Sherlock Holmes S01E04 The Solitary Cyclist Subtitulado Español

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Watson yes watch the chemical reaction you are about to witness who solve the mystery concerning the persecution mr. John Vincent excellent the tobacco millionaire shall I take nila I will dictate in the fullness of time there's a young lady wishes to see you mr. Holmes this is not a convenient moment she's very well-spoken a genuine lady no doubt and persistent to mrs. Hassan I too am extremely persistent especially when I'm working it is a matter of great urgency mr. Holmes or I would not be troubling you on a Saturday evening perhaps you could delay your chemical reaction do sit down Miss violet Smith dr. Watson thank you mrs. Hudson genuine lady I told you oh please um thank you I'll be quite happy here very well Miss Smith you must tell us your matter of great urgency it is obviously not your health so ardent a bicyclist must be full of energy good deal slight roughening on the side of the cells caused by the friction of the pedals excellent once the marks on your shoes yes even if I have to travel a long way I take my bicycle on the train with me as I did today you will excuse me but it is my business is I nearly fell into the error of supposing you earned a living by typewriting but of course it is obviously music you will observe what some a spatula to finger ends which is common to both professions there is a spirituality about the face however which the typewriter does not generate this lady is a musician yes mr. Holmes I teach music in the country I presume from your complexion near Farnham on the borders of Surrey but please let me explain why I am here I am an only child and my father died some years ago his name and profession James Smith he conducted the orchestra at the old Imperial Theatre ah the old imperial Holmes yeah please contender my mother and I were left without a relation in the world except for one uncle Ralph Smith who went to Africa 15 years ago and we have not had a word from him since despite our Christmas cards and photographs miss tomes I have to tell you that I think you wish to tell me that you and your mother are very poor notwithstanding your obvious grace dignity and talent we were very poor ah about four months ago in February we were told there was an advertisement in The Times inquiring from whereabouts you can imagine how excited we were if we thought that someone had left was a fortune I went at once to the lawyer's whose name was given in the paper [Music] now this is Miss violet Smith the solicitor introduced me to two men a mr. Carruthers and mr. Woodleigh they were on a visit from South Africa I wish I could tell you your uncle left your vast fortune but as I said he died in extreme poverty however I myself am NOT without means my mother and I never sought charity no nor do I offer it please I have a question to ask you your uncle ruff said you were very musical do you teach music yes Miss Smith I am now widower with a 10 year old daughter young Sarah she needs a music teacher so you see I do not offer charity job he wants to give you a job I don't I live about six miles from Farnham in Surrey at Chilton Grange I couldn't possibly leave my mother on her own I will pay you 100 pounds a year approximately double the market price I think at least but you obviously accepted or you wouldn't be here now yes I accepted the offer Oh mr. Carruthers agreed that I should go home every weekend my mother in town so this is one of your weekend visits to London it is tell me about your life at Chilton Grange for a while it was quite perfect every Monday morning I would take the train to Farnham and then bicycle from the station to the house [Music] the little girl's name was Sara and she was delightful as well as being a very good pupil that was very much better Sara may I dress again of course that's why we're here Oh mr. Carruthers was appreciative of my work and an extremely kind and considerate host sounds idyllic it was what happened to spoil it a visitor mr. Woodley however did you guess mr. Holmes I never cares tell me about his visit he arrived and was to stay for a week but to me it seemed like three months odious red moustache one evening after dinner mr. Carruthers had to leave us for a minute to see somebody at the door a gentleman to see you sir will you excuse me [Music] that's better better in what way better to get the old folk out of the way I don't regard mr. Carruthers as old oh yes but he isn't young like ass I wouldn't smoke in my face mr. Woodleigh oh I don't believe that for a moment what don't you believe when women say they wish you wouldn't do something it generally means the exact opposite I mean precisely what I say will you please leave me alone no to tell you the truth I won't leave you alone not until I've said what's in my heart do you mean not very well up into social graces but I'm prepared to learn teach me this is absurd this is absurd I'm asking you to marry me I mean it from the heart money isn't a problem I did very well out in South Africa whatever you're accustomed to I can give you better better