Shiva Untold From Gross to Subtle Sadhguru




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Sadhguru: You need to understand, Shiva jumped from gross to subtle just like that. The subtlest aspects of yoga and the crudest aspects of yoga everything was handled at once, because he makes no distinction between this and that. The word ‘Shiva’ means just that; that he made no distinction between good and bad. Anything that’s rejected anywhere in the world is his. All those beings, all those qualities, all those substances, which have been rejected by all the people in the world, all the gods, he took it upon himself. So, what Shiva means is absolute acceptance. Not an iota of resistance, everything is his. It is in this state the yoga was propounded. It is in this understanding the yoga was propounded. The word ‘yoga’ means just the same. The word ‘yoga’ means everything has become one. Yoga means all-inclusiveness. With a sense of exclusiveness in you, you attempt yoga you will get into just entertainment.