Sherlock Holmes The Crooked Man with subtitles

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Isis party UT UT madam your tea madam mrs. Fenning debates madam when the colonel something I can't open the door both in you mrs. Bartley Mr Barclay open the door mrs. Barclays open the door the doors locked on the inside as well and there's no key I'm going out for a doctor and the police [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] India is one destroying the mutiny sure you won't regret taking the case [Music] dr. John Watson formerly medical officer attached the Royal Berkshire Zion civilian practice Murphy second-in-command temporary in charge of the Royal mallows following the tragedy of our Colonels death and this won't be mr. Holmes Keyes it's good of you to come so swiftly not at all I've explained to Holmes how concerned you must be about the possibility of a scandal thank you the honor of the regiment is in my care and yet the newspapers report suggests that a scandal is inevitable surely not I've done my utmost to make sure that reporters were kept as far away as possible exactly not as what has made them suspicious they sent a mystery that much is clear from the little they have been able to say surely it were wrong to repeat to draw attention to quite you see how much we need your help mr. looms you say he hums what can I say major mafia you have told me nothing I have come down here after persuasion from my friend to Aldershot where has more interest in military matters than I now that I am here please tell me the facts the commanding officer of this regiment Colonel James Barclay was found dead in his villa at about 10 o'clock the night before last the body was found by private Bates his Batman lying in the morning room there was a ragged cut two inches long in the back of his head which had evidently been caused by a violent blow from a blunt instrument and upon the floor by the body was a singular hand-carved wooden Club also stretched out on the sofa lying in a dead faint was Nancy but mrs. Barclay please continue wait a minute the servants had been alerted to the tragedy for the sounds of a quarrel between the colonel and mrs. Barclay tried to enter the morning room but found it locked Bates had to go round by the garden and get him through the French windows and I suspect mrs. body yes but she is quite incapable of such a dreadful act I have been the late colonel second-in-command for a number of years I've come to know Nancy Barclay well tell me about Colonel Barclay was he highly regarded by the men under his command considering his background remarkably sir his background why was he ever disgraced no but it's not generally known outside that Jim Barclay began his career as a private soldier in the mailers did he indeed from private so did a commanding officer in the same regiment that's a rare achievement was his gallantry in the Indian Mutiny that got him his commission and then quite rapid promotion over the years or rapid than mine for instance impressive and I suppose the unfortunate mrs. Barclay is in custody no not exactly no she's in hospital being looked after with a police constable standing by Nancy Berkeley is a handsome woman now but you should have seen her as a young girl in India thirty years ago it was a daughter of the regiment her father was the regimental son major RSM Devoy and therefore quite a formidable father-in-law for any soldier I remember that all the men in my company thought quite the prettiest girl in the garrison as a junior officer I had little to do with her bit I was aware that she was a most charming most bodacious and spirited girl [Music] it was quite understandable that Bartley was not the only man in the Richmond who sought her hand but in the end he was the one who chose they were married at Bertie not far from corn poor few months after the besieged garrison there was relieved by general Neal's column in the summer of 1858 shortly after the marriage sergeant Barclay got his commission as expected must have been difficult for the Barclays at first NCO promoted from the ranks married to a regimental sergeant majors daughter yes I believe there was some little social friction but Nancy carried it off the dignity and charm they gained acceptance in no time Barclays career flourished and the regiment returned from India some five years ago Berkeley was then appointed commanding officer and the marriage continued to be a happy one it appeared to be so appeared most people believed the marriage to have been a uniformly happy one and what do you believe major Murphy my position as second-in-command often took me to the Barclays house I saw a different side to the marriage the truth is more important than loyalty to your late commander one night I had been dining at the Barclays it wasn't until I reached the end of the drive that I realized that left my cigar case in the dining room I went back front door was still open Jane the maid was in the hall I'm glad you're still here I left my cigar case on the table I think the colonel and mrs. Barclay have gone to bed sir oh for god sake James me nobody else dear here do you hear me Oh what I've married you if I didn't I don't know sometimes I wonder and this expression of jealousy occurred within seconds of you major Murphy leaving the Barclays card tell me about the colonel was your violent man in any way on occasion he could be most vindictive towards young subalterns but he'd clawed his way to the top you need to be ruthless to do that I surely didn't still feel out of place as an officer no I don't think so