after 8:00 and not a little after 9 and when I say these ghosts punch me in the eye often our data Hannity punched me in the eye we all have our off days dr. Watson to err is human as the poet say and furthermore if I tell you that I bumped into this chats ghost again tonight you didn't tell me about any second meeting oh holy night well nothing honey an hallucination that's what you had dr. Watson is it some psychological there's the thing in crime today psychology I've been studying it you know you astonish me inspector oh we're are not as backwards as you think um I always like to keep abreast of the times well I don't mind admitting I don't think the psychologies got much of a future oh come in oh and you saw the curator oh yes I'll call mr. Benton as you instructed said he was quite excited when I told this picture called the moonlight Madonna at meet Ellen air and so we rushed around the corner to museum and well sir the picture affair Annie in his proper place goodnight [Music] [Applause] well mayor our homes as I said to dr. Watson to is human can I give you gentlemen a lift anywhere Thank You inspector oh I think it might be a good idea to be called the pembroke museum on our way but you heard what Hawkins said the picture was hanging in its proper place right gear that's a talking statement Mary proves that what he Annie curation saw was not the moonlight Madonna at all merely an excellent forgery what's he talking about our ghost mile a guide and psychology [Music] remarkable remarkable and they are microscopic examination of the brushstrokes is that any different from da Vinci's work of course if you still have any does chemical analysis of the paint mixtures will prove them to be at modern manufacture no no your practice into mr. Holmes an analysis is necessary Jamie this is catastrophic a rather delicate situation they allocate the Italian government will all the British government responsible but the painting is an Italian national treasure the fact could be easily effected pending treaty between the two nations mr. Holmes mr. Holmes you must find the original before the Italians learn the paintings been stolen the British government will all be responsible and the yard will hold me responsible the most prices of the lot - yes naturally well we know who stole the painting and substituted a forgery Higgins all we've got to do now is find out where he hid it hmm what time did you leave the museum mr. Benton few minutes before 9:00 Higgins were still on duty you're quite sure it was Higgins said Miss hunt I chatted at him for a few moments and I couldn't have mistaken his voice and the night watchman will leave them at 9:00 are you heard him say that mr. Holmes and that they had a package with him when he left the night watchman swears up hill and down dale it was Higgins all right well the matters even result serving it nicely doesn't it dr. Watson was punched by Higgins a few minutes after 9:00 the night watchman saw him leave at 9:00 and you would spoke to him a few minutes before 9:00 look Holmes why don't you and dr. Watson go home and have a good night's rest from now on it's nothing but plain ordinary simple police work nothing you could use a magnifying glass ah true - inspector well good evening gentlemen good night inspector what do we do now in sting affair they wasn't look I don't care what anybody says it was after eight when Higgins punched me has it occurred to you that if he didn't punch you where the heart attack when I look here sometime I could pump it for all I know he was hated you try to be these ghosts have a heart attack that's that [Music] my campus comedy you tell me what we're breaking into with I have we break okay we broke into the real alluvium because if so homes really I know there was a nap to us yeah [Music] under the ship a little Carolina might be this van'll is or what you believe wanton destruction I'd never seen me like this in my life I forbid you to I didn't know this sighs your calculus our comic shop ah just as I thought love one good movement on stairs ingenious man and yet what could be simpler than to attach it to the back of an old another pink ha yes she was there well I just asked myself where I would hide it [Music] how'd you become a no no no no we're just awaited in identic we should have to wait very long for what what's the meaning of this once my baby world I met mr. Benton is capacity as curator of the Pembroke Museum allow me to present it to you now as the picture thief charm of the lot how delighted at what do you do so you discovered my little hiding place mr. Holmes I'm curious how did you know it was I and of the late lamented Higgins yes I believe dr. Watson saw him the first if Higgins died in a little after 8:00 it must have been someone else's truck even a little after 9:00 but it was Higgins who punched me home don't know what's in' it was a limp a wide floppy hat and an exceedingly long overcoat that punched you seen in a dimly lit Street a psychological misidentification as the good inspector would call it the night watchman was also a victim of the same illusion and what about the landlady how much did you have to pay her to set back the time of death by now mr. Bentham not much miss old how did you know it wasn't me dr. Watson and the night watchman both identified the nine o'clock Higgins visually at a distance early you pretended to a spoken to this meant that either you were lying or dr. Watson was punched in the eye by a ghost I believe the simple explanation you almost make me feel transparent mr. Holmes to anyone who viewed the facts objectively you were it's a pity that one crime has to lead to another yes and I think it's a great pity homes that you broke that vast imitation nonsense you can't tell me that that sort of work that I did limitation perhaps the piece history oh god what well done you know home certainly have to invite you here to catch us you put us in rather awkward positions well my dear fellow I have sublime confidence in your ability to extricate us from any of the committee which my rations may places that might I suggest that you now fetch the good inspector yeah I say hose Bentham punch me in the eye who was it tweaked my nose well my dear chap it was absolutely imperative that I make certain that the limp the Hat on the cocoa really capable of fooling you you yet I regret to say I not only tweaked your nose that I also pulled your leg Oh [Music] Oh [Music] you