than your Augusta to jewelry diamonds you want diamonds or can give you diamonds diamonds or you think about it don't want to rush you I've thought about it I do is ludicrous you're very beautiful listen just to show there are no hard feelings what about a little kiss to be going on with hmm just a peck on the cheek would you please stop or I told you before about women who say stop more they struggle the more funny [Music] get out of this house all right I'm gay I'm not interested in old men and I'll mate I can only offer you my most sincere apologies for what has happened if I give you my assurance that it will not happen again for my daughter's sake will you stay yes I will stay thank you violet mr. Woodleigh left the house and I have not seen him since it's a Black Guard has there been any change in the behavior of mr. Carruthers he continues to be polite and considerate and courteous now Miss Smith please please continue yes there is something else it may be a mere fancy of mine but it seems to me that a mr. Carruthers shows a great deal of interest in me oh he has never said anything he is a perfect gentleman but a girl always knows so I believe and I assume that these feelings that you sense from mr. Carruthers are not reciprocated he is a kind and generous employer but I am already engaged Oh the name of this very fortunate young man is Cyril Morton he's an electrical engineer with the Midland Electric Company in Coventry which be married at the end of the summer we wish you joy thank you yes I am puzzled as to why you have chosen to consult me it is an intriguing story to be sure but I sense you are frightened and do not understand why you seem well capable of protecting yourself please help me mr. Holmes what is it I am being followed followed by a cyclist every Saturday morning I bicycle from the house to Farnham station to catch the 12 22 to town there is one very quiet and lonely stretch of road that lies between charlington Heath on the one hand and the woods of charlington Hall on the other two weeks ago today I was passing this place when I chanced to look back and saw a man also on a bicycle but the following Monday when I returned he was there again I see and again last Saturday and again last Monday have you mentioned this to your employer yes mr. Carruthers was very concerned and has ordered a horse and trap so that in future I should not travel unaccompanied but they've not yet arrived and this morning he was following me again [Music] I've slowed down but was heated the same they're not I stopped completely but he did the same so I laid a trap for him [Music] there is a sharp turning of the road and I pedaled very quickly towards this and then stopped and waited but you seem to disappear into thin air can you describe this man I realized that you've only seen him from a distance yes he wears a dark suit dark spectacles and he has a beard yeah he's about middle-aged now let me see if I have the geography correct here is the road the sharp ended here on this side charlington Heath and on the other the words of charlington Hall how long did you wait for him here around the bend no more than two minutes so he could not have retreated back down the road are there any side road who do you've taken the footpath across the heath is totally flat and bleak I think I would have noticed him so by a process of exclusion we arrived at the fact that he made his way towards charlington Hall now how does mr. Carruthers make his living he's a rich man but their carriages or horses well at least he's fairly well-off or he goes into the city two or three times a week and he sometimes refers to use gold chairs you must let me know immediately that I any fresh developments I am extremely busy just now but I will find time to make inquiries into your case Thank You mr. Holmes in the meantime take no step without letting me know I'm sure we should have nothing but good news for you I do hope so dr. Watson very lovely girl yeah and it is part of the settled order of nature that such a girl should have followers but for choice not on bicycles in lonely country roads you really think she may be in some danger Holmes oh yes [Music] on the following Monday Holmes found that he had business which detained him in London so he dispatched me on the early train to farm that I might observe miss Smith's passage past charlington Hall the setting was just as she had described heavily wooded on the side bordering the hall and utterly exposed on the other I selected the only available cover and waited [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Watson you have wasted your time would you'd rather well now you're hiding case was ill-chosen you should have been in the bracken on the other side of the road in that way you would have had a close view of this fascinating solid societies thank you as it is you are a hundred yards away and can tell me even less the Miss Smith reported to asfar Saturday you described him as bending low over the handlebar yes I don't know if that's concealment again which in your case worked perfectly I know you really have done remarkably bad he goes back to the