but he was subject to a peculiar form of depression the Queen sometimes when we were discussing old campaigns my mirror a beautiful Afghan war the smile would often be struck from his mouth as if by some invisible hand yes long service in India can have that effect I saw that when I was in the boxes you mentioned a cop wouldn't Club found by the body one of the Colonel's Indian souvenirs I believe the servants deny ever having seen this club before certainly I've never seen it on any of my visits it was was quite long and the police I suppose have retained it for examination yes they believed it to be the murder weapon do they indeed do I think we should begin by visiting the barclays house unless of course it is possible to interview mrs. Berkley I'm afraid she's still unconscious I've thought as much [Music] what a beautiful morning homes suppose mrs. Barclay had a lover and the colonel had found out major Murphy seems to have been rather close to her you know mild adultery has always been commonplace among officers and their wives serving in hot climates thank you for soon for educating me and military morality if the habit anything between major Murphy and mrs. Barclay would he have related the incident to this forgotten cigar case [Applause] it was about half-past seven sir and I was waiting at Table once a month mrs. Barkley spent the evening doing charity work in Aldershot [Music] where are you off to in such hurry well the distribution of L clothing starts at 8 o'clock and I promised Anne Morrison the mission a long time well if you want to catch some filthy disease or a lot of flea-ridden done and outs I suppose that your affair I believe in putting back into life as much as one gets out of it we've been fortunate with our lot others haven't been so lucky [Music] don't be late back of course not [Applause] [Music] mrs. Bakshi must have returned about quarter past nine sir I was in the kitchen helping the cook with the dishes there was thunder in the distance and I was just saying to mrs. Fenning that there was a storm brewing when the morning-room bell rang I came up here to find that mrs. Barclay had returned she was walking up and down this room sir very pale upset she looked awful sir young madam yes Jane pre me some tea of course madam Jerri yes sir did I hear mrs. Barclay come in yes sir she's in the morning room the morning room yes I'm just about to take report of tea what if you want to order this other [Music] [Music] and that presumably was the last time that anyone saw Colonel Barclay alive yes can you think of any reason why your mistress came into this morning room at that time of night when the fire was unlit no sir did she often make a point of purposely avoiding the colonel had you ever heard them arguing before not to my knowledge sir when you return to the kitchen with mrs. Barclays tea you found the door locked and who heard voices raised now what exactly did you hear they were arguing sir mrs. Barclay called the carnal a coward she said you have ruined my life all these years mrs. Barclay shouted the name David she said it twice David could you swear to that it was perfectly clear sir but the Colonel's name was James however heard mrs. Barclay refer to a man called David no sir I don't think she or the colonel knew anyone by the name of David a major Murphy's Christian name is Patrick they had any visitors recently by the name of David I don't think so sir the club that was found by Colonel Barclays body had you seen it before no sir the colonel had several trophies from India but nothing like that club are you sure of that mr. Joe yes sir I don't know where it came from thank you that is all no no there's just one last thing major Murphy once left his cigar-case here did you manage to find it yes sir the colonel was lying down in a Cell with his head by the fender yes sir you can see them up with the blood still but the most frightening thing of all so was his face his face when I rolled him over I almost fainted away to look upon it it was all contorted screwed up with the most horrible look of fear and terror as if he'd foreseen his own death quite possible sir Peggy Bates what air pollution what monster was it that could have frightened the colonel sir not Nancy Berkeley for sure this door was locked shut sir and what's more the key was missing missing yes in the end we had to send for a locksmith to open it you have made a thorough search for the key we searched high and low mrs. Barclay hadn't got it and it wasn't in the Colonel's pocket sir thank you mrs. very watson if the key was not in the door and neither mrs. Barkley nor the colonel had it then Sandler must have been a third plus exactly who either entered or left that's what those windows these are Bates's footprints these are the footprints of someone else someone has recently crossed this law the marks are just visible he entered and left through those windows what Sun but on the right sent our intruder had a somewhat unusual companion dog you ever heard of a dog running up a curtain these poor marks and others of a cast a lot of a monkey not of any creature that we are familiar with I would think from hind foot for foot at least 15 inches out of that the length of neck and head you have a creature no less than two feet more if there's a tail the length of its stride is odd it indicates a creature with a long back and short legs like a stone for a reason we also know that it is carnivorous well you see what made it run up the curtain this beast I can't I cannot betray a friend please don't ask me to Miss Morrison when mrs. Barkley