Sherlock Holmes The Speckled Band 2017

[Music] [Music] hello [Music] well then help me help me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so Watson you do not wish to invest your earnings in South African securities how on earth did you know that no confess your uh Turley taken aback I am I should have you sign a paper to that statement oh and why is that because in a few moments you're going to tell me the whole thing is absurdly simple I shall say nothing of the kind I can tell from the observation of your left forefinger and thumb that you do not wish to invest your money in the gold fields I see no connection quite possibly not I can quickly give you a close connection you had chalk between your left forefinger and thumb when you returned home from the club last night you put chalk there when you played billiards to ease the cue you never play billiards except with Oersted now Thurston you told me had an object of South African stocks which expire in a month and the he desired you to share with him your checkbook is locked safely away my draw and you would not ask for the key therefore I can conclude you do not wish to invest your money in that man ah how absurdly simple quite so every problem is absurdly simple when it's explained to you what's put you in such a fine mood you're unemployed you have no case to solve normally that produces black moods and the infernal use of that cocaine bottle My dear Watson you failed to apply the principles which we've just discussed ah if Sherlock Holmes is cheerful then Sherlock Holmes must have a case hmm absolutely simple see what you make of this Watson dear mr. Holmes the most frightful thing has happened to me and I can stand the strain no longer I fear I shall go mad if it continues I have no one else to turn to if I could call upon you tomorrow morning my heart would be greatly lightened as I do not know what to do you were wise to come here miss stoner don't worry we shall soon set things right now please can we lay your case before us and we can see if we can all share a little light on this matter for years I have lived with my stepfather dr. Grimsby Roylott and my sister Julia at our home in Stoke Moran ah the roylott's of Stoke Moran they're one of the oldest and wealthiest of the Saxon families so I was told when my mother married my stepfather sadly she passed away when we were both very young I'm so sorry it was a very lonely childhood forest birth however about a year ago my sister met a young army officer and became engaged my father offered no objections and seemed pleased with the match the night before her wedding everything seemed to be going well and I came into her room to speak with her before going to bed [Music] it will never be the same around here without you it's going to be alright it won't be the same for me either I will miss either but your time will come - I know your fiancee promised me he'd find a staff sergeant of equal rank so you and I can travel overseas together oh then I'm keeping him to his word in the meantime it's going to be so lonely here without you father still treats me like a child around the house I'm more servant to him than anything else don't worry love I promise it will be all right now get some sleep it's big day tomorrow Helen before you go have you had a whistle in the middle of the night's whistle no never but I am a much heavier sleeper than you no I don't suppose you listen in your sleep do you know what a silly thing to think why it's just around 3:00 in the morning for the past few nights I've had this this whistle it's working me it's probably those wretched gipsies they're up to all sorts of things on these grounds and yes you're probably right now have a good night good night Julia [Music] Julia tackle bands a truly horrific misfortune I'm sorry and what did the police find when they arrived they could find no mark of violence upon her so it was poison then no signs could be found what do you think caused your sister's death I believe that my sister's death was brought on by pure fear and nervous shock though what frightened her I have no idea what are we losing to a band a speckled band we never did discover the origin the doctors decided that it was probably delirium brought on by shock if there really was the cause or perhaps a band of people was there anyone else on the grounds at the time there was a band of gypsies my father sometimes allowed them to camp on the grounds were they ever suspected gypsies often wear a speckled handkerchief around their neck not that I recall but I don't see how they could have come in all the doors and windows were locked from the inside about a month ago my life was looking up I began to be courted by an old friend and we were engaged within a month aha so then why come here when everything seems to be going so fair two days ago some repairs were started on the West Wing and my bedroom wall was pierced forcing me to move into my sister's bedroom last night at about 3:00 in the morning I was woken by the same whistle sound my sister described on the night of her death this whistle it was a metallic sound yes I could swear to it I was so frightened both my father and fiance say I'm hysterical but I know what I heard and that's why I came here for your consult is a very deep waters miss stoner it is my recommendation that you return to Stoke Moran and await further instructions I need time to decide what the best course of action is to take I hope that you're not adverse to a trip Watson I think an examination of the bedroom would do our case some good by all means this case holds the scent of misdirection whether by intention or omission if it was murder then who would profit from such an act come along Watson the game is afoot you know it's just our luck homes to eligible bachelors like ourselves and the last three women we've encountered to either been married or engaged perhaps it's a sign well perhaps a fourth on wall for you some prospects as for me I prefer to focus my energies elsewhere courting is commonplace logic is rare therefore I shall stick to logic besides I already have a companion why should I err to have another one it's not exactly the same thing Holmes well it would seem dr. roylott's a well-traveled man he's been everywhere from the Americas East Indies ah here the Wills the household will Stoke Moran it seems there's only one from the late mother she has a trust for a little over a thousand pounds I was currently in the control of dr. Roylott however upon each of the daughter's marriage is two hundred is to be given to each of them hardly seemed enough to warrant murder especially considering the roylott's of Stoke Moran are said to be worth hundreds of thousands well let's hope my trip to the household sheds more light on this affair than our trip here Waltzing grab your revolver anything else we may need them on that leox schedule which one of you is Holmes my name sir but I'm afraid you have the advantage of me I am dr. Grimsby Roylott of Stoke Moran indeed dr. prey have a seat I shall do nothing of the kind I know that