hole and you come all the way back to London to call on a house agent well I found the information I was seeking your father named Williamson which conveys nothing to my mother well we know he's elderly and respect and they're thought unlikely to be the energetic cyclist and Sprint's away from that athletic young girl what should I have done gone to the nearest public house that is the center of country gossip they would have given you every name from the master to the scullery maid instead of which you give me so what have we gained by your expedition the fact that the girl's story is true I never doubted that that there is a connection between the cyclist on the whole I never doubted that either the whole is tenant it by a man called Williams who is the better for that I shall go back tomorrow and visit the public have somebody sir do not commit yourself to ranch this because you are turn for an interview we can do nothing useful until set did I really do remarkably badly yes very beautiful thank you mr. Cruthers it is a new piece I need to practice it more now I don't mean the music violet I have a question to ask you morning how a letter from Miss violet Smith now Carruthers has proposed marriage to her rather gentleman are permitted to the first marriage was you going to farmer I will test one or two theories which are formed shall I come with you no that will be neither useful nor necessary either nearest public house always a good center for country gossip Thank You Watson Capital notion [Applause] now I have half a pint of your local oil please thank you you may keep the change smokes generous of you sir but I couldn't I haven't done anything to warrant such generous I'm glad to give you the opportunity I need some information oh I'm not one for idle gossip sir neither am i prefer facts tell me about the people at charlington Hall you mean mr. Williamson sir yes my liege he was in here not more than five minutes ago you just missed him tell me about mr. Williamson I mean it's an elderly respectable gentleman oh he's older Lee no doubt far be it for me to speak ill of people behind their backs but I'm not too sure about respectable really is an ex clergyman they reckon ex only he was struck off or whatever it is that mr. clergyman that's doctors in a struggle tell me about the other people other than ours well they're just domestic staff and they're all local and god-fearing of course but he do have spoke up there at weekend because it's weekend ah what sort of folk and a warm large small yeah the salt you don't want to get too near for fear of getting burnt like that's good oh no you may think it's good soon you don't go down well in the village I can tell you there's one fellow in particular particularly the warmest is very particular I'll wager he has a red moustache yeah do you know him I never met the judge well now's your chance mr. Woodleigh none of your damn business well our landlord keeps a very respectable house and your language is not welcome who do you think you are what the hell do you want coming here asking all them questions quite rightly clearly not a joke oh I'm as much a gentleman as you are defense deals the blow at the back of a hat a gentleman uses the state [Applause] it was absolutely delicious what so I see a straight left against the slogging ruffian I emerged and the slogging ruffian mr. Woodley was taken on the car there's that horrible man again which man [Music] [Music] I thought I saw mr. Woodley in the garden today you did he's staying in the area but do not worry I have told him quite firmly he's not to set foot inside the house mr. Holmes you will not be surprised to learn that I will be leaving mr. Carruthers employment on Saturday the earliest mr. Woodley has reappeared at Chilton Grange ah but at least you won't be bicycling to the station so finally the rich mr. Carruthers has acquired a horse and trap yes look here all my troubles will be over on Saturday tomorrow hoped all her troubles will be over why do I worry about that word which were trap [Applause] [Music] you oh what a splendid morning homes acceptable brother time of year now who would want to harm that dear girl on such a more I hurt nobody so why did you bring your revolver I'm talking about my hope not my expectation she must be travelling by an earlier train I give it a margin of half an hour but she'll be past charlington Hall before we can possibly meet her so what can we do we could run [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] it's abduction what's except doctrine but I haven't as well stop that horse [Music] [Applause] come on let's see if I can conferences of my own [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh where did you get that card well is Miss violet Smith that's what I'm asking you you were in her cart it was on the road there was no one in it somebody seems to have gone through this way we must find them look do you know who this is that's Peter the groom he was taking her to the station he's alive also strong mustn't be left lying there too long let him lie can't do him any good but we might save her from the worst feet that come