left her house to come here two nights ago she was happy and contented when she returned two hours later she was a changed woman now the police suspect her of murder you owe it to your friend to clear her name you must tell me what happened last night that sir changed her very well I shall break my promise of silence if what I can say can really help her it was most bizarre I should explain that we come across all sorts and conditions of men here yet the other night I saw the most extraordinary creature I have ever seen not only had he a crooked back but he was lame and walked with his knees bent his face was darkly tanned crinkled and puckered like a withered apple I thought to myself that truly there are some of us on this earth who were burdened with more than their fair share of misfortune this vision has made more unusual by the oriental garb the man was wearing I pointed this person out too Nancy is someone especially deserving of help [Music] Nancy had indeed been in good spirits that evening and I saw her go towards the man and asked him if he needed assistance [Music] it was now that a change came over Nancy she had begun the conversation with the man when suddenly all the color drained from her face she looked as though she had seen a ghost the man to seem to be strangely affected by the sight of her and I saw him stipulating wildly Nancy and the man went to a quiet corner of the hall they talked together for a few moments or so before I heard an angry shout from the man and saw him storm out waving his fists in the air [Music] she put is it are you alright but what's that fool creature it's an old acquaintance of mine fallen on hard times purposely only won't say anything about this to anyone promise me of course I promise you so much and the identity of this man I thought you might ask me that well after this terrible happening cleanse he left I naturally made a few inquiries among some of the regulars such a an unusual looking creature has of course attracted attention it appears he is an old soldier recently back from India no one knows anything else about his background except that he makes a living by entertaining the troops conjuring tricks that kind of thing and did you tell the police about him of course not a promise is a promise yes of course thank you this person [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that is our intruders four-footed companion it's a mongoose I think we found on that [Applause] [Music] mr. Henry what I believe dated India may I have a word what about a little matter of Colonel James Barclays death [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] she's innocent you can take my word for it then you are guilty no I am NOT good then who struck the colonel down it was a just Providence that Coulomb his own guilty conscience I think you better explain before I had smashed his head in as it was in my heart I do we would have got only what he desired from me I'll tell you my story there is no cause for me to be ashamed you see me now with my back not a camel my ribs all awry but there was a time when corporal Henry wood was the smartest man in a Royal mallows you were in the same regiment as Colonel Barclay but he was Sergeant Jima bachlin we were in the same company and we had something else in common we were both in love the same woman Nancy Devoy yes the daughter of the regimental sergeant major there were two men who loved her only one from Sheila your laughs when you look at this poor thing huddled in front of the floor and give me say that was for my good looks I was the one she loved all along but although I had her heart I was a harum-scarum reckless sorta light but I was always honest and plain-dealing as well Nancy's father wanted her to marry Berkeley he was careful to keep out of trouble always did the right thing and not like me who took Nancy to places her father to Mike besides Berkeley had had an education he was already marked for the sword bones RSM Devoy naturally thought Berkeley the better match for his daughter but she remained true to me and we would have married had it not been for mutiny why did not certify not Valley the Lancelot it was monsoon time in 1857 the Sepoy rose up against the British the regiment was shut up in Bertie 10,000 rebels round a spinning this town like terriers and a rat cage the food and ammunition we had to communicate we general Niels Colin was moving up countries to get help a company commander had asked for a volunteer a fit strong soldier to suit out of the garrison at dead of night and make contact with a relief column out on the play and beyond but like a fool I have volunteer dangerous mission a life who have thousand lives in peril but I was thinking of only one of them [Music] Nancy Devoy when I love and the finest girl that ever had the breath of life between her lips saying bye to her was the hardest thing [Music] as we exchange mementos a little thought but I was saying goodbye to her for 30 years it was my arrival for dances hand saw me off on my journey through the enemy lines at night sergeant Barclay sending you the lie of the land round the garrison better than any other while I volunteered to make the journey Jim Barclay volunteered to advise me on the best route to take [Music] just after 10 while my comrades gave me covering fire I set off [Music] and told me to follow a stream which would lead to a gully this he said was the safest way downhill his directions were perfect and soon I was waiting through icy water that only the day before had been snow in the Himalayas I could see the lights and