my stepdaughter has been here what has she been saying to you it's rather cold for this time of year what has she been saying to you but I hear the cops promise well you put me off do you you scoundrel I have heard of you before you are Holmes the meddler Holmes the busybody Holmes the Scotland Yard jack-in-office no conversation really is most entertaining if you would close the door on your way out as there is a decided draught I will leave when I have had my say do not dare to meddle in my affairs I know that miss stoner has been here I am a dangerous man to fall foul of see that you keep yourself clear of my grip some free advice violence often your coils are self upon the violent Oh what's a very amiable person amiable well like Brutus if you asked me do you remember the marks on the stone his arm five distinct bruises it would seem our client has found her way into the doctor's grip on more than one occasion gentlemen I wasn't expecting to hear from you quite so soon well not soon enough I fear we just had the pleasure of getting acquainted with your stepfather what evidently he followed you not to worry though Holmes and I won't let any harm come to you since we're here do you mind if we take a look at your sister's room yes of course Watson a paw print a dog's no clothes miss stoner does your stepfather keep a large cat dr. Roylott has an assortment of exotic animals from his days in India which he tends to daily a leopard and a baboon roamed the grounds freely a leopard not to worry when I saw it last it was in a tree near its usual feeding spot a ways away from here Lidl and miss Dona this is a nice household [Music] where does that Bell communicate I honestly do not know it seems newer than the rest of the furnishing yes it was only put in a couple of years ago ah your sister asked for it no I don't recall her ever using it we had no servants at the time Julie and I usually get everything for ourselves anyway that seems like a useless addition it's not even attached to a wire that's odd indeed excuse me for a moment while I satisfy myself out of the floor what room is on the other side of that ventilator [Music] do you know where your stepfather keeps in that basket only papers I've seen him open it a few times what do you make of this Watson don't suppose he keeps a rat got to be a rodent of some kind to fit this leash mice what does he take them for walks thank you miss Donna I've seen enough miss dona it is essential you should absolutely follow my advice in every respect your very life may depend on it I assure you I am in your hands first my friend and I will need to spend the night in your sister's room what now let me explain I believe there's a village inn over there yes the crown very good and your window would be visible from there certainly good then when your stepfather comes back you must confine yourself in your room under the pretence of a headache then when you hear more tired for the night you must open your curtains and leave a lamp there's a signal to Watson and I then grab anything that you may need and move to the room which used to occupy I trust you can manage there for one night yes of course excellent if everything goes according to plan then this should all be wrapped up by morning in the meantime we must eat Watson stomach has grout no less than three times since we've been here after supper I suggest you get an hour or two asleep are you expecting this to take all night Holmes possibly there's still one detail that evades me [Music] why don't you going over to the end I'll meet you there momentarily [Music] homes where have you been I've just spent the most pleasant evening amongst the gypsies who were more than gracious enough to her count me with tails and locals including their landlords at Stoke Moran oh and what did you learn that the rich dr. Grimsby Roylott arrived at the camp this morning to borrow a horse and saddle would he not have one of his own hmm one would think so but it would seem that the arrangement between he and the band of gypsies is more mutually beneficial than originally thought he needs them as much as they need him how so because all good doctor is not a rich Country Squire but in a West aquatic pauper he was dishonorably discharged from his post in India after beating one of his servants death when the poor fella was suspected of stealing from him good lord he spent the entirety of his fortune escaping a capital punishment so the money given to him by his wife the full extent of his capital so if even one of his stepdaughters were to marry he would be cast into poverty Oh Watson it is and when the clever man turns his mind to crime it is the worst of all father what is it I just came in to let you know that I think I'll retire before supper this evening I feel a terrible headache coming on very well then how was your trip to London this morning it was uneventful you knew I was traveling out that way we could have ridden up together I didn't want to bother you you know you look just like your mother really I always thought Julia looked more like her than myself well perhaps I was mistaken [Music] Holmes the meddler Holmes the busybody Holmes the Scotland Yard jack-in-office [Music] there's our signal you must have seen more of those rooms than I did no but I probably deduced a ventilator is made a cord is hung and the woman sleeping the bed below I see no connection did you notice anything old about the bed it was clapped to the floor cannot be moved it had to remain in the same relative position to the ventilator for that it will be cold as it was clearly never intended as a bell [Music] asleep [Music] the bat to see it Watson do you see it [Music] what can it mean it means that it is over and possibly for the best come Watson bring your pistol violence does in fact recoil upon the violent it is a swamp adder the deadliest snake in India he is dead within seconds of being bitten the idea of a snake first occurred to me when I coupled it with the knowledge that dr. Roylott had a collection of animals from India it might or might not by the occupant of the bed she might escape every night for a week but sooner or later she must fall a victim my poor sister the snake's venom would be all but unknown to European doctors and it would have taken a keen physician to be able to see the small thing marks left behind by the creature but how did he train the serpent when I observed the Gypsy use a whistle to call her dog to his bowl I reasoned that dr. roylott's animals must be trained in the similar fashion I cannot express how grateful I am to you gentlemen it was our pleasure I'm just sorry it came at such a cost you know homes there's still one thing that needs clearing up no I think we covered everything and the police may come to the same conclusion however it was you who provoked the snakes temper when you drove it back through the ventilator with your riding crop undoubtedly so so in a way you could say you're indirectly responsible for dr. roylott's death I cannot say to weigh very heavily upon my conscience [Music] [Music] [Music]