before a woman where are you going the house we didn't go to the house they made this way to the left are you sure the Cowardly dog's too late Watson [Music] [Applause] [Music] together in holy wedlock graduations think so welcome to the party gentlemen let me introduce you to mrs. Woodley turns Carruthers Carruthers see this woman write it if I have to swing for it to relate she's my wife no she's your widow when you hired me nobody told me there be any of this damn note sir drop that pistol Watson pick it up give me that revolver no more violence so you two be giving these orders Sherlock Holmes here you are you well enough to drive into Farnham yes sir I reckon I am then give this note to the superintendent of the police station in the meantime I mr. taine you all under my own personal custody [Music] [Music] other patients doctor miss Smith's very well considering the far way she's been treated at Woodley alas I have no doubt he will live what I thought stairs and finishing off let's sit down in that chair carollers you're right he isn't worth swinging for but you told me that girl is to be tied to roaring Jack Woodley for life he didn't concern yourself about that I married them till death do them part under no circumstances can she be considered his wife are you sure for two very good reasons and the first place were very safe in questioning mr. Williamson's right to solemnize a marriage I have been ordained once a clergyman always a clergyman I think not how about the license we had a license I have it here undoubtedly obtained by a trick but any case a forced marriage is no marriage indeed is a very serious felony because you will discover now while we are waiting for the police mr. Carruthers you might tell me your story if you um us Baba Carruthers I'll serve you as you served a quadrat no need for you to get overexcited if the case is clear enough well if it's clear enough why don't you tell us very well mr. Carruthers we'll have to fill in a few details for my private curiosity but I am happy to do the talking in the first place the three of you came across from South Africa wrong I've never even been in South Africa it's true Woodley acquired this creature after our return very well human Woodley had known Ralph Smith in South Africa you had reason to believe that he would not live long have you found out that his niece would inherit his fortune how's that but you told the girl her uncle died in poverty whereas he was still alive admittedly only just and a wealthy man who I suspect had made no will Ralph Smith could neither read nor write so you and Woodley came over here and hunted up the girl knowing she was the next of kin and that you would share the plunder I was Dewar share but service is rendered and Carruthers you made the mistake of falling in love the first time that ever I knew what love was mr. Holmes why didn't you tell her of the danger she was in because she would have left me and I couldn't bear to face that Oh what will happen to my daughter Sarah we'll see she's well taken care of you'll see even if she couldn't love me it meant a great deal to see her about the house and he had a sermon of her voice you may call it love mr. Carruthers I should call it selfishness maybe the two things go together but I tried to protect her I never once let her go past this house where I knew those rascals were lurking without following her on my bicycle to see she came to no harm I kept my distance and wore that beard so she should not recognize me then I presume the cable around cable what cape the old man is dead what old man I imagine Ralph Smith in South Africa yes but by this time you and Woodley had quarreled and he had left the class Woodley came back again to ask me to stick to the bargain I refused I said I would have nothing to do with violence one last detail why was Woodley chosen as the prospective husband I'm ashamed to say it we played cards for her [Music] I have the results of the tribe listen to this George in summing up said oh [Music] what some may I be permitted an educated guess go on I would expect Woodley to get ten years Williamson seven years and Carruthers in view of the eloquent speech I made on his behalf of the trial probably six months that is exactly right I have certain advantages was largely the fact that I sent out for the early edition an undoubted advantage also we have received a present some wedding cake from mr. and mrs. Sill Morton together with a letter telling us that mrs. Morton has inherited a large sum of money from her uncle Ralph Smith formerly of South Africa the happy couple are thoroughly enjoying looking after young Sarah Carruthers while the father is in custody a condo playing is improving and she wants to take up basically a splendid day all round when you say that is more splendor yet to come more splendor what do you mean watch carefully oh I remember the chemical reaction that will solve the mystery concerning the persecution of mr. John Vincent Hardin precisely I've spent the entire week in Imperial Science Museum and I think this is the answer [Music] that yes that is the answer bus the next night [Music] you