fires in the rebels camp but I kept well down out of sight of their sentry posts I came to the gully on foot I was safe but then it happened I was attacked something hard cracked down on my head and everything spun round when I came to I was trussed up like a chicken and hanging from a tree my arms felt as though they were being wrenched out of their sockets I didn't mind the pain but I seek it hard for having failed in my mission what would be the fate of those I had been trying to save but the biggest blow came as I listened to what I could understand the rebels talked I heard enough to realize that I had been betrayed the very man who'd show me the way to take betrayed me to the enemy Barclay had got rid of me to make sure he could have my girl [Music] now you know what James Barclay was capable of [Music] it turned out the general newest column was already on its way to relieve Bertie the rebels retreated they dragged me away with him I was tortured not escaped started it was to be mainly a long year with Weishaupt Whiteley my captors fled north further into the hills used me as a sort of slave I was treated worse than a dog and they damn near broke every bone in my body sometimes I wish they'd just killed but my thoughts of hatred and loathing to the man who destroyed my life kept me going my dream of revenge on Barclay [Applause] one day some Afghan tribesmen murdered the rebels who held me prisoner they left me for dead - but I am miracle I still lived so I had my revenge on my tortures but Berkeley was beyond my grasp and what of Nancy I had no means of knowing whether she was alive or dead I wondered back to the Punjab lived among the natives picking up a living by the conjuring tricks I'd learned from the street editions hot news was it funny a wretched cripple he had passes back my ship to England and make myself known to my comrades in the regiment even the desire to have my revenge on Jim Barclay didn't make me go I'll tell you straight I preferred my name's Ian my old powers and the Royal mallows to go on believing that Harry would died a hero with a string back and see him crawling about the world more like a to preserve than a human being but you did return and to all the shots where your old regiment was stationed why I just wanted to see the old country once more before I died I say what I could and eventually I got a show I didn't know the regiment was stationed here and all the sudden I just wanted to be where there were soldiers okay I keep going on the canteens do my tricks to entertain and I no longer wanted to tell Barclay the fires of revenge I'd burnt love over the years I saw I thought I'd better get some English togs I look comical enough without wearing these foreign clothes are all time at first I was more interested in finding a thick overcoat they're looking at the charity ladies over darling them out all of them game over Rick nice territoire what's more amazing she seemed to know me [Applause] good evening can I help you have you been able to find anything that I'm sorry I thought I see don't be afraid I thought you had endured these 30 years I have never seen [Music] we spoke for a moment or two together I told her some of my story I should have spared telling her that her husband was a traitor but it all came pouring out to me thirty years of hate she was so affected by what I said I couldn't stand it I went outside then I saw her come out of English and I followed her home I saw her go into their house a light came on saw her sitting mature you've ruined my life all these years all these yes oh how could you do such a evil to see him lay a hand on her made me mad with anger my feelings overcame me David you betrayed him please but he's alive I tell you I've seen him he looked is I have never seen unlock IRA gets on his face as plain as anything their sight of me was like a bullet through his guilty heart he smashed onto the fender I was dead before he fell [Music] [Music] I took the key of the door from Nancy's hand intended to open it and get help I thought it better to get away for things might look black against me and I haste my thruster came a-knockin whilst I was chasing Kenny who escaped from his box and run up the curtilage so the colonel died before he struck his head on the fender and apoplectic fit brought on by shock mr. Warner provided the coroner reaches the same conclusion mrs. Barclay Nancy will be free I trust you would have no objection to repeating your story to the police should the need arise mr. Holm how is Nancy she's in hospital I understand in time she should make a complete recovery [Music] Oh lovely to see you Holmes there's just one thing I don't understand if the Colonel's name was James and would was call either Henry or Harry then who the juice was David oh my dear must net named David should have terminal story had I been the ideal reasoner which was so fond of depicting but the last my parts of deduction failed me you see David in this case was evidently used as a term of reproach reproach don't you remember huh King David sent Uriah the Hittite into the forefront of the battle to die so that he might steal his woman Bathsheba I think you'll find the story in the first or second book of Samuel wild Testament is a little rusty you're quite right Holmes second book of Samuel chapter 11 verses 14 to 17 your peer to looked it up yourself since we returned home from all the shop how did you know you use this bill for our meal at Waterloo as a book market did you know excellent Watson elementary